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  1. I got mine today! Haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but I’m SO excited! Does the POKEY plug in or is there a soldering guide??
  2. Mine shipped on 12/28, but I don’t have tracking and I haven’t received it. Was there something I missed in the shipment email?
  3. Mine will be here Monday, along with a controller. I’m really excited! Cotton!
  4. Just what the title says. Does anyone have an Atari 7800 with mods or is willing to do a mod for me?
  5. After all of these years of waiting...I finally got one! Thank you for seeing this project through! (Now, if anyone has an AV modded 7800 they’d like to sell me...)
  6. Pics are up at Neo-Geo.com. I'd post them here, but I'm on an iPad right now and it's a pain. I don't have the box, BTW. http://www.neo-geo.com/forums/showthread.php?236268-FS-madcatz-te-street-fighter-4-stick-80-shippped
  7. I lowered the price to $80...but can't figure out how to edit on this board...
  8. Just like it says...I've got a Madcatz SFIV TE stick (all Sanwa parts) that I'm trying to sell for $90. It's for the Xbox 360...pics available on request. Paypal only.
  9. Would you just sell the z64 and Zips?
  10. I've got a bunch of items for sale here. Paypal only. Pics available on request, but most of this stuff is self explanatory. 1. A custom converter that allows you to use Neo Geo controllers on the PS2. If you add the Pelican converter (below), you can use them on PS3 too. This was custom made for me a while back by a member here. $60 2. Pelican PS2 to PS3 converter. This is the best converter out there. $35. I'll combine them both for $85. A few PSOne games: Hermie Hopperhead - Complete. This is a fairly rare game, and one of the best 2D platformers for the PSOne. You will need a JP PSOne to play it, or some other means. $20 Tobal 2 - Complete $15 US Games Jumping Flash 2 - Disc only $5 Gekeioh Shooting King (Shienryu) - Disc Only $5 Klonoa - Disc and manual, comes in a rental case. $15 PS3 Game: BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger LE. Complete and very, very nice shape. $25 Xbox 360: Gears of War: Perfect $15 Gears of War 2: I got this one new and never used the d/l code $20 SFIV TE stick for 360: Perfect, minor surface scratching. $90
  11. Jumping Flash and Nectaris are gone, so I am breaking up the PSOne games. Make me an offer!
  12. This is the last of my PSOne collection. The game discs are in perfect shape, but not every game is complete. I want to sell these as a bundle because shipping them individually would be a real pain...Paypal only The games are: Skullmonkeys (disc only, reprint insert), Raystorm (disc and case only), Nectaris, Gekeioh: Shooting King (disc only. This is actually Shienryu, if you didn't know), Tobal 2 (complete, with crack in case), Klonoa (rental case, but disc and manual are present), Hot Shots Golf (complete), Hot Shots Golf 2 (complete), All-Star Slammin Dodgeball (complete), Hermie Hopperhead (complete), Shooter Space King (complete), N20 (complete), Dynasty Warriors (disc only), Metal Gear Solid (Greatest hits, complete), Jumping Flash (complete), Jumping Flash 2 (disc only). I'm looking for ~$60 shipped for these, but I need to sell them so I will absolutely take offers for all of them. Next, I have a PSOne system. It will come with a third-party controller, power cable, memory card and s-video cables. It also, obviously, has the Sony screen with it and it's soft-modded, so I'll throw in a PSX-Change disc too. Sold! Finally, I have Ikaruga for the Gamecube. It's complete and in excellent shape. $25 Full disclosure: I don't hold items, and this is cross-listed on Neo-Geo.com. I've had a couple of issues with this in the past, so I just want to makes sure everyone's on the same page.
  13. They need a special adapter because they draw more power than most USB ports can handle. Here's some info: My link
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