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  1. Nice! When you get it together please post pics, and what you think of it. I'm curious if Player 1 in GA:TRODA needs to be on the far left side, or if you can use one of the middle controls.
  2. Hrumph. Best Buy just canceled my pre-order for the Intellivision and Bitmap Bros carts, since they didn't know when they were delayed until. And the Evercade FB page keeps running videos of Night Stalker, grrrr. Not a great sign.
  3. Billy Mitchell’s Old Website Now Debunks His Controversial Pac-Man High Scores Perfectpacman.com, Mitchell’s old domain name, is now being used to debunk the Pac-Man and Donkey Kong player’s contentious records https://kotaku.com/billy-mitchell-s-old-website-now-debunks-his-controvers-1847712280
  4. Lol yes, I do love that one, but iirc they are rare now and fetching crazy prices online when sold these days.
  5. The most likely highest quality one is here on Ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164860922736?_trkparms=amclksrc%3DITM%26aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D188d4f0740a742f984777c87edee206f%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D373557848393%26itm%3D164860922736%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A14f97471-1c1b-11ec-8921-0e30ba780d7c|parentrq%3A109d52b417c0aaecf1576899fff141c8|iid%3A1 But it's $60 with shipping. I agree that I don't want to risk my systems with a piece of questionable quality, but I trust Crossbow's opinion on the specs very highly and am happy with what I got for half the cost of the S3. If you're worried though, I'd say spend the $60 and get the S3.
  6. Especially since back in the day there weren't nearly as many large power strips as we have now, much less rated for high levels etc. My solution for many years was a Night Light Display Stand from a shop I used to run. I'll post a pic sometime as I still do use it for my 2600, SNES, 7800, and now single Genesis wall warts. Every time I either have a friend visit or even a contractor over for anything, when they see it hooked up they're super excited about it lol
  7. Getting off topic here, but I am very curious... Is Kevtris pro or anti Amico? Don't want to open a whole discussion up, just curious to know for my own intrigue.
  8. Wait...wut? They put KING AND BALLOON on this thing??? Lolol! A personal guilty pleasure because it's so weird and silly! I would NOT have bet on that title ever getting put in there; it'd be like putting Kosmic Kruzer on a Midway compilation or something Respect for this bizarre addition!
  9. Suddenly and unexpectedly, recroommasters has apparently shut down.  Given their popularity I am very shocked.  Apparently they were having trouble getting in supplies and it was killing them.  Yikes.  Huge blow to the retro arcade gaming community.  I hope they bounce back!!

  10. LOVE the MK font! I didn't realize that Streets of Rage Remake ran on the Pi (tells you what I know); probably still the very best of the SoR series (though SoR4 is fantastic as well). GameRoomSolutions I have heard great things about, and I love what I've seen from them. Great barcade! What type of joysticks and buttons do you have there? They look much better than the ones I got with my cheap Etsy arcade cab
  11. I'm an idiot update... Ok mostly that and partly apparently my 32X to Genesis connector port is very loose. But after switching a huge variety of combinations I realized that indeed the all in one power cable works perfectly, it was my connection that is very wiggly (and which is of course unsettling). But it's good. Those three wall warts got SO HOT in just a few minutes of play, it is great to have a single power plug that runs cool, regulates, etc. Thank you jgkspsx for the recommendation (and attempt to help my clown brain figure out the issue!)! Once I got it all set, everything was great and I was hammering away at minions in Adventures of Batman & Robin and cruising the Acropolis in Virtua Racing Deluxe.
  12. Actually getting sound but no video from Genesis games as well as 32x games. Model 2 genesis and sets cd. Wondering if perhaps they sent me a model 1 power supply by mistake, though the receipt and order show I specified model 2. just very odd
  13. Love the SkeeBall, need one myself! What brand machine is yours? That rug is completely awesome too. And I love the lighting on the consoles, all great stuff!!
  14. I can't believe I'm the first to mention with awe and admiration...SPACE ZAP!! I loved this one so much back when, and also love the Vault Assault 2600 homebrew. But having those four big yellow lit buttons, hard to beat. Simple, addictive fun. Great stuff all around, love the careful selection of arcade games, such interesting control schemes. Huge thumbs up!!
  15. So I got the one from retrogamesupply, and it looks great but... I am getting no video, sound only, when everything is hooked up. I made sure to re-hook everything up using the original Wall Wart 3x that came with the systems, and it all works fine. So I've contacted them to see if they know what the issue could be, but I find it very odd. Does the video portion of the 32x module require more power than their supply is generating, or something?
  16. @Tanooki Reaperman is correct and the link he gave is where I found the old Hydro Thunder. I would say the best version I have played at home is the Emulated DC version, using PC graphics acceleration etc. DC emulation is pretty amazing. Second best of course is the Arcade with the real controls and subwoofer in the seat. Some day I will own a 2-player sit down cab of this thing. As for Hurricane, I have played this on Xbox 360 / XB1. I think it's like $15 or less now and well worth it. Beautiful game, has much of the spirit of the original if not quite the same breathless feeling. And another version to mention, the PS1 Hydro Thunder I played once on a Raspberry Pi, and was shocked that it played decently, if at a low, low framerate. But not like, gameplay killing. It looked a bit drab and very pixelly compared to the good versions, but my expectations (which were near rock bottom) were exceeded. Now to be patient and hope that I get Cruis'n Blast for my birthday in a couple of weeks (put it on my "wish list" for family so I don't spend the money until at least then )
  17. I know everyone is excited about Cruis'n Blast so this is derailing a bit... But @Reaperman you were very correct I gotta say. Downloaded the PC HydroThunder, and it is NICE. Unfortunately the menus and info (like your boost level, place in the race, etc) are all janked up, but the game runs great and looks great. I also re-picked up Midway Arcade Treasures 3 for Xbox...it's not as bad as I remembered. Not as good as the DC version but totally playable, and runs smoothly if not creating the feeling of speed from the DC or PC versions. Plus I like BadLands So this was worth the $10 I got it for off Ebay.
  18. Just make sure you don't accidentally order a game that sounds almost the same in title... To Cruise & Blast, or to Charge & Blast? That...is the question... *picks up skull and begins soliloquy*
  19. Don't get your hopes sky high for the sequel, it wasn't developed by the same team (same publisher IIRC but different team) and IMO misses some of the quality and feel of the original BG: DA. SnowBlind Studios went on to do the Champions of Norrath games for PS2, War in the North for Xbox 360, and a mildly amusing OG Xbox Justice League game in between those projects.
  20. I had the Midway Vol 3 compilation at one point for Xbox IIRC, but I can't recall for certain. I have a vague memory of the games not running great, but maybe that's just my lizard brain misremembering. I will have to hunt down a copy as I don't have one in my collection currently (which is blasphemy given my username, and that my HDMI Dreamcast doesn't output HydroThunder correctly!).
  21. Terrific review, thank you for posting! Really has me interested. This looks like a combination of two of my favorite Dreamcast Racers, Rush 2049 and Speed Devils (in ways). Much less like the Cruisin's I knew of from back when. I am definitely very interested now! And it also looks MUCH more forgiving than Rush 2049 which is appreciated for someone of minimal driving game skill.
  22. I am definitely a FMM fan, but it comes and goes. I enjoy the game to pieces, especially some of the crazier characters. But it's so weirdly floaty it's hard to love day in and day out. I DO love that the VF characters have VF3 movesets, that's for sure. And love the Vipers armor breaking tactics, and stage border breaking final moves are great too.
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