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  1. Fun little bit I just noticed... If you let Virtua Racing on Switch cycle through its short intro a few times, the characters holding up the plain blue card change. I don't recognize them all, but a couple appear to be the big bald dudes from Golden Axe And another couple appear to be the funny concerned looking polygon Virtua Racing ladies from the pic up above.
  2. Good review, enjoyed...and learned! I didn't know Panzer Dragoon was getting a Switch Remake! It looks wonderful....but it's not M2 I don't believe. Should I temper my expectations, even though the trailer had my heart bursting through my chest?
  3. Now that I have it, yes, I will shut my pie hole about the colors. This thing is just glorious, wonderful. Looks great, plays even better, can't be happier. Been a long time since I got a 1st place finish in a race (I enjoy racing games but am not very good at them); got 1st place on Big forest on my third try - really enjoyed the silly victory animation spot in HD, with the throwing of the baseball cap at the end. So glad they made this, and so glad they finally released it in the US eShop.
  4. Just a strange nit to pick, I am TOTALLY buying Virtua Racing on 6/27 (may have prepurchased it from the eShop already)... But why are the tires grey instead of black? I really love the look otherwise, but it just seems odd to me in the video I've seen that they couldn't get a nice, dark, jet black colored tire like in the arcade etc. Feel free to roast me for being so petty, or for not seeing this right.
  5. True, but like several others who reviewed the TrueBlue, I no longer have the isos (for the games I legally own on disc of course) nor wish to spend the time finding a great source and taking the time to download them (my internet speed isn't great either, it's cheap and I get what I pay for ). So the USB drive is a good, cheap, easy way to go. If I was doing it on my own, yes, I would have about 25 games total on my drive, and about 2/3 of them are currently on the TrueBlue mini. So it's serving my needs well for the price.
  6. Octogeddon is $8.88 in the Nintendo eShop right now and it's a ton of fun. Also support George Fan, creator of Plants vs Zombies, who was laid off when the bastards at EA bought his company (and made the horribly monetized PvsZ2). Check it out, I believe there's a demo for PC. :)

    1. dj_convoy


      Thanks for the recommendation. Run little game.

    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      Most welcome! Glad you like it!

  7. I do NOT need and CANNOT afford this car. But...MidLife Crisis!

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    2. thanatos


      Very nice, but Tony Stark drives Audis that cost more than my house.


    3. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      All I see is a 4-wheeled rectangle with some red paint on it.

    4. GoldLeader


      @ thanatos And they're still Just Audis!! The first Gen R-8s had frames that could just crack and they didn't even do a recall (The part to fix it is available in their parts catalog as an add on that can be welded to the frame) and those are 6 figure cars!! (My Neon is a better vehicle)...

