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    I am sure many people already have decided not to support any cheap Chinese crap you people come up with. You sound like a man-child, which also doesn't help your cause.


    1.) Alienate real fans.

    2.) ???

    3.) Profit!


    I think the underpant gnomes would disagree with you.


    I hope someone gets this on slashdot and other gaming sites, so you can watch your imaginary dollar counter decrease in real time. :lol:

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  2. And again, and for the tenth time, freely dumping the bin from a Proto of a released game, unless it's massively different from final, is not Gods work people. It's great, it's fun, it's wonderful, yeah yeah, and we thank them for it (if and when they do it) but whatever, don't kneel down before the fellow and worship the ground he walks on. Geez.

    Dude, his nose hair is tied in knots with RomBeggar's butt hair. They live on the planet "Gimme Gimme", forget about it.


  3. Professional Courtesy?


    Ok, forget arguing the courtesy, how about just arguing the professional?


    Members here who have been here longer and with higher post counts and even with positive feedback ratings have had to show more proof when selling less rare items then this rookie newbie has for this grail item.


    If that seems fine to you, then so be it. I guess someone here has to get burned before the community learns to check the stove first.


    Do you still have, or ever had any friends? Just curious.

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  4. I don't know man. I think everyone here is being extra polite, extra naive, or maybe asleep at the wheel.


    -- bran new member, just joined yesterday, and this is the first post.


    -- classic typical story of "I got this from an older relative".


    -- the sticker on the box is meaningless. Anyone can use an old typewriter and Avery sticker labels and recreate it.


    -- the cartridge clearly shows that the label has damage consistent with having been lifted whereas cart was opened.


    -- now looking to move it and cash in.


    It never ceases to amaze me how this place is Candyland. It's all rainbows and waterfalls around here. This guy would have been crucified over at the other sites.


    Use a hairdryer and lift the rest of that label and show us the rom inside that cart. Otherwise, buyer beware; there be a hex inverter & EPROM ta greet ya at Davy Jones locker!


    Probably because everyone is not mean spirited around here.

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  5. there is something called the Freedom of Information Act were I come from so perhaps that I had my wires crossed that the same thing existed in your neck of the woods.


    I am going to use the FIA to request naked pictures of your partner (if you even have one, with this attitude), you have no right to keep those private. :roll:

  6. I really hate to shoot you down for your effort and work, etc - but I think there is yet to be a definitive platform game for the 7800.


    I've never played the 7800 - but I do have a strong interest in videogames development - particularly with the graphic design, as such, since that is an interest/hobby of mine.

    But besides the graphics (in which the more animation there is, the better...) the programming also has to be of high quality too - in this case, responsive control and movement.

    You don't want a game that is too responsive/sensitive - nor one that is too slow/sluggish. You don't want a simple jump, but one that actually looks like a jump, as with a hill vector movement looks more natural.


    A good example of a platform game could be Wonderboy - or take any other such videogame that you like.


    And for originality - you can look at the graphics of Crownland. Sadly this game suffers from not having the best control system in place and would have benefited greatly had a 2 button joypad been in use for it.


    Anyway - to want to strive towards being better and better in your work - you have to be truthful about your current effort(s) or you'll not correct any mistakes/weaknesses present.


    I would be keen to work on any 7800 project(s) if I can be of use for them.




    Talk is cheap, make a better game, dickhead. :thumbsdown:

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    Didn't realize that piece of shit was involved. Hard pass.


    Yeah, somebody should make a magazine about idiots of the videogame world, who claim all sorts of things that can not be backed up. I'd buy that for a dollar. You know, expert Spectrum programmers and raving lunatics like that Gorf dude. You could sprinkle it with a little "I'll take my ball and go home, GroovyBee" types.

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  8. I find it very deceiving when people say magazine when what they really mean is a digital whatever and not a real tangible article. :(


    What do you expect, the worlds most famous Sinclair Spectrum coder is involved? LIARd, did I spell that wrong?


    Anybody contemplating buying this nonsense, you should go to your local homeless shelter and help somebody who actually needs help, instead of handing money to snakes.

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