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  1. Took my time putting it together, it really wasn't half bad. And I am NOT very good at fixing things / putting things together. I can do most Ikea but not all, if that tells you anything. and this took me around an hour (much longer than most but I went slow and took a lunch break midway) to put together. The predrilled holes were actually really well done. I agree with some online critique that the order they have you do some things is questionable, but again, it wasn't too bad. And they included spare parts, which is frankly awesome. Graphics and sound are terrific; not saying it's accurate as I didn't do a side by side with an original machine etc, but it looks really great and the sound is just terrific. Control is just fantastic tbh; just love how tight the yoke is. Just love it, love it, love it.
  2. Also just got to throw this out there in case anyone can in any way ever make this happen....slim chance I know but... will someone like Arcade1up PLEASE make a Light Gun / House of the Dead cab??!??!? I know that HOTD and stuff like Virtua Cop would require beefier hardware to run than these cabs have been using, but I know I would be willing to pay a SIGNIFICANT amount more than the current line go for to have say, even just a great HOTD cab. Much less if they threw in HOTD 2, 3, 4, Overkill, Virtua Cop / 2 / 3, CarnEvil, RE: Umbrella Chronicles, Confidential Mission, Crossbow (lol), Area 51.... Or seriously, just HOTD with great light guns and cool original side art? I'd drop $799 easily if this was available, maybe more if you pressed me. And would DIE for some of the others, especially Virtua Cop 3 (since I've never seen one or gotten to play it and LOVE Virtua Cop) and Confidential Mission (love the game, played the arcade once, have the DC version but the light guns are meh on DC). Please please make it happen! Yours truly, Light Gun Game fan who misses his favorites.
  3. Yes, the Mortal Kombat II unit is $199 currently at Walmart. Very tempting, though I'd want to and need to get a riser to go with it... Of course, if it had MK9 I would be in heaven but obviously that's a whole different animal This is under serious consideration for me, to go alongside the Star Wars cab my GF got me on Black Friday sale...
  4. I'm with you, totally up for this and to the point of actually counting on it being awesome. The people involved have all basically done nothing but wonderful products that I adore, down to each person. I think the negativity is largely just internet commenting garbage; people trying to get clicks and laughs by being overly critical. Like that one speedrunner guy who didn't like it, and who revealed that he never liked SoR3, and has never played SORR because well, IMO, he's a tool. If you want SoR2, keep playing that I guess. We all love it, nothing wrong with it. But this is SoR4, it's going to be different. And I bet I'm going to freaking love it, as I do Streets of Fury for XBLA, Guardian Heroes, and so many other games that these teams have worked on.
  5. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like Cocktail / Tabletop versions; don't want to have to lean over and look down. It's strange to me that it seems like the Cocktail ones are showing up with many more games; i.e. the Costco Pacman with Galaga and Dig Dug, the Street Fighter tabletop with SFII, Final Fight, Darkstalkers, Commando. But perhaps I shouldn't judge too much as none of them are probably for me anyways; I am thinking that in addition to the Star Wars game I have on the way, I am going to have to get a custom Mamecab unit for all my crazy favorites. The day that Arcade 1up or really anyone else releases a cab with Crossbow, Ninja Baseball Batman, Alien vs Predator, 10 Yard Fight, Gaia Warriors, Avengers in Galactic Storm, Elevator Action, Zoo Keeper, Vulgus, Sunset Riders, the Simpsons, Star Fire, and Mania Challenge, well, sign me up.
  6. With my GF's encouragement and agreement to pay for half, I did this too. This will be my first upright cab; as a long time arcade freak this has been way too long in coming (never could decide on exactly how crazy to get with a good Mame cab!). I freaking cannot wait! Such a beautiful looking machine; love the details down to the blue edging, and the design of the Great Trilogy on the front. Mine is due around 12/10. Gearing up for Rise of Skywalker, watching the Mandalorian....and now rewatching episodes 4 through 8 to get completely utterly stoked.
  7. If you like Tower Defense games, I gotta recommend Duke of Defense for Switch, currently on sale for $1.99.  Not perfect, but I am really enjoying it, a lot like PJM.  It's no Defense Grid, but it's good fun.

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    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      lol  Well, it's only $2 at least :)   I have now honestly put more time into that silly little Duke of Defense game than any other Switch game (!), so obviously I'm a fan.

    3. dj_convoy


      I went to the store and realized I have this game, already! It's good, but I have yet to beat the first boss.

    4. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      That first boss SUCKS.  No lie.  I almost gave up.  But one night I persevered and got him; just a pain in the butt to keep running around for coins, building Air towers near him, then running down to hit him with the sword.  Not easy or a well designed level.  But after that I didn't encounter anything as frustrating, and I'm now at the final stages.

  8. Streets. Of. Rage. 4!!  This video has me even more excited than I was, and I didn't think it possible.  Incredible line up of composers for the soundtrack. 

