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  1. I didn't include it in mine since I got it before the globenewswire link was active, and I was afraid some of our more taco-friendly trolls are so upset by this thing they might be willing to DDoS it to prevent the press from writing about the console. That said, if globenewswire feels comfortable enough to put the link out there publicly, that's on them to deal with.



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    And my "perspective" is that my Centipede cost me 15 bucks more than this replica with a pea-sized trackball.



    And are you seriously trying to compare something decades old, well used, off craigslist or ebay to a new retail product? Great that you got it, and have a nice collection.


    Are there hundreds of those readily available at the same price for everyone? No? Oh.


    Does everyone have a basement to stockpile a collection of games (the 40 year old virgin comes to mind)... No.


    Evidence shows there are people interested in quality miniature versions that don't take of huge space or offend the wife.


    You guys are amazingly narrow minded- if it is expensive to you, or not something you would be interested in- it must suck or be stupid eh?




    Why are you here?

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    2. PM me (Grig) with the following information: AtariAge username, name and mailing address - along with the answers to the following questions:

    A. Candy/Treat you like that can withstand the mail

    B. Hobbies/Interests

    C. Media Format/Shirt Size

    D. Describe yourself/helpful hints - please use this to help your Secret Santa know more about you!

    E. Anything else relevant or specific

    F. Would you be willing to ship internationally


    What, no SSN, fingerprint or retina scan? :(

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