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  1. Hello folks, Just wanted to share with everyone my opinions on these joysticks that Kosmic Stardust is selling. I'd been looking for an arcade solution for the 2600 for a while now. I had thought I was going to be stuck with either: 1) a Sega Genesis arcade stick or 2) a crazy expensive custom stick Neither of those are ideal choices, most of the genesis sticks are not in very good shape, and if they are, you have to pay a premium. Custom sticks get really expensive, especially due to the case. Seeing these cigar box sticks seemed like a perfect solution. The fit and finish is really great, and the size of the box is perfect for me. I have giant hands, so I pretty much hold it like a normal person holds a 2600 controller, and it's very comfortable for me. The button has a nice feel, very responsive; same with the joystick. I don't feel like they're going to wear out, unlike some others I've used. One being the namco plug and play that looks like an arcade control panel. The buttons on that are cheap feeling and not very responsive, making it difficult to play some of the harder levels. I got the best score I've ever gotten on 2600 Missile Command using this controller. One note, at first, I tested it with Berzerk and it wouldn't respond to moving down. I figured it wasn't an internal thing, I re-seated the extension cord on the box and it was good to go. Just an FYI if you're going to buy one, make sure the extension cord is fully seated. No other issues at all! Thanks for the wonderful product! I encourage you all to give them a try.
  2. Definitely signed up! Just wanted to see if I could get a hold of one sooner. Thanks for all your hard work, I cannot wait to play Gradius
  3. I missed out on getting in on the 3rd run of the super game module. Does anyone have an extra they'd be willing to sell? Please PM me, I really want to get one. Thank you
  4. I've been giving this some thought, and after watching some ben heck videos, I have an ultimate setup solution. Rackmount everything. take all the consoles out of their original casings, and put each one in some sort of rack pc enclosure. Then, all of the enclosures in one rack. For A/V: use some sort of smart switch that will take all of the outputs from the consoles, and output whichever is on at a given time. Ideally, each would have a laser etched, brushed aluminum front, so that when they are all in the setup, it mimics a Pioneer SPEC system. (Picture borrowed from Pioneer-vintage.de)
  5. If the finished product would be identical (or close) to the one in your video, I would definitely be interested in purchasing.
  6. The jacks for the ultra pong doubles that I have, are not like that. They are black plastic, not really fiddle-able. It should be simple enough to acquire a new jack, and solder it to the board. It might be difficult to find one that fits exactly like the other jacks, so you may want to get the style that mounts to the case, and solder wires between it, and the spot on the board where the other jack was.
  7. any RCA cable will work for this, red, yellow, white, green, blue, purple, orange... I don't know what other colors you'd be likely to come across, but literally any RCA should work for this. I say should, because there may be fitment issues with the jack shroud and the casing for whatever console you are trying to use.
  8. How do I sign up for the 3rd run of 1.0?
  9. My solution ended up being to buy another one! LOL. I found one on CL for cheap, in the box, mint. So, I went for it.
  10. i picked up the mintiest super pong pro-am ten today. Box was stunning, complete untorn instructions, warranty card untouched. just wow.

    1. BassGuitari


      Nice! It's a tough one to find, especially CIB. Mine's boxed but no manual/docs.

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