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  1. It would be pretty easy to make these lunatics go away, dragging AtariAge through the mud can result in direct loss of revenue. Telling a single clown on the internet, that they are selling fake items, is not a crime.


    I have a link handy for the F.B.I. ICCC site, if needed.

  2. Having owned an extensive collection classic systems (much of which got destroyed) I know precisely the differences and advantages/disadvantages of emulation vs genuine hardware.


    I'm well aware of the experience and annoyances of gaming via cartridge medium. To me, emulation provides a more hassle-free and elegant experience, I've tweaked the emus I use to near-perfection. I've got a dedicated computer and an awesome display for them and I don't experience the problems one has if doing emulation "right out of the box" without any setup, configuration, and organization.


    A typical collector may spend time traveling around town and scanning through eBay. I spend my time adjusting configurations, hunting down bugs, setting options. It all comes out about the same.


    The essence of the game and having fun is what's important here. And the data contained in a GameProgram cart is precisely the same a rom dump. Air-Sea Battle looks, sounds, and plays the same whether emulated or played on real hardware.


    You should interview yourself on video and post it on youtube. Or talk to a mirror for a little while, pretending that you are not actually looking at yourself.


    And for the people who keep posting, stating they are not interested at all, why post at all? Isn't that like offering sugar to a forum full of diabetic users?

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  3. It's pretty clear that many people still don't understand how sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo work. There are several people posting on the RetroVGS Facebook page, stating that a successfully funded campaign is a guarantee that systems will be delivered. While those crowdfunding sites need to make the public more aware about how they work, I feel that those running campaigns need to be a little more transparent with their backers. Fact is that crap can happen and the could run out of money for any number of reasons.


    Here is a handy link for you, in case you feel like "educating" people on Facebook.



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  4. We're looking for 27 - 35 of "something" cool for our annual tech bash'n'smash next summer. This time the theme is video game related. But rest assured, we hash out any potential prizes for a couple of days prior to ordering them. And we consider 101 aspects and all that. If it's RetroVGS then it would mean getting the top-tier elite pledge. 30 consoles. If it's anything new and novel in a kickstarter campaign, then now is not too early to start looking at what's available.


    If it's something retail, then the decision is much easier. Read the reviews, buy one of it, test it, buy the prizes.




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  5. And for the love of God, fix that abomination of a signature.

    [i know there's a feature in the forum to ignore signatures but same are fun]




    In almost every forum, people use signatures like this, to show how big their dick is (think Corvette dick extension). It is sad the mods and admins let some of them go, but it is what it is. At least this one isn't full of pics.

  6. If the only problem is the sound, I'd suspect the big red inductor there on the board (which is adjustable with an Allen wrench), which is specifically for adjusting the sound modulation into the RF, or the RF modulator itself.



    There is a tall control encased in red on the board that also controls the sound, be careful when adjusting it though, it is tricky




    It is the red item in this picture that is standing straight up, this also controls sound. You need a very small allen wrench to adjust this and do so in VERY small increments.



  7. These decals are 4x4 and the guy can't do them any smaller or the R trademark would be too difficult

    up above is a video detailing how easy they are to apply



    The ones I had done were at a size of 4x4 for the Atari logos because of what I had placed them on


    How big are they?

  8. Sometimes a lack of details and/or delay is due to someone wanting to hype up & improve what they have in order to put together a final report & possible product that makes it well worth the wait as it helps the lost item shine bright as it would have should have & could have had it seen the light of day.


    Other times, they are caused by monkey wrenches and/or the ink not yet being dry on the backdoor side deals.


    Of course, it could be neither, and the guys that run this show are just busy with real life.


    Are you gonna release those protos you are sitting on soon?

  9. It is exactly these proto scenarios that annoy me the most.


    When your dealing with an uncooperative individual, it can be frustrating & it requires more time & work, but rest assured, it is at least a tangible situation. Eventually, money talks and bullshit walks. But when your dealing with a conglomerate, or a bureaucratic fool, your hands are tied. There is almost no chance of ever obtaining the data cooperatively.


    Personally, I don't see how the present day incarnation of Namco, much less the distant bastard child of what once was related to Atari, has absolutely anything in common with their 1983/84 counterparts. IMHO they have as much claim to that data as Tod Frye does. Not to mention the fact that regardless of that, the data has zero value to either company anyhow. They couldn't do anything with it; marketing wise. 0.0000001% of the population on planet earth gives a crap about the data on that cartridge, and 99.9% of that population is right here in this site. It's all such stupidity. On the part of both the person who donated the item because they donated it to the wrong place, but more so on the part of the entity who received the item for following the proper procedures & treating 8kb of obsolete 1984 data from a long since out of business company (Atari) the same way as some brand new 8GB game from a multi billion dollar company (Microsoft)


    The funniest part about the whole thing is that we already have the data, and had it before they did for that matter! And eventually, it will become shareware one way or the other, and so they really have no control or power over it whatsoever! It's just the principle of the whole thing, that's all. Absolute stupidity.


    What was the reason again for sitting on the protos, that you are sitting on? :ponder:

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