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  1. Yeah I was looking to buy some new pin connectors and reattach the wires to the connector. I'm gonna read the repair manual a few times and go from there.
  2. I took this picture around decemember and I have been trying to get the rest sorted, cataloged, and the organized on to the shelves. You can see in the picture 3x Odyssey 2 TRS-80 Coco Apple Mac Quadra 650 3DO Dev Tower 4x Laserdisc players Apple IIc Monitor
  3. thank you for the information, that will let me read and save a few of them.
  4. I just bought a broken intellivision system and it will be my first one. I have the sub assembly manual printed for it. I was wondering if anyone know where to get replacement connectors for the controllers. One of the controllers cables has broken loose from the connector. So the person I bought it from on AG is also a member on here.
  5. I figured it would be best to get the systems working first. I also found this via google searches for howto guides on this. http://www.kryoflux.com/ kind of pricey but guess that works for about everything.
  6. I was wondering if anyone here had experience with this. I have a few different types of 5.25" floppy disks that I want to image the disk contents. MS-Dos Apple IIc TRS-80 I currently own an Apple IIc (not working), 386 PC with both 5.25" & 3.5" floppy drives. TRS-80 coco (not working). I know I could just download the software from the internet but I would prefer to do backups of my own disks. Anyone know how I can do this ? James
  7. ok guys did a massive update to the sales thread. only have til the 25th to get the funds. lets do some deals ASAP
  8. not a problem man, I hope you enjoy the Plus/4 I have owned that system for about a year now and never was able to test it due to not having a monitor/tv that it would hookup to
  9. lwizardl


    I have a few Laserdisc movies I am willing to sell off. and 1 movie I will think about selling for the right price A fully Sealed Star Wars Return of the Jedi Laserdisc. I am sending you a PM about them
  10. OK guys all sold items have been removed from the thread, and new items have been added
  11. Atari Jaguar system has been sold, already received payment of the $45 asking price + full shipping charges
  12. Playstation 3, ps3 games, and bluray movies sold on ebay
  13. * Arcade Video Games * Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game (4 Player Version) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game: Tutles In Time (4 Player Version) Golden Axe (Sega 16 board set) Renegade Monitor Bezel 8ball Action CPO/Marquee and Yie Ar Kung-Fu Marquee
  14. Atari Karts - Sold to holygrailvideogames.com
  15. Baku Baku - Sold to Deadman on digitpress forums Die hard arcade - Sold to Deadman on digitpress forums machine head - Sold to Deadman on digitpress forums mechwarrior 2 - Sold to Deadman on digitpress forums quake - Sold to Deadman on digitpress forums VR Racing - Sold to Deadman on digitpress forums Space Hulk - Sold to Deadman on digitpress forums Legend of Oasis - Sold to Deadman on digitpress forums Kirby super deluxe - Sold to Deadman on digitpress forums
  16. * Sega Gamegear * Fred Couples Golf (Cart only) NFL Quarterback Club (Cart only) PGA Tour Golf II (Cart only) Super Columns (Cart only) * Sega Genesis Games * aaahh!! real monsters - Complete (with manual, and box) aladdin - Complete (with manual, and box) gunstar heroes - (with box, no manual) hard drivin' (Cart only) high seas havoc (Cart only) home alone (Cart only) jeopardy! (Cart only) lion king - Complete (with manual, and box) madden 95 - Complete (with manual, and box) mortal kombat 2 (Cart only) muhammad ali heavyweight boxing - (with box, no manual) ms. pac-man - Complete (with manual, and box) nba jam - Complete (with manual, and box) NBA Jame T.E. (Cart only) nfl football 94 with joe montana - (with box, no manual, case hing cracked) NFL 95 (Cart only) nhl all-star hockey 95 (Cart only) pga tour 96 (Cart only) phelios (Cart only) primal rage - (with box) rbi baseball 4 - Complete (with manual, and box) Sonic & Knuckles (with manual) sonic the hedgehog 2 (not for resale version) (Cart only) sonic the hedgehog 2 (not for resale version) (Cart only) - Complete (with manual, and box) sonic the hedgehog 2 (not for resale version) - Complete (with manual, and box) super hydlide (Cart only) toy story (Cart only) toy story - Complete (with manual, and