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  1. I've been out mostly and just got caught up with the last several pages


    It seems like every response from Atari SA to their backers could have been written by our Mike Kennedy... either that, or the same things are just said with these schemes and shenanigans. Do they have some sort of phrase book that they use....


    Yeah, I want the last 2 hours of my life back please, these guys sound like Sarah at this point. F*&^king stupid lies.

  2. And P.S. Mods do your job too, this makes AA look so bad!!!!


    Have you ever thought about the fact that they don't care about crazies like you and let them expose your crazy on purpose, so it can be documented like the rest of your FAIL on the internet? You'll be banned in no time and I doubt you even have a family. Sad, you are wasting other peoples oxygen.

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  3. Gotta feel sorry for the people stuck in this thread! I might humbly suggest playing Maze Craze to improve your escape skills!


    Why? You need at least one thread for shitposting. :? Are you feeling sorry for yourself? You make a lot of useless posts in this thread.

  4. I am more relevant and a bigger gamer and collector than most people, so no I won't leave!!!!!


    Delusions of grandeur, like I said. You are nobody and no one cares about your fake records.


    I have a great idea, you should threaten Shawn with physical violence, like you do with all the other people on the internet you have threatened. Then actually follow through with it, instead of just talking tough behind a monitor. Probably the best lesson you will ever learn, if you survive.


    I am actually surprised nobody has filed charges against you yet.

  5. All I will say is this, others buy from me all the time and I could care less what anyone says or thinks here!!!!!


    Can you please leave and go back to the "others" then? Maybe interview yourself on the way out? You really are not welcome here. Come back, after you got some professional help, if they don't stick you into a straight jacket and a padded cell.


    Delusions of grandeur, look it up.

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  6. So if you sell them here, anyone bidding on them in your Ebay auction is just shit out of luck?





    Why do people not understand what is ethical in selling items anymore?


    Glad you posted this here, I will cancel my snipe bid I just set up.


    LOL, why on EARTH would you buy from this guy in the first place?

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