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    Especially seeing as Yurkie's main purpose on this site is clearly not to participate but to profit. If he does not like what happens along side while he sells, sells, sells

    his products on the forum I personally think it would be a good choice for him to leave the site and not come back. That would be the ultimate protest of his stance on the matter.


    Profit is about right, all his crap is waaaay overpriced. And on the other side we have someone handing out free devkits to developers like Bob and Rev.


    Piss off, Yurkie.

  2. Have a look to the retrovideogamer.co.uk website there are pics.

    Else there were some auctions within ebay. E.g. http://thumbs1.ebaystatic.com/d/l225/m/meo18q1xY86lX_HGcyqQs-w.jpg


    The stormtrooper and droid edition is currently in production and hopefully available soon by local retailers. Most of them are already ordered by collectors so i will bet they are sold out as quick as the other edition.

    As i gave order not to sell to specific people and countries it may be hard to get one anyway. 25 devices in first run, a total of 50.


    Seriously dude, what is wrong with you? :?

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