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  1. I bought one, but sadly I think it got damaged from the wrong power supply. I opened it up tonight and I do not see any damage to it but I am not getting any video at all from it, but my system does get power because the led light is on.



  2. just got in the 2 power cables from masschamber, going to order some 7805 voltage regulators and see if I can repair the system and av box, if not I have a replacement bottom shell coming that I will do the video and power mod to

  3. 31 minutes ago, masschamber said:

    I have a bunch of  spare 5200 power supplies, 10 dollars each plus shipping

    but the 5200 has a flipflop chip by the on/off button that regularly fails, changing that should be step 1

    can you verify they are working if so I will take 2 so I have a known working spare :)

  4. okay then I have some repair work to do then, because I tried it the day it arrived but didn't notice anything. Guess I will have more work to do

    Looks like it is for the Atari computer line for sure, says CO17945 for 400/800/1200XL Computer & 822, 850, 1010, 1020, 810/1050/XF551 Drives Power Supply

  5. Yup I'm going to use that new bottom to do the video mod for it, but I still am not sure if the power cable I have is the correct one or if working. Bought all 3 items (system,av, power) on ebay listed as working but we all know that is not always true that they are working.

    Added picture of the 5200 power supply and av box that i have so far

    Atari 5200 Accessory.jpg

  6. I have an Atari 5200 system that I have owned for about 4 years now and never ben able to play any games for it. I recently bought a Power Supply and av box for the 4 player system and get nothing from them or the system. I have tried about 5 different games and same results. I am thinking either I have

    1) Bad AV box

    2) Bad Power Supply

    3) Bad system

    4) all of the above.


    So I am looking to buy a confirmed working av box and power supply for my system, I currently do not want to av and power mod the system but I know that will be a future solution if I can not find working cables for them. I own 3 controllers for the system but can not tell if those are working or not yet because I can not get the system working.


    Shipping to Michigan

  7. I'd be willing to reship out the items I don't plan on keeping


    Plan to keep (Microvision Phaser Strike cart (untested), 3 Intellivision carts, 1 Bally Astrocade Basic cart, and the activision box)


    anything else contact me and I'll ship them back out once the box arrives

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