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  1. No sign of him inserting the vid in the console,no sign of him starting up the console in fact no sign of the cart at all in the vid,it could easily be a video playing through a dvd player or VHS,he could have got the video from nagn2's video and cropped it,or programmed it himself.


    Just say'n.


    Video is probably real, but I am betting nagn2 made a repro of his cart and placed it in a random thrift shop, to make his homebrew look more legit. :P

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  2. Why is anybody excited?


    A.) Find advertising.

    B.) Write cheesy home-brew that fits ad.

    C.) Create hype, by waiting years until someone else finds the advertising.

    D.) Refuse to have anyone look at it, even by a guy taht lives close to his house.

    E.) PROFIT!


    No bids from me. :P

  3. I offered him 3 grand for it one time and got no response, a year later I asked what is your price and still no response. The dude can't be too intrested in selling it.


    Nagn2 remembers what the boxed Air Raid went for and is holding off for that sort of money,your 3 grand just don't cut it. :)


    Where is the box?

  4. Here's why it isn't going anyplace:

    1 -- I don't know what a Gubble is. I'm not sure I give a shit either.

    2 -- It might or might not be completed. Let me know when it is and I'll think about it then.

    3 -- After briefly looking at the kickstart page, I don't know what system this is for.

    4 -- The storyline and premise seems complex. I have enough complex games already.

    5 -- The element of Classicness is missing.

    6 -- I wouldn't want to commit to $15 bucks now and forget about and be in the hole next year.

    7 -- $15 is too much for a download. There is no PDF manual either.


    As much as we all love to hate SC and star castle.. It does have some good stuff going:

    1 -- It is an arcade game port to a home system we all love.

    2 -- All sorts of Classicness surrounds it.

    3 -- It is done by an old fart from back in the day.

    4 -- It has been demonstrated and is apparently complete, ready to roll.

    5 -- The funding is basically for the tooling and materials, we all know that is the small stuff.

    6 -- It is authentic and not a clone or me-too type deal.

    7 -- $10 sounds like a nice round number, but still too expensive for me.


    And there you have it!


    You and Dan have got to be smoking the same shit. :-o

  5. It is hard enough authenticating the existence of the game.


    Yes, the ad is nothing.


    Can you imagine authenticating the shipping box! I can see the posts now: "That's a fake packaging label!", "It looks aged but the edges are too crisp to be old", "I don't think that typeset existed in 1983", "That postal stamp isn't faded enough", "I call B.S." :rolling:


    It wouldn't matter, someone before Zach found that ad and slapped together a quick homebrew, hoping to cash in. Might work too. LOL

  6. People should really be nicer. I think I heard that The Galaxer is only 7 years old.

    If that's truly the case, then I'm impressed by his interest in sharing this with the AA community.


    Keep up the good work.




    Oy, now I am beginning to think you are not who you think you are. Quite a bit like a few posters lately. WTF?


    MOM! :_(

  7. I understand this is your project, but it's not often when someone in the professional gaming industry makes a game for an older system. Ed Fries made Halo 2600, it was shown to bungie, sold at CGE 2010, and still got a rom release. Selling the game at a high price and not letting any company make another cart, limits who can see and try the game. The high bidder doesn't make the game more of less legal. The extremely high price for a brand new game that is not a prototype or unreleased game will make sure most won't be albe to play the game for a long time. Not to mention that if someone does buy and decides not to release the rom to the public, but still dumps it, may make piracy more likely.


    Who cares? Nobody is going to support these shenanigans at all, not even that Wonder dude, it's a simple game of "Look at my shiny ball, you can't play with it!". :roll:


    Reminds me a bit of those Jaguar weirdos, like Gorf.

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  8. There is also the mindset that if you own something that is so rare that it is undocumented, it makes it all the more special.

    ...and that is prob the real reason why we don't have scans yet.


    Out of curiosity, do you own a single Atari cart?


    Why don't you guys quit begging and start saving your pennies, drop the $2k+ yourself and scan the fucking thing?


    Now we have Rom beggars AND manual beggars. What's next? :roll:

  9. There were two Music Machines that were sold on ebay last year. One was in pristine condition, but opened. That one went for over $5600. And there was another that was sealed like your but not in pristine condition that went for over $5200. Of course that was last year, and the market for super rare games seems to be in an upswing. I would suggest just putting this up on Ebay for auction with no reserve, and starting the auction out at .99 cents.


    Yeah Homer, We wouldn't want anybody in our Atari Family here, to have a chance at it first. :roll: :x

    Good point. I will offer up a name then. He probably should contact Atari2600lives. I am pretty sure he does not have this, and would offer a good price.



    Hmmmm, I guess CPUWIZ, Ntavio, Rick Wies, And I , who have Great collections and have been known to pay high, should be denied, a chance to. Everyone should on AA should have an= chance.


    I'll put it more bluntly, you are not a "Homer Want To Be" type of guy, take it however it fits you today.

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