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  1. You need to pull the brakes, I suggest a little weed and a different game. Works wonders. Makes you feel less like Social Security Number ...
  2. Do you ever flip yourself off in the mirror?
  3. Damn Facebook crap again, if I wanted to read that dribble, I would join that cesspool.
  4. Where the hell is Shatner in all this? Has he been censored? I just sold my stock in Coleco. Oh, wait.
  5. Have you guys thought about a hacked account? There is no way that a properly educated adult, representing a company, wrote this...
  6. This will have to do for now... http://bennyhillthis.com/?v=Kz7SgnQexJI
  7. I am sure many people already have decided not to support any cheap Chinese crap you people come up with. You sound like a man-child, which also doesn't help your cause. 1.) Alienate real fans. 2.) ??? 3.) Profit! I think the underpant gnomes would disagree with you. I hope someone gets this on slashdot and other gaming sites, so you can watch your imaginary dollar counter decrease in real time.
  8. I don't think you can ignore your own posts, I am so going to try that.
  9. Have you looked into working for a living? I hear it is all the rage.
  10. The first two units, were the ones, where they were still experimenting with adding intelligence. They gave up on that, after model #2.
  11. Dude, his nose hair is tied in knots with RomBeggar's butt hair. They live on the planet "Gimme Gimme", forget about it.
  12. Someone should take a can of spray paint and hit the dude, that sells repros of homebrews.
  13. Do you still have, or ever had any friends? Just curious.
  14. Probably because everyone is not mean spirited around here.
  15. I am going to use the FIA to request naked pictures of your partner (if you even have one, with this attitude), you have no right to keep those private.
  16. Your parents did a terrible job.
  17. Talk is cheap, make a better game, dickhead.
  18. That clowns education was staged.
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