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  1. You'll get yours soon, I ordered 3/25 and just got my shipping notice today (hooray!), #2545. Just dying to play this!
  2. ? I am honestly shocked to hear this. At least what I knew of them, they were beloved for bringing over games that others wouldn't, and terrific games at that. I adored their US Sega CD versions of Lunar and Vay, and Dragon Force on the Saturn is incredible. The humor is priceless, and the packaging was just top notch for a "regular price" game. I am not arguing it, just saying I'm surprised to hear that opinion on their games, always thought they were fan favorites.
  3. New awesome looking and free DLC coming: Apart from the expected playable Estel, reports are that there will be at least two other new playables. Loving the look of the new (and old) stages they're showing here, looks wonderful. Now GIMME. Edited to strikethrough the "and free" above. Got misinformation, this will not be free, we gots to pay. But I am not worried about that personally, I just want it asap
  4. Snagged Namco 1 (2 is still sold out even overseas, despite Evercade's FB people telling me otherwise lol). It's very good, if basically "what you expect". I agree for the most part with Crow Continuum on the ratings, a lot of decent stuff. I play mine handheld (not hooked up to a TV), so Battle Cars was definitely tough to see what was going on. But having Dig Dug, Pac Man, Galaxian, Mappy, and Xevious at the ready is going to make for great fun on trips etc. Even if they're the NES versions, they're decent.
  5. I knew I was late to the party anyway...but dang, #2545. So...hard...to...wait! IIRC I thought I was on their mailing list about the game from their old website, and never got notified. I should've been following this forum, dang it. Got my order in on 3/25, now regretting I didn't get a fancier edition, didn't realize with the standard that I don't get a DL code. Ugh. Had a rough week, brain not work right. Fire good? But...this is an amazing project and so glad there's so much excitement for it!
  6. Nothing really wrong with it, but I found this kind of funny on the LRG listing above: "This features localized English packaging for the US market. Only 3,500 units have been manufactured in English packaging for the US market." So like...a box that has English on it that says...Astro City Mini? I just kind of feel like if they're going to make a thing out of it being localized in any actual significant capacity, they would have had to actually translate the menus and game text. This just seems kind of cheap. That said I am actually a LRG fan and like their stuff. And the Astro City is a fantastic little piece for any big Sega fan.
  7. Seconding the thanks! I know the list is being updated regularly, just...expressing excitement! Ordered my 9V in antici......pation! EMAIL REFRESH...EMAIL REFRESH...EMAIL REFRESH... Just so excited to hook up this pup to my 7800 and my Edladdin Super 78!!
  8. Daaaang. This is a fine, fine looking machine, nice work! Scratching my chin, giving this thought. I've got a modded Saturn currently but without FRAM or anything else like you've upgraded here. And my drive is starting to make a squeaking sound when I play burned games, so I fear its time is coming. LOVE the look on the two-tone, or really, four in all (Black, White, Grey, Red). Great stuff.
  9. My first buy were two 2600 games, Space Jockey and Fast Eddie, both recommended and extremely fun, from @the.golden.ax
  10. Precisely the games I ordered, lol! Jinx, buy me a coke or something I am hankering for more even after these show up, just so much good stuff.
  11. Plug and play Satiator, looks awesome, but sold out currently: $260, but sold out. https://www.satiator.net/Satiator_p_12.html My CD drive is starting to squeak a bit (ack!), so nice to have an option other than the MODE (which I'd have to pay someone to install, I'm not competent with such things) if I need to go there.
  12. Just placed an order with Songbird Productions for more stuff Songbird, sorry about the weird message it seems to have put with my address; the autofill copied a note I sent to a charitable organization recently and somehow it looks like that message is in the first line of the address (lol!). Looks like the Namco #2 cart is hard to get, which is too bad. I'd love to play some Burning Force on this thing!
  13. Best bet is to use GD SD Card Maker. http://www.filefactory.com/file/je9h47epcl0/DCGD20.zip Makes everything SUPER easy to edit / move around in whatever order you please. https://retrogamesultra.com/2019/02/17/sega-dreamcast-gdemu-installation-and-setup/ Program is so easy it's just wonderful. It auto detects your SD card, just a supreme tool (which I have been called before, but that's different lol).
  14. True dat. Personally I liked Monster Rancher for the PS better, but that's a whole different thing. Pokemon is its own worldwide phenom.
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