box) Vectorman (Cart only) viewpoint - Complete (with manual, and box) wing of war - Complete (with manual, and box) world series baseball 95 (Cart only) * Sega Saturn * bootleg sampler - Complete (with card board sleve) DEMO Bug! - Complete (with manual, and box) Frank Thomas baseball - Complete (with manual, and box) cracked hing, broken section on spine lunacy - near Complete (with manual, and box, Missing map) case has broken hing on top mansion of hidden souls - Complete (with manual, and box) case missing front cover nhl 97 - Complete (with manual, and box) nights into dreams SAMPLER - Complete (with card board sleve) demo version off world interceptor - Complete (with manual, and box) case has rough spots, manual water damaged badly quarterback attack - Complete (with manual, and box) case has small crack on front, like 2-3 pages curled from moisture world series baseball - Complete (with manual, and box) tiny dirt spots on case cover. Tomb Raider - Complete (with manual, and box) UMK3 - (with manual, game in generic case) virtua cop - (with card board sleve) NOT FOR RESALE version virtual fighter 2 - Complete (with manual, and card board sleve) NOT FOR RESALE version War Craft 2 dark saga - (with manual, game in generic case) * Sony Playstation * asteroids - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) greatest hits version beyblade let it rip - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) big bass fishing (disc only, in generic case) billards - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) contra legacy of war (disc only, in generic case) * Doom custom playstation edition (Playstation Long Box) - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) * taking offers only driver - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) ESPN Extreme Games (Playstation Long Box) - (game and Manual only) ESPN Extreme Games (Playstation Long Box) - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) family fued - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) gran turismo 2 - (with Case, Insert, missing Manual) grudge warriors (disc only, in generic case) hardcore 4x4 (disc only, in generic case) jeopardy! - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) legend of dragoon - (with Case, Insert, missing Manual) not sure but I think this is original release discs in a greatest hits case mdk (missing manual) metal gear solid - (with Case, Insert, missing Manual) monopoly - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) greatest hits version moto racer world tour (disc only, in generic case) namco musem vol 3 - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) nascar 99 - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) nba in the zone (Playstation Long Box) - Complete (missing Manual only) ready 2 rumble - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) ridge racer type 4 (discs only, in generic case) scooby-doo and the cyber chase - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) spec ops covert assault (disc only, in generic case) spyro the dragon - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) collector's edition syphon filter 2 - (with Case, Insert, missing Manual) tekken (disc only, in generic case) tekken 2 (disc only, in generic case) test drive 6 (disc only, in generic case) tiger woods pga tour (disc only, in generic case) tom clancy's rainbow six lone wolf (disc and manual only, in generic case) tony hawk's pro skater (disc only, in generic case) twisted metal 2 (missing manual) vmx racing (disc only, in generic case) wcw/nwo thunder - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) wcw vs the world - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) wheel of fortune - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) wwf war zone - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) * Sony Playstation 2 Games and Software * PS2 PAL Demo Disc Sony 8MB Memory Card * Sony PSP * Syphon Filter Logan's shadow DEMO - Complete (with sleve case) $ swat target liberty - Complete (with box, and manual)
