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  1. Well adding a few more boxes to the list. Atari jaguar Colecovision System Coleco Expansion Module #1 Atari Nintendo VirtualBoy
  2. sending you a pm. I am also from south michigan
  3. I just clicked join the group on facebok, I'm in Battle Creek.
  4. I would be interested in the following if still available Atari Lynx *Xybots (box and poster only, no game) - accousticguitar NEC PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 *Blazing Lazers (jewel case and manual only, no game) - A_Locomotive
  5. I was wondering if anyone here might have some spare system boxes for the following. 2600 (tele-games) 4 Switch (Wood Grain model) 2600 (Video Computer System) 4 Switch (Black model) 2600 Junior 7800 Pro System Flashback 4 Atari jaguar Atari Lynx (Model 1) Colecovision System Coleco Expansion Module #1 Atari Nintendo NES Action Set (Styrofoam inserts only needed) Nintendo VirtualBoy
  6. decided to take some pictures of my atari system collection tonight.
  7. thanks for the info I have lots of reading to do it seems if I want to get a working setup for doing this
  8. my recent haul from goodwill. 57 Cassette tape storage rack, going to be used for my loose genesis carts. 30+3 Double CD storage Rack, gonna be used for my dreamcast games. Madden for ps1 random Windows PC games and software
  9. yeah I just paid shipping for it. $10.50
  10. I have a single room for it all. The room is 13x13 and is all game related stuff. here is my youtube channnel that gives a little more of the setup. Trust me I would love to have a house setup for nothing but gaming. Some day, some day.
  11. Yeah I was looking to buy some new pin connectors and reattach the wires to the connector. I'm gonna read the repair manual a few times and go from there.
  12. I took this picture around decemember and I have been trying to get the rest sorted, cataloged, and the organized on to the shelves. You can see in the picture 3x Odyssey 2 TRS-80 Coco Apple Mac Quadra 650 3DO Dev Tower 4x Laserdisc players Apple IIc Monitor
  13. thank you for the information, that will let me read and save a few of them.
  14. I just bought a broken intellivision system and it will be my first one. I have the sub assembly manual printed for it. I was wondering if anyone know where to get replacement connectors for the controllers. One of the controllers cables has broken loose from the connector. So the person I bought it from on AG is also a member on here.
  15. I figured it would be best to get the systems working first. I also found this via google searches for howto guides on this. http://www.kryoflux.com/ kind of pricey but guess that works for about everything.
  16. I was wondering if anyone here had experience with this. I have a few different types of 5.25" floppy disks that I want to image the disk contents. MS-Dos Apple IIc TRS-80 I currently own an Apple IIc (not working), 386 PC with both 5.25" & 3.5" floppy drives. TRS-80 coco (not working). I know I could just download the software from the internet but I would prefer to do backups of my own disks. Anyone know how I can do this ? James
  17. ok guys did a massive update to the sales thread. only have til the 25th to get the funds. lets do some deals ASAP
  18. not a problem man, I hope you enjoy the Plus/4 I have owned that system for about a year now and never was able to test it due to not having a monitor/tv that it would hookup to
  19. lwizardl


    I have a few Laserdisc movies I am willing to sell off. and 1 movie I will think about selling for the right price A fully Sealed Star Wars Return of the Jedi Laserdisc. I am sending you a PM about them
  20. OK guys all sold items have been removed from the thread, and new items have been added
  21. Atari Jaguar system has been sold, already received payment of the $45 asking price + full shipping charges
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