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  2. This is really stupid. Why would anyone pay this? if no one buys them, they will have to go down in price. I'm working on overlays, which will take me a while, but much like Psycho stormtrooper did, I'd sell them for cost of materials. Its going to take me a long time, because I'm trying to draw many of them in vector graphics, so I can print posters for myself. When I'm done selling them, I think I'll make the high resolution images available for free! so no one can rob people. I HATE EBAY FOR THIS.
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  5. Hey there, Thanks for the insight on everything. I have just gotten back into intellivision, and need to do a mod like this. I have to get the parts and do it. (Radio shack used to sell electronic parts, so I need to get them online) i found another hack... it seems simpler. I was wondering if anyone has tried it: http://solarfox.triluminary.net/hwh_intvav_p1.php Something funny... I actually hooked my intellivision up to a computer monitor in 1983. I first hooked up my intellivision to my monitor a TI-99/4 monitor by Zenith, ... by merely tapping off of the video at the RF modulator, it worked. (I had no clue at age 12, but trial and error prevailed) .. I guess I got lucky it seems the monitor had the same impedance. The picture was perfect. No noise whatsoever; I was spoiled for years. The internet came about, and I never thought to share this info. A few years ago, I got rid of my trusty monitor, as I hadn't had an intellivision in some time. I wish I had my monitor again!!!
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