  8. Somewhat of a necrobump and feel free to redirect me if this belongs elsewhere... I grabbed a PS Classic since A ) they are now $39.99 (minus 5% Target Red Card discount) and B) I bought this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P78R37S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 Basically it's a $25 USB drive that you just plug into the 2nd player USB port and boom, 101 games and the US versions all loaded. They sell three different USB preloaded drives, and I've got the Fight Pack one on order from China (hopefully it will show up by end of June, eek). But this one, the "Crackhead Pack" (??) has a lot of the games I would want. Parappa, Einhander, US version of Tekken 3, Wipeout / XL / 3, Soul Blade, Crash Bandicoot / 2 / CTR, and some others. I would have to buy the "Meth Pack" (??!?) to get Medal of Honor (no Underground), and I may since it's $25 but not much else on that pack I like. The Fight pack has Mortal Kombat 3 /4 / Trilogy, X-Men Mutant Academy / 2, Street Fighter Alpha 2 /3 / EX / EX2, and several other goodies. And it's all just plug and play, works like a charm. Got mine (both the Crackhead thing and the PS Classic) today, played a few rounds of several. Tekken 3 DEFINITELY runs faster than the PAL version on the system, not sure if it runs too fast or not but it's mos def quicker. Parappa is playable; people had said the emulator wouldn't allow the timing to work right, but TBH that game was always tough to get down right I thought (and I have the original game). I got through the first level on the PS Classic and thought it was manageable. Wipeout 3 runs very smooth, looks nice, and I love it. In all, well worth the $65 total investment so far. Complaints are the usual. Ridiculous that the only power cord they supply is USB only, no adapter for a plug. Beyond ridiculous that the controller cord is so short (what is it, one foot?? Feels like it, going to order a wireless setup of some kind for another $20 or so). Very strange selection of the original 20 games, but again, solved with this USB drive. http://www.truebluemini.com/ Side note - I tried to buy mine from three places other than Amazon, but all three gave me a credit card declined error. I suspect it's on their end as I use that card all the time online and in person with no issues, so I'm thinking they ship to US but are from China and my card auto-declines that biz. Other Side note - I hope they make another stick that includes personal favorites Medal of Honor: Underground, Powerslave, UmJammer Lammy, Ehrgeiz, Tobal #1, RayStorm, Raiden, Star Gladiator, and Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi ( ) among others that are not on any of the three drives they currently offer. And I hope they do it before Sony finds them and has thugs burn down their warehouse wherever it is. Because you know they will.
  9. And it's not just an issue of three versus six buttons (though that's the biggie); the Arcade pad's D-pad was basically perfect IMO. The three button wasn't bad, but not as smooth as the Arcade pad for charged moves or Dragon Punch type maneuvering in a hurry.
  10. From the April Fools' Game Informer, on Mortal Kombat 12: "desensitized players responded to MK11 with shrugs. The answer? Banalities...."Anyone can peel off a face or dice a corpse into cubes...Property-tax increases? Dead sports on lawns? Those are the things that terrify our original fans".

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    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      Lol agree with those notes! And for the Xmas present...it's missing one vital screw, and/or has a pre-drilled hole slightly misplaced, ruining the entire apparatus. :)

    3. GoldLeader


      Scorpion: Taps Sub Zero hard on the shoulder. Sub Zero: Owwww! Now my shoulder hurts! Scorpion: And your healthcare doesn't cover it! Sub Zero: NOOOOOOOOOO! Falls to his knees in a pool of his own tears...Plus my deductible is too high!!!!

    4. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      Shao-Khan treating you medically...as an Out Of Network Service Provider! Aieeeee! Nothing...Nothing can prepare you!

  11. Streets of Rage 2 Dreamer Acapella by Smooth McGroove:

    1. digdugnate


      dude, why have i not ever seen this video of his before, lol. fantastic. thanks for sharing!

    2. Curious Sofa

      Curious Sofa

      :) I have been listening to it for years. Just finally bought it on Bandcamp and sent the guy a nice note.
  12. Agree. This game looks just stunning, love the clean polys. To quote one review, it's a "day one purchase"...but When TH is Day One???!? Will still keep my 32X Virtua Racing for the extra courses.
  13. Plugged in some wired joysticks of my own, and the menu is still verrrry slow and a pain sorry to report. So maybe it's just my system. But that said, I really like that you can use wired joysticks of your choice along with the wireless controller for resetting the system without having to get up and hit the reset button on the console. Anyone have best recommendations for Atari 2600 controller extension cables?
  14. +1 I'm just overjoyed with how this is working out, apart from how bad the menu response time is with the wireless joystick. It has taken some effort, my FB9 didn't like my 8gig SD card, had to trek over to Gamestop and thankfully they had a $1.98 4gb card that it likes. Then I got all turned around on what format for the Roms (for the FB9 it's NO spaces, but upper/lowercase and symbols seem ok, just no spaces at all), confused after having worked the Portable and other stuff. But now that it's all straightened out, very happy with it. And I like the Gold; even when the SD card's not in there, the selection is really impressive (Tutankham FTW!). Now if only they had a controller that was suuuper responsive and tight like the 8bitDo M30 2.4ghz is on the Analogue Sg...and the menus were quicker to move through, and there was box art loadable for SD roms...it'd be perfect, basically.
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