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  1. $115 shipped for all colecovision, C64, and atari games plus a few not pictured fair?
  2. Trying to avoid ebay prices. Looking for a copy of Chrono Trigger for snes in any condition as long as its authentic and saves. please include price.
  3. I'm clearing out storage, and focusing my efforts strictly on SNES. The Atari 2600, Colecovision and C64, game lots have been in storage in a basement for about 16 years are so. They all worked when put up, but I can't test them now so I'm selling AS IS. I'd rather these go to somebody that will appreciate them, rather than just sit in storage bin. I have a rough idea what it might all be worth, but i'm also just tired of it sitting around collecting dust and motivated to work out a sale or trade. Trade is priority, for sales make an offer. I would prefer to trade it all to one person for super nintendo games. Preferably more valuable titles than cheaper games but again open to anything. Not looking to separate individual games but will split the Coleco up from Atari. If you are in the Cincinnati area I have an Atari 5200, Colecovisioin I can trade as well. I'd rather not ship those. Atari 7800 is in very good shape and tested and works. Has one controller, might have a 2600 controller for it . 3 7800 games. Ms Pacman, Centipede and Asteroids. I have another but can't seem to find it,but will include it if I can. Sega Master system Collection. Model 1 Sega master system with the following games. And few accessories. Comes with a Sega Genesis power supply and controller. I do have a master system controller that doesn't always always work. The pro controller, 3D glasses but arms are broken IDK if its missing anything else , and a sports controller that had the end cut off if you want it to fix it. The following games have no case or manual. Misssle Defense 3D The following games have case but no manual. Wonderboy III the dragons trap. Ghost house. Kung fu kid. Aztec Adventure The Following are CIB, Case and Manual Great baseball Out run Shinobi Kenseiden Hang on & surfari Zaxxon 3D Shooting gallery
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