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  1. very cool display rack and looks like it was perfect for the game room
  2. A few months ago was given some scans of the 1990 Nintendo Merchandising Catalog and I am looking for more of these types of catalogs, advertisements, retailers brochures, etc. Would anyone that has these in their collection mind scanning them for me? I'm looking to add the information to my database of gaming stuff released. The one I have scans of the text is kind of hard to read in spots was scanned as 741x960 at 72dpi so if I could get a better one that would be nice also. James
  3. I have a untested 5200 system with controllers and 11 games and can not test them. Anyone have a spare AV box and power cable for the 4port system?
  4. I did not check that. I seen 3 auctions all for similar setups and he had the extra game in it so I figured why not but his and add another game to the collection. Will not do that again.
  5. Auction details http://www.ebay.com/itm/291561407598?_trksid=p2059210.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Back on Sept 30th, 2015 I bought 3 5200 controllers& a Jungle Hunt game was included in the auction. On Oct 15th, 2015 I got a small box in the mail. The box had the 3 controllers in it with no padding at all and no game was in it. Contacted the seller three different times and got no response from him. I then requested contact information from ebay and called the number and left voice mail. Less than 20mins later I got an email and a pm on ebay. Email from seller said pm on ebay said I have never been given the new tracking number and still have not gotten the game in the mail. Tonight I called ebay for help and was told I selected the wrong option and they was closing the case. About 20mins ago I got a msg from ebay
  6. I am looking for a few things to be in my collections. Wanted items I just won an auction for my first Atari 5200 system. It says system works in auction. Atari 5200 RF Box (4 Player) Atari 5200 Power Cable Atari 5200 Controllers (x2) Atari Jaguar CD system Any cheap Microsoft MSX Game (trying to get one game for every system) Any cheap Nintendo 64DD Game (trying to get one game for every system) Any cheap SNK NeoGeo AES Game (trying to get one game for every system) Any cheap SNK NeoGeo MVS Game (trying to get one game for every system) Any cheap SNK NeoGeo Pocket Game (trying to get one game for every system) The longer full list will always be at http://wizardsarcade.com/wants/
  7. I have a extra copy of gun monkeys on steam if anyone wants it, I bought it in a bundle so I think I have to use gift option to give away
  8. did a google search and found the vogons site and registered, then found vintage-computer forum. Hopefully these are the right places. Will give them a good look around. Also thanks for the information about the video and mouse cards! James
  9. found a keyboard to use on the system, doing cleaning on it because it is filthy. Tandy 1000 keyboard from the Tandy 1000se. While searching my storage I also found the manual for the se, and a bunch of 16bit SoundBlaster Live cards but those all should be pci based which this system does not support James
  10. awesome man, I will give that a try Yeah I am not sure if I will need this card in the future or not, I do plan on having a couple retro systems for playing old games on. I have a couple large boxes of old PC and server parts. I know I have about 5 different ATI Capture cards also with the dongles. Awesome man thanks for that, I will save that so I can use it.
  11. got the video card working finally, so far so good
  12. that would work great for a portable eprom programmer system!
  13. So I was given an old BSR 386DX/33 70364-B computer. While going through the cards to find data sheets and drivers and some I was unable to ID some of them. Anyone have ideas ? I think this is an addon card for using a PS2 mouse http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Computers/ISA-Cards/ISA-card-01-A.jpg http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Computers/ISA-Cards/ISA-card-01-B.jpg SupraFAX Modem v.32bis http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Computers/ISA-Cards/ISA-card-02-A.jpg http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Computers/ISA-Cards/ISA-card-02-B.jpg on ebay comes up a "Groundhog Graphics The Shadow ISA Video Card Vintage Tseng ET4000AX ET4000" http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Computers/ISA-Cards/ISA-card-03-A.jpg http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Computers/ISA-Cards/ISA-card-03-B.jpg Sound Blaster CT1350B http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Computers/ISA-Cards/ISA-card-04-A.jpg http://wizardsarcade.com/Media/Images/Computers/ISA-Cards/ISA-card-04-B.jpg
  14. I always love looking at these pictures bitrate as one fellow 3DO lover to another, beautiful. James
  15. sounds like a great idea, once I get my room setup finished I could try and help with screens from a few different CRT tvs I own. Currently think it is 9 TVs and like 15 CRT monitors in storage.
  16. good price on that system man, I just got mine for more then that. Only issue seems to be the 450 model (which looks like that one is) has issues with the timekeeper battery dying often. Which the one on my system is dead otherwise works fine.
  17. page when hasbro posted that release on their website I remember it being either a PDF file or aJPG image fie. Would anyone happen to have that file anymore? All i can find online is the extracted text from it.
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