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  1. so many time without updates so, my contributions...
  2. Excellent @Fred_M Thanks !! I will upload my collected labels (are not original scans, are reapaired/retouched/enhanced bad quality photos/scans)
  3. Thanks to all ! I'm collecting box scans, floppy scans, synopsis, screenshots... and my collecion now looks osom! (I worked cutting, aligning, improving, repairing damaged images and all material uploaded to screenscraper.fr, for general use, and anybody can create it's own atari gamelist too for recalbox, retropie, batocera systems, the photo attached is the interface of my Recalbox system based on Raspberry Pi 3b+ inside of a Retroflag SNES Pi Case)
  4. Hi! (sorry for the semi-off topic). Is there any archive with floppy labels scan/photos? I have a front end (Recalbox) wich I use to play my atari 8bit roms/images, I have all screenshots and boxes to create game list selection and art, but I want to include a diskette. In the case of C64 and MSX this material is abundant, but in the case of atari, there are very little compilations of this type of images (...or I have not found yet). Thanks !!!!
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