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  1. You should emphasize this point then, because the concept of a sound chip that's customized on a per-game basis is utterly bizarre. Also, ignore CPUWIZ. He is 17 corn muffins and a paperclip.
  2. Err, did you mean on-chip RAM here?
  3. Since you posted all these screenshots, I noticed that in the arcade version, the stroke of the l in "Olive" doesn't connect to the "O". In the 7800 version it does, which makes it look like it says "Alive".
  4. I wonder if any of these improved sounds could be hacked in to the 2600 version of Galaxian.
  5. Protip: "Ironic" is not a synonym for "coincidence."
  6. Dark Chambers is a nearly direct port of Dandy Dungeon ("Dandy" being a reference to "D&D"), an Atari Program Exchange title. The creator of Gauntlet, which came out a few years later, stated that Dandy was a direct inspiration. So basically, Atari wanted Gauntlet on their home consoles, but Jack didn't want to pay to license it, so they ported Dandy, which they already owned the rights to.
  7. What a clickbait article. I thought it was going to try defending, y'know, Karateka, or Super Huey, or Jinks.
  8. Nice! I wouldn't try to directly convert his angry grimace at this resolution though. There are so few pixels, it ends up looking like buck teeth, IMHO.
  9. Great work, but something I'm finding really disturbing is Bluto's face. He looks like some kind of compound-eye Brundlebluto nightmare. I think by simplifying the detail a bit it would be possible to get something that reads much more as a human face while still resembling the arcade graphics.
  10. What exactly do you think swords are shaped like???
  11. It seems you've attempted to improve the graphics, but... you do know there's a 5200 version of River Raid that already has even better graphics, yes?
  12. I'm shocked, shocked, okay not really shocked. that nobody has yet pointed out that no, there is no "source code" in this game, onscreen or anywhere. Source code is the human-readable version of computer code before it's compiled into object code. That's what CPUs actually run.
  13. Wrong. 8-bit Atari Karateka uses the 160 wide 4-color mode.
  14. Yeah, instead sprites just completely disappear when you try to shove too many onto a single line, as happens quite often in Midnight Mutants.
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