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  1. Or I would just LOVE a Crazy Otto game, but...same problem And back to @Vrock's mention, I have a soft spot for Galaxian that Galaga doesn't completely fill. Would have been nice of them to include Galaxian here as well. And all that said, I LOVE the cab design, and this one is in serious consideration for me. But I am basically out of disposable income and space, so....ugh, going to be a toughie
  2. 100% agree, same logic for me. Such that I ended up getting the SW machine...and after decades of debating what precisely to get, finally got a multicade cabinet (currently running Rasp Pi, will upgrade to a fast PC later once the Sinden Lightgun comes out etc) to play basically everything else, set up a little mini-arcade room. I can't rationalize buying and/or having a room full of "joystick and button" games that can all be done on one machine. But the Flight yoke (not to mention the art) is really special, and I love having this one.
  3. Nice! I am not the player I once was and though I love it, I have yet to crack 500k. I am enjoying ROTJ more than I thought I would. Slowly getting better. The AT-ST stage is definitely more than enough challenge, the game is definitely more than I thought it was before I got this cabinet (had just died too quick in the past and wrote it off as too hard to be worthwhile). Love the scanlines too.
  4. Just found out about Zero Team, an Brawler that wasn't on Mame until 2016.  Made by the team who made the Raiden shooters, it's very fun.  Strongly recommend!  Hope it gets a Switch release sometime. :)

  5. I like but don't love Burgertime; I do love the cabinet design, and am a big Karate Champ fan...but this one I will be passing on. The Frogger cab is a temptation, mostly since it has Time Pilot and Time Pilot 84. And I do enjoy Frogger too. Good set of games, this is a solid entry IMO.
  6. I do agree to an extent. In the case of GA: TRODA, it's a bit of the worst of all worlds for me personally. I won't be playing 4 players (2 probably, but don't need all four), so the panel takes up additional space...but the monitor is still 3/4 size so it's smaller than I would like. On the other hand... The artistic choices and colors they've got here are super duper nice, both for NBA Jam and for GA. If only they'd included Streets of Rage 2 instead of Wrestle War on the Sega cab... I think I'm still in for GA, though, unless I lose my mind and finally go for a full size cabinet from someplace. But the A1up Showing at CES with Golden Axe / Altered Beast, Frogger / Time Pilot, and the Pac-Man 40th w/ Galaga? And NBA Jam? I'm starting to think about getting a 3/4 size arcade together in my basement instead.
  7. I think I got the angle just about right... Come on everyone, get the t-shirt to go with the game, and post a pic!
  8. WUT???!??!!??!!!!! Do they know how long I have waited for a Revenge of Death=Adder home game???????????????????? TAKE. MY. MONEY.
  9. Most insane home game room conceivable?


    1. joeatari1


      Holy Moses!  Game room?  More like game mansion!  I didn't see a Polybius machine though... so he doesn't have it all.

    2. thanatos


      Simple to do if you have unlimited money!

  10. Sega!

    Skip to 6:45 for a couple of REALLY amusing moves :)


  11. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/91-9pdu_l0U" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> This oldie but goodie is coming out later this month. I am interested but...I think I paid $10 for the PS3 HD remake, while owning the original Xbox version, so not sure I can rationalize another $30 (or $24 if I pre-order before tomorrow or something).
  12. I got to admit, I have been thinking recently that apart from Light Gun games, Tron would be high up there on my "immediate buy" lists. It would sure make a terrific partner to the Star Wars machine, which I adore completely. Tron's Spinner plus joystick with trigger is really just not easy to emulate. And plus the original cabinet looks so great, especially with the lit up flight stick, this would be an AMAZING Arcade 1up. In addition to that, the fact that the original game is four (mini) games in 1, this would be a huge draw. And I'm with you, -1, thro Discs of Tron in there too.
  13. This is intriguing, and looks great. Love the art, esp on the Riser. Right now though, it's $400, without Free Shipping, so a bit much. Considering that much would get you the Limited version of the Marvel cab with Sanwa Sticks and the Riser. But again, this is very, very nice. Scratching my chin and adding to my "someday" want list
  14. Took my time putting it together, it really wasn't half bad. And I am NOT very good at fixing things / putting things together. I can do most Ikea but not all, if that tells you anything. and this took me around an hour (much longer than most but I went slow and took a lunch break midway) to put together. The predrilled holes were actually really well done. I agree with some online critique that the order they have you do some things is questionable, but again, it wasn't too bad. And they included spare parts, which is frankly awesome. Graphics and sound are terrific; not saying it's accurate as I didn't do a side by side with an original machine etc, but it looks really great and the sound is just terrific. Control is just fantastic tbh; just love how tight the yoke is. Just love it, love it, love it.
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