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  1. Have you a link to the Xe/XEGS-Schematics to compare? 800XL Schematics i have in the "ATARI Profibuch" from Sybex. Valerie
  2. Hi, i'm looking about an external Keyboard for my 800XL or 130XE. I look not for a PC-Keyboard. I think about a ext. Keyboard that use a original 800XL-Keyboard as Basis (the 130XE-Keyboard is ugly). I think a 800XL-Case (Top-Part only) can be a good start, maybe with an DB25-Connector.
  3. The Keyboard of the 130XE is urgly, feels like a rubber by pushing a Key.
  4. What mean IIRC? Thanks for the Tipp, thats must wait until Christmas.
  5. Many thanks for offer - you have a PM from me. Valerie Hi Valerie I PM'ed you about an SDrive NUXX. I have 1 set of parts left, enough to build one more unit. Did you see my message?
  6. Are this the SIO-Cables? Best Electroics: ------------------ CAA007 CABLE I/O 13 PIN 3 FOOT 9.95 CAA008 CABLE I/O 13 PIN 5 FOOT 14.95 Valerie B&C ComputerVisions and Best Electronics sell them.
  7. Hi Mathy, i look a the moment only for a SDrive and find the SDrive NUXX very nice. But i have a XM301-Case and that what for Conversation for SIO2SD, but i dont can it by my self at the moment, because my Health. I will read the respective Thread at tommorow. Valerie
  8. You can minimize lagging by increase the Run-Priority (Task-Manager)of the Emulator to High or Highest - Realtime is not the best idea -, that eleminates the most of the lags.
  9. Can anyone build a Ready-to-use SDrive NUXX for me? Naturally i will pay for it. I come from Germany and i can pay via paypal. In October i have Birthday, that were a big surprise for me, when i can this Device then hold in my Hands. At the moment, my Health don't allow me to build this as DIY-Project. Valerie P.S. Where can i buy SIO-Cables?
  10. What is a VCP? EDIT: Virtual COM Port Driver?
  11. I had not know, that the actual Situation are so bad. I understand the Problems for Third-party Developers and it makes me angry. SIO2PC USB ist a fine piece of Hardware, but use only with APE makes me not happy. I not ready pay $50 for APE, it's to expensive in my opinion.
  12. I have read on AtariMax.com, as i receive my SIO2PC(USB) and RTFM, that Steve Tucker will in the future open the Protocoll and publish a Documentation, so that that SIO2PC-Software can use the USB-Version. It seems a Time-Problem, Steve Tucker is busy.
  13. As i look for a Nettop, i look for one only with WinXP, Win7 was no option for me. All my Computers - all from 2005 or older, except the Nettop - run with WinXP. I will upgrade to the successor of Win7 or got to Linux (i use Ubuntu under vmware), when i must buy new Computers in 4-5 Years. And i look instandly for an Memory-Upgrade for my Nettop and have installed 2GB, i dont know is Win7-Starter acceppting more then 1GB RAM.
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