    1. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      Hm.  Having trouble with links.  https://youtu.be/Z-1e1cbiKpg


  9. With the new Genesis Mini out and getting very strong (or better!) reviews, I just gotta say... I like the look of it. It seems a neat product, might even get one for reasons I don't fully understand (my mind is a mess sometimes). But at the same time, I am by no means, no way, no how regretting my purchase of the Mega Sg. -thank you so much @kevtris-!!!!! I've got a ton of original carts, I also have the MegaEverdrive, and have effected the SmokeMonster jailbreak. Even if I didn't have the MegaEverdrive or jailbreak, this little thing would basically be the absolute ultimate way to play Genesis. In combination with the 8bitDo M30 wireless, it's just a near perfect experience. Sharp, fast, crisp, brilliant. The picture, the sound, just.... Well. Back in the day I basically bankrupted myself as a college student in order to have a great Trinitron Flat TV and a great sound setup with Bose speakers, Kenwood Amp, Aiwa Subwoofer. I had a GREAT time showing off my Genesis Model 2 (and later my Sega CDX and Saturn), my little efficiency apartment that was -all about the games and tech- (I didn't know at the time that the Model 2's sound was so far inferior to the Model 1, eep). The current experience of having the Mega Sg running on a really good LCD tv through 2.1 sound via an optical cable out...it's an all new high. With the full nostalgic factor of being able to crack open the cases and use the original cartridges...and to play them wirelessly from the couch, looking and sounding better than ever. Cranking up the Streets of Rage 2, the Rock 'n Roll Racing, the Adventures of Batman (actually I prefer the Batadvantage hack via the SD card...)...looks and sounds freaking amazing. It is simply the best of new/old / old/new. SEGA!
  10. Streets of Rage 2 soundtrack on vinyl, as well as Golden Axe on vinyl, back in stock at Data Discs.  I really, really, don't need these, and can't afford frivolous stuff right now.  But yet...I bought them both. :P  

    1. Curious Sofa
    2. DragonGrafx-16


      I really love this soundtrack but would have preferred a version of the tracks done in the early 90s house style but with real synth sounds and drum machines. You can easily find the original game soundtrack online. I would have loved some kickass period accurate house remixes of these tunes on vinyl.

    3. jd_1138


      As Yoda says:


      Once, you only live.

  11. Without getting too far off topic or being all "System Wars dood!"... From my perspective as 1) a huge Sega and DC fan and 2) the manager of an EB games during the PS2 launch... I think there was an -awful- lot of disappointment at the PS2 launch. Partly due to the massive created shortage of systems, but more I'm talking about from the people that fought tooth and nail to get one, paid through the nose for one, only to have it basically be a glorified DVD player and / or Tekken Tag Tournament machine. That launch list just simply stunk, and the first couple of models of systems had very bad reliability issues. And this is coming from a guy who actually seriously likes The Bouncer and loves Tekken Tag. They had us pushing that fireworks game really hard, and people were shelling out $50 for those halfass RPGs that came out at launch, and were just really, really unhappy. It came around. obviously, history tells that tale. But man, I tell you, if that thing didn't play DVDs? It may well not have become the sales monster that it did. I love the DC, always will. But tbh always hated the VMU. Don't use one today; once I got one of the 4x Sega memory cards that's what I've run with ever since. Neat idea, but that damned short battery life and incessant beeping, just not a fully worked out concept.
  12. I am loving all the retrospective content being posted on the DC for the 20th birthday. I thought I knew the history on the DC inside and out, but have learned a lot, especially from that long hour & fifteen video, very well researched! I got to meet Bernie Stolar at E3 when I was a sort of journalist, on a side note I didn't know that it was (at the time) the fastest selling console in history, nor had I ever realized how short its US life was (9 9 99 to 1 something 01, yikes!). So no wonder it seemed like tons of amazing games were coming out every month...they WERE, basically constantly! It had like 200 titles, not bad for 16 months of life! DC will always be a favorite console of mine, if not quite my absolute #1. I have more games for it than nearly any other system, and treasure it.
  13. Dreamcast Launch List. Maybe you can jog your memory, @derFunkenstein One of the best launches ever IMO, for total quality. I mean, compare those games (and the DC's bright, colorful graphics with solid polys to what was out at the time!). And by comparison, though I love it... I have to wonder how they ever sold any Sega CD systems with that launch... I mean. You launch a product with a Marky Mark item, you gotta know it's going to be a disaster!
  14. Just discovered a guy who makes very nice looking Wireless DC controllers, and pre-modded consoles: http://www.dreammods.net/dreamconn.html They are both expensive as hell (esp the wireless controllers), but I will add them to my want list. Retro-Bit is supposedly working on wireless controllers too, but I am pretty thumbs down on their quality from having gotten one of their Saturn remake controllers. D-pad is terrible, and one of the buttons sticks badly. Booooo. Also...some random love for Typing of the Dead. Death Sentence! Get it? Oh, so funny. What a weird, awesome game.
  15. It's 9/9/99! And I have already fired up the ol' DC, and got in some Virtua Fighter 3 Team Battle. Not sure why, but VF3 always has held a special place in my heart. Partially that I have always liked the DC controller. VF3 has MUCH better AI opponents than VF2 did, and it's much brighter and colorful than I thought VF4 to be. The bright colors make me think of Sega from the 90's, with Virtua Cop, Virtua Racing, Daytona, Sega Rally, Crazy Taxi. All sunny, bright, fun games. What are people planning to play on DC to celebrate?? On my schedule tomorrow, having already taken the day off work mostly to celebrate the Dreamcast's 20th: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance on Xbox (originally scheduled for Dreamcast, some listings / ads can be found on this) (and simply one of my favorites) Capcom Vs SNK2 (in my case on Xbox since I don't have a Japanese DC, but it's still a DC game originally) Soul Calibur Space Channel 5 Ready 2 Rumble Marvel vs Capcom 2 Typing of the Dead Jet Grind Radio Armada Silent Scope Sword of the Berzerk Demolition Racer Power Stone Just to name a few. Egad I love the DC. Also I am the worst selfie taker in the universe, so feel free to shield your eyes from the Dreamcast shirt pics.
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