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  1. What exactly do you think swords are shaped like???
  2. It seems you've attempted to improve the graphics, but... you do know there's a 5200 version of River Raid that already has even better graphics, yes?
  3. I'm shocked, shocked, okay not really shocked. that nobody has yet pointed out that no, there is no "source code" in this game, onscreen or anywhere. Source code is the human-readable version of computer code before it's compiled into object code. That's what CPUs actually run.
  4. Wrong. 8-bit Atari Karateka uses the 160 wide 4-color mode.
  5. Yeah, instead sprites just completely disappear when you try to shove too many onto a single line, as happens quite often in Midnight Mutants.
  6. Are you trying to say that DK doesn't need another revamp?
  7. Correct. The NTSC tempo is as the composer intended.
  8. Will this reissue fix the tempo of the title screen music? The Boulder Dash theme is supposed to sound like this, but apparently the 2600 port sounds like this.
  9. Okay okay, most of the sounds are actually fine. It's just that there are a few effects that rely on the sound registers being updated much faster than once a frame for their unique sound, most notably the human pickup, bonus life, and wave end/begin sounds. So is it even possible with this kernel to update sounds more than once per frame? In an ideal world you'd be able to program the DPC+ to run this algorithm to reproduce the Robotron sounds precisely, but I assume it's already busy doing other things. EDIT: Getting back to the animations, I finally figured out what specifically is going on. In the arcade version, the animation cycles of the Hulks (and humans, and probably all the other bipedal enemies) are tied explicitly to their movement. That is, every time they move, they also advance to the next animation frame. The 2600 port instead appears to just cycle animations at a fixed rate no matter how they're moving, which makes them kind of look like they're skating around the screen.
  10. Regarding the borrowed 7800 sounds, I kind of really hope you don't end up keeping them. I always thought the sound effects were the weakest aspect of the otherwise excellent 7800 port. They come across rather wimpy compared to the punchy arcade sounds. My only other complaint would be the motion of the Hulks. They move too smoothly compared to the arcade Hulks, that moved in chunky steps.
  11. Thanks, this is the dumbest thing I've read today.
  12. Please, this is Gunstar we're talking about here. He meant no such thing. Look at the full sentence: "But since PDF's aren't saved as any form of text, but are graphic visual representations of text and images...". He obviously thinks text in PDFs is converted to bitmaps or vector outlines or something, discarding the original textual content.
  13. Completely wrong. PDFs store textual content as text, displayed using an embedded font. That's why you can copy-paste text out of a PDF, and edit them in Acrobat.
  14. https://www.fastcompany.com/90432140/how-atari-took-on-apple-in-the-1980s-home-pc-wars Anyone know what game this was?
  15. Whatever you do, make sure you don't tell us a single thing about what this is or why we should care!
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