  17. * Philips CD-i Games and Software * Games: 7th Guest - Complete (with manual, case, and slip cover) A Great day at the races - Complete (with manual, case, and slip cover) ACT College Search 92 - Disc only, in generic case Burn:Cycle - - Complete (with manual, case, and slip cover) Clue: The Mystery Continues - Complete (with manual, and case) Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia - Complete (with manual, and case) Dimo's Quest - Complete (with manual, case, and slip cover) Escape from cybercity - Complete (with manual, and case, case has broken cover) Link: The Faces of Evil (new, opened but never played) - Complete (with manual, case, and slip cover) Power Hitter (ABC Sports) - Complete (with manual, case, and slip cover) Tetris (Long Box) - Complete (with manual insert, case, and slip cover) Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon (new, opened but never played) - Complete (with manual, case, registration form, and slip cover) Wayne's World 2 VCD - Complete (with manual, case, and slip cover) Hardware: Digital Video Cartridge (Came out of a 220 player) * Sega CD Games and Software * adventures of batman and robin - Complete (with manual, and case) amazing spiderman (Sega-CD) brutal - Complete (with manual, and case) chuck rock II - Complete (with manual, and case) ecco the dolphin - Complete (with manual, and case) jaguar xj220 (game in generic case, with manual) jurassic park - Complete (with manual, and case) mickey mania - Complete (with manual, and case) mighty morphin power ranger - Complete (with manual, and case) mortal kombat - Complete (with manual, and case) slipheed (game in generic case) sol-feace (with case only) wonderdog (game in generic case, with manual) wwf rage in the cage (game in generic case) * Sega CD & Genesis Game Bundles * lethal enforcers II for Sega CD and Sega Genesis, with Justifer Blue Gun $ (both games are complete with game, manual, and case) * Sega Dreamcast * 4x4 evo (disc only has lots of scratch plays fine on my original system) $3 D2 - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual. played only disc 1 twice) $20 generator vol 1 demo - disc only in generic case generator vol 1 demo - disc only in generic case King of Fighters 99 (Sega Dreamcast) $10 Complete with Case, Insert, Manual Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (Sega Dreamcast) $20 NFL 2k - disc only in generic case Space Channel 5 - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) soul calibur (has lots of scratch plays fine on my original system) $8 Tokyo xtreme racer - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) has lots of scratch plays fine on my original system $3 Tony hawk pro skater - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) (all stars version) $3 virtua tennis - Complete (with Case, Insert, Manual) all stars version $3 wacky races $7 (has a few small surface scratches)
  18. the atari carts game looks to be sold (payment has not been paid yet) as for shipping I'm not sure I would guess somewhere between $10-20 due to international. (yeah I know its like driving distance but still considered international) If you give me your information I can get a shipping quote for you. I will also have to pick up customs forms at the same time. for my refs Left for me http://www.assemblergames.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27932 http://www.rangerboard.com/showpost.php?p=3327069&postcount=1289 http://www.rangerboard.com/showpost.php?p=3332779&postcount=1315 http://www.rangerboard.com/showpost.php?p=3337811&postcount=1336 http://www.rangerboard.com/showpost.php?p=3349167&postcount=1376 http://www.rangerboard.com/showpost.php?p=3395859&postcount=1564 http://www.rangerboard.com/showpost.php?p=3429237&postcount=1634 http://www.rangerboard.com/showpost.php?p=3447027&postcount=1684 http://www.rangerboard.com/showpost.php?p=3455347&postcount=1729 http://www.rangerboard.com/showpost.php?p=3461818&postcount=1742 and 141 transactions on ebay under the username of animation4us http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=animation4us&ftab=AllFeedback I also have done sales on digitpress but for some reason people there never leave feedback
