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  1. Looking for Nintendo Game & Watch and Atari XEGS

  2. Hello, I'm looking for some Nintendo Game & Watch games, here it's the short list: - Balloon Fight (Wide Screen) & (Crystal series) - Climber (Wide Screen) & (Crystal series) - CHEF (Wide Screen) - Parachute (Wide Screen) - Mario's Cement Factory (Wide Screen) - Helmet - Manhole (Wide Screen) & (Gold series) - Donkey Kong Circus (Panorama) - Super Mario Bros (Crystal series) - Turtle Beach (Wide Screen) - Ball - Spitball - Tropical Fish (Wide Screen) Also interested in ATARI XEGS Boxed and complete. Thanks,
  3. Thanks locnar77, already asked him and i'm waiting for the invoice. Thanks ataricrypt but they don't have 1040 STF stock.
  4. Hello, I don't know if it's the right place for this kind of request but please mods do the necessary changes if is wrong. Like title says i need a ATARI 1040 STF emblem/badge, like example in attached photo: Mine is damaged. If someone has one for sale, let me know. Cheers,
  5. This forum has a cheat section for every Lynx game.
  6. - Checkered Flag - Ms. Pac-Man - Scrapyard Dog
  7. Hi fellows, I found this ATARI pin and i would like to know if someone knows the history behind this ? I guess that is unusual.
  8. Just for help some people, the boxes that has the PIN GRATUIT yellow sticker only offer the Atari Lynx pin not the game pin. I recently bought the exactly Robo-Squash and Bill & Ted games with the same yellow sticker and the only pin that was inside was the Atari Lynx pin, not the Robo-Squash or Bill & Ted pin. For get the game pin really you need to find the stickers that says: 2 Pins Gratuites, like this: http://i.ebayimg.com/t/Robo-Squash-Atari-Lynx-Boxed-Complete-/00/s/MTE5NVgxNjAw/$(KGrHqV,!qkE-YdL(j-bBP2LgIlPg!~~60_35.JPG
  9. I already saw that Lynx Club pin in a Pin lot for sale in german Ebay but seller only sold the lot not just the pin. Anyway, i'm looking for Vindicators, Chip and Hard Drivin, if someone has for trade or sale just let me know.
  10. Hello again, Just left me only 3 pins to complete collection at moment. If anyone have the Atari Lynx Vindicators, Chip and Hard Drivin for sale please contact me by PM.
  11. Impressive Alex. Congratulations really. I'd love to see your pins collection too. Really nice.
  12. Yes they are truly. By the way whre are you from mark0203 ?
  13. You only have 23 so it's missing 11 pins, they are: - Bill & Ted - Chip - Cyberball - Gates of Zendocon - Hard Drivin - Paperboy - RoadBlasters - Rygar - Slime World - Vindicators - Zarlor
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