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  1. One more bump for these goodies, lots of good stuff still needing a good home. Ebay is going kind of nuts lately with prices taking off (not complaining as I'm selling ), so shop AtariAge first and save thyself lots of coin! Better community all around here too. And my prices here kick the holy hey out of what these games are fetching at auction nowadays. Thanks peeps!!
  2. If you think that's steep, check pricing on Spider-man: Web of Fire for 32X! Yeeeeeee. I bought one way back when for around $70, sold it when the prices leapt up to neighborhood of $190 ish. Now? Eeeeeeeee. Wish I'd have held out. Kolibri is a steal by comparison!
  3. IDK how you keep picking all my favorite games that never came out or came out poorly. Qix is just so different from other games...can't wait for this!!
  4. I'm in for the first time! Should have done it years ago. Love this community, love the AA site, sounds like great fun. Going to have to play some Toyshop Trouble in preparation....after Halloween that is.
  5. Great to deal with, will look forward to buying / trading / selling with again, thumbs up!!
  6. Bump (n' Jump!) - Updated with removal of sold items, added some of my Saturn stuff. If you are after any other Saturn and/or Dreamcast stuff feel free to ask, as I will be listing more in time. Trying to emotionally withstand parting with some of it Thanks everyone for looking (and buying!)
  7. The story or what have you from the manual is: "Your objective is to help Eddie capture as many floating prizes as he can jump up and grab. You must keep Eddie hopping over the pesky little Sneakers while guiding him up, down and around the screen." Or better yet is the text from the back of the box: "On your mark, get ready, here comes Fast Eddie. Eddie is on a wild treasure hunt, climbing up and down ladders everywhere in search of prizes. Things would sure be a lot easier for Eddie if it weren't for all those pesky little Sneakers running around. They literally keep him from jumping! Look Eddie, there's a magic floating heart on the second floor and another on the third. Go get 'em, Fast Eddie! Look out for that Sneaker? Oooooh, my! " As an insane person, I feel compelled to ask...why no exclamation point after the first sentence, "...here comes Fast Eddie."? And why a question mark instead of an exclamation after "Look out for that Sneaker?". Like... I'm Ron Burgundy? Actually a really fun, great controlling, addictive, silly little game. Obviously it's no Snatcher or Chrono Trigger for story ( )... but here's a funny tidbit: Programmed by Mark Turmell, of Smash TV and NBA Jam fame.
  8. Bought some games from me, good communication, great buyer. Easy to deal with, big thumbs up! 👍
  9. Sold widowsson some games, great communication, easy to work with! Great transaction, big thumbs up! 👍
  10. Added Genesis, SegaCD, 32X, SNES, Sega CDX, WiiU, Switch Pro Controller, and more. Mega Bump Let me know if there are any questions, thanks for looking!!
  11. Excellent buyer, good communication, everything went great! Big thumbs up! LB has great taste in games 🤘👍
  12. Sold some things to jeremiahjt, great communication, great transaction. Big thumbs up! 👍
  13. Sold socrates63 a bunch of really cool stuff, great communication and questions, great person to deal with! Thumbs up! 👍
  14. Sold CG a box of cool things (great taste!!), great communication, great person to deal with. Thumbs up! 👍
  15. Sold IA a couple of 2600 games, good communication, good person to deal with! Thumbs up!
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