  19. * Nintendo Game Boy (Original) * alleyway (cart only) Centipede (cart only) $5 Game & Watch (cart only) $5 high stakes gambling (cart only) quest for camelot (cart only) $5 sword of hope (cart only) $5 superman (cart only) snoopy's magic show (cart only) pokemon silver (cart only) * Nintendo Game Boy (Color) * disney's tarzan (cart only) rocket power getting air the grinch (cart only) Tony Hawk Pro Skater (cart only) $4 Tony Hawk Pro Skater (with manual) $5 * Nintendo Game Boy (Advance) * Caesar's Palace (cart only) Dragonball Z the legacy of goku (cart only) $5 Dragonball Z the legacy of goku II (cart only) $5 Hot Wheels/X-velocity (cart only) Rayman hoodlum's revenge (cart only) Midnight club street racing (complete) $10 namco museum (complete) $10 konami's collector's series arcade advanced (complete) $10 Dragonball Z Taiketsu (complete) $10 gameshark for GBA * Nintendo Gamecube * Games: American Game Kiosk Version 11 Kirby Air Ride $12 Legend of Zelda Ocarina Of Time & Master Quest (Factory Sealed New) $50 Resident Evil (Remake) - (Discs in dual gamecube game case, no manual or inserts) Super Smash Bros Melee Hardware: Nintendo Gamecube jet black system (has digital out port), 1 controller, 1 av cable, 1 power cable, eternal darkness game, tony hawk underground 2 game, $40 or best offer * Nintendo NES Games * Chiller - (Cart Only) donkey kong classics (cart only) dr mario (cart only) gauntlet (tengen cart only) jack nicklaus 18 holes golf (with manual only) Jordan Vs Bird: One on One - Complete (with manual, case, and box) kung fu (cart only) lode runner (cart only) mario bros 2 (cart only) rad racer (cart only) rad racer (cart only) Rad Racer - Complete (with manual, case, and box) super mario bros/duck hunt (cart only) superspike v'ball (cart only) superspike v'ball (cart only) tecmo bowl (cart only) tetris (cart only) tetris (cart only) * Nintendo Super NES/Famicom * bill walsh college football (cart only) cliffhanger (cart only) Dragon's Lair (Cart Only) final fight (cart only) hole-in-one golf (cart only) home alone (cart only) Mortal Kombat (Cart Only) nba live 95 (cart only) nhl 94 nhl 95 (cart only) nhlpa hockey 93 (cart only) paperboy 2 (cart only) roger clemen's mvp baseball (cart only) Super R-Type (cart only) super play action football (cart only) Super Smash TV (Cart Only) u.n. squadron (cart only) wayne gretzky hockey (cart only) Wheel Of Fortune (Boxed complete) Zero RR for super famicom $15 case has shelf wear, and manual has a creased corner
  20. * Laserdisc Movies * Assassins - 2 disc Dolby Digital Widescreen Braveheart - 2 disc Dolby Digital Widescreen Highlander - 1 disc Stereo (i think it is also widescreen) *factory sealed* Jerry Maguire - 2 disc Widescreen Last of the Mohicans - 1 disc stereo Widescreen Speed - 1 disc Dolby Surroun Widescreen Star Trek First Contact - 1 disc Digital Stereo Widescreen Star Wars Ep4 A New Hope - 2 disc Digital Stereo Widescreen Top Gun - 1 disc Stereo Widescreen Twister - 1 disc Digital surround stereo Widescreen Where's Poppa - 1 disc Digital sound woodstock - 3 disc Dolby surround stereo Widescreen * Atari/Coleco Vision Games * Asteroids - (Cart only) donkey kong - (Cart only) donkey kong junior - (Cart only) e.t. - (Cart only) frogger - (Cart only) kaboom - (Cart only) missile command - (Cart only) pac-man - (Cart only) pac-man - (Cart only) pitfall! - (Cart only) qbert - (Cart only) rocky super action boxing - (Cart only) space invaders - (Cart only) space invaders - (Cart only) super action baseball - (Cart only) warlords - (Cart only) warlords - (Cart only) warlords - (Cart only) yars' revenge - (Cart only) * Computer PC Games * choose your own nightmare: night of the werewolf - Complete (with box, and manual) sims 2 - Complete (with box, and manual) * Magnavox Odyssey2 * games: alien invaders plus! - (cart only) alpine skiing! - (cart only) alpine skiing! - Complete (with box, and manual) attack of the tim lord! - (with box, missing manual) baseball! - (cart only) baseball! - (cart only) blackjack! - (cart only) bowling!/basketball! - (cart only) bowling!/basketball! - (cart only) bowling!/Basketball! - Complete (with box, and manual) computer golf! - (cart only) computer golf! - Complete (with box, and manual) conquest of the world - (cart only) cosmic conflict! - (cart only) dynasty! - (cart only) dynasty! - Complete (with box, and manual) electronic table soccer! - (cart only) electronic table soccer! - (with box, missing manual) football! - (with manual) hockey!/Soccer! - (with box, missing manual) invaders from hyperspace! - (cart only) k.c.'s krazy chase! - (cart only) k.c.'s krazy chase! - Complete (with box, and manual) k.c. munchkin! - (cart only) killer bees! - (with box, missing manual) las vegas blackjack! - (with box, missing manual) monkeyshines! - (cart only) nimble numbers ned - (with manual) out of this world!/helicopter rescue! - (cart only) out of this world!/helicopter rescue! - (cart only) pachinko! - (cart only) pick axe pete! - (cart only) p.t. barnum's acrobats! - (with box, missing manual) quest for the rings! - (cart only) smithereens! - (with box, missing manual) Speedway!