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  1. those are both great movies, that should go fast I think
  2. Yup still around but just not much time for gaming lately
  3. I'd be willing to reship out the items I don't plan on keeping Plan to keep (Microvision Phaser Strike cart (untested), 3 Intellivision carts, 1 Bally Astrocade Basic cart, and the activision box) anything else contact me and I'll ship them back out once the box arrives
  4. lol no problem just another of those perks for USPS workers
  5. I own around 45 plug and play systems, I'll update my list once I can catalog them all
  6. damn if I had a ST I would be interested in trading for sure, been looking for a cd32 or cdtv system for a while
  7. Yeah I got it for a good price and I will end up selling off most of the double games, just gave away about 20 of them. I'm not sure where they are from but wouldn't surprise me if someone could ID the store from the tags
  8. I got the chance to buy this bundle on Aug 17th and just started to be able to test them due to not having a power cable. Not looking to sell anything just more looking to show sometimes it does work out when people find out your into old game stuff Got 162 boxed 7800 games that now I have to test everyone one of them, about 40 controllers, and a near complete LJN VideoArt system 11 galaga 27 choplifters 11 centipede 9 asteroids 37 digdug 9 xevious 58 ms pacman
  9. Got some more stuff to off the group. I recent bought 162 boxed 7800 games (multiples of the same titles) I am offering 2 of each game here for free. I feel like these are most likely former store returns as defects but I have tested the games out on my 7800 and all work for 5 mins of testing per game. The boxes are not mint condition and have a section of the artwork where a sticker was has been cut and removed. But will still look nice displayed by spines. Atari games just pay shipping, also want to try and limit to 2 games per person. Asteroids Asteroids Centipede Centipede Choplifters Choplifters Digdug Digdug Galaga Galaga Ms Pacman Ms Pacman Xevious Xevious I also have these PSN game redeem codes I think they are all for the PS3 (All from the Capcom Humble Bundle) Devil May Cry HD Collection Final Fight Double Impact LOST PLANET 3 Mega Man 9 & 10 Combo Pack Okami HD Remember Me Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3
  10. Anyone have a spare 7800 power cable they are willing to sell? I just bought a bunch of 7800 games I need to test and can not find all 3 of my power cables. Looking for a US power cable please
  11. Anyone know anything about these Joysticks? Only marks I can find are On the base: Made in Hong Kong On the connector plug: WEC I have 4 of these total and see HK1, HK1, HK2, HK6 on the connector plug
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