/spin-out!/crypto-logic! - (cart only) Speedway!/spin-out!/crypto-logic! - (cart only) Speedway!/spin-out!/crypto-logic! - (with box, missing manual) sub chase!/armored encounter! - (cart only) thunderball! - (cart only) thunderball - (with box, missing manual) type & tell! - Complete (with box, and manual) ufo! - (cart only) ufo! - (cart only) hardware: Odyssey2 System (untested) Odyssey2 System (untested) * Microsoft Xbox 360 Games * Games: bomberman act zero $10 Call of Duty 2 (XBOX360) $8 Dead or Alive 4 (XBOX360) $8 Full Auto (XBOX360) $5 Fuzion Frenzy 2 (XBOX360) $8 Grand Theft Auto 4 (XBOX360) $12 Meet The Robinsons $7 MLB 2k7 $8 NBA 2k7 $8 NHL 2k7 $8 OXM Demo Disc Vol 70 (Def Jam Icon) $2 Peter Jackson's King Kong $8 PGR 3 $8 pocketbike racer + big bumpin + sneak king $5 (for all 3 games) Ridge Racer 6 (XBOX360) $5 Hardware: Rock Band Bundle (wired version with 2 mics) Box of broken Xbox 360 systems, there are a total of 12 systems here. some are RROD, some have no video, etc. All do not work. * Nintendo 64 Games and Hardware * Games: 1080 Snowboarding (cart only) $3 all star baseball (Nintendo 64) $5 Body Harvest for N64 (Complete) $20 Dark Rift (cart only) $5 Mario Tennis for N64 (Complete) $20 paper mario for n64 $30 - complete mint, only played 5 times. pokemon stadium (Nintendo 64) $30 or best offer Complete with Case, Insert, Manual, and transfer pack rayman 2 (Nintendo 64) $5 Shadowman (Nintendo 64) $5 shadowgate 64 for n64 $10 former rental, missing manual, box has crease on one spine Tonic Trouble for N64 (Complete) $20 War Gods for N64 $10 (Missing manual, and tray insert, cart label torn) I also have the strategy guide that I could include for the right offer Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (Complete) Turok 2 seeds of evil (Complete) resident evil 2 (Complete) perfect dark (Complete) wcw/nwo revenge (Complete) major league baseball featuring ken griffey jr star wars episode 1 racer rampage 2 universal tour Hardware: Gameshark v2.1 (without link port for pc) Nintendo 64 System, 1 controller, 1 av cable, 1 power supply $30 or best offer Nintendo 64 System, 1 controller, 1 av cable, 1 power supply (with San Fransico Rush, hey you pikachu and microphone) $60 or best offer
  21. Hey guys I am trying my best to get the funds to pay for a trip to California for my 30th birthday in Aug and it is not working out so far so its time to try and sell some things to help me out. The trip is for me and my older brother. I will provide pictures of any requested items, and if any item doesn't have a price yet I am willing to take offers on them. My paypal address is [email protected] Feel free to make me any offers I leave for california on Aug 25th so the last day I can ship anything out will be 20th or the 23rd of August. After that dates the sales will end and I will have to take the games to a pawn shop. I can provide references from other online forums that I have been active on more recently NOTE: If you are going cheap on shipping costs I am not responsible for damages the postal carrier does. When I can ship them properly no damages will happen. But when I tell you what they post office is charging me and you are only wanting to pay less then half that expect something to be scratched or something in the mail. UPDATE: I have just found out my brother will not be able to pay for his food and spending cash due to current conditions. So I will need to also cover his money. So now the food and spending cash will double for what I will need. Funds Tracking -------------------------------- [PAID] 2 Tickets for PMC2010 = $160.00 [PAID] Hotel Stay = $271.00 [PAID] Train Tickets for 2 = $672.00 [_] Food at convention = $100 x2 [_] Spending Cash = $150 x2 [_] box fans = $15 x2 ---------------------------------- Total Needed for PMC = $1633 still needed = $530 Shipping Information: I prefer to use the USPS Flat Rate shipping boxes to mail stuff out. The rates are as following Small Flat-Rate Box Domestic Rate: $4.95 International Rate: $11.45 (Mexico/Canada) $13.45 (all other countries) Medium Flat-Rate Box Domestic Rate: $10.70 International Rate: $26.95 (Mexico/Canada) $43.45 (all other countries) Large Flat-Rate Box Domestic Rate: $14.50 International Rate: $33.95 (Mexico/Canada) $55.95 (all other countries) Delivery confirmation is $.80 extra
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