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  1. "...you should be able to take advantage of multi-button support in most games where it makes sense...." That would be great. Thanks Daedalus2097
  2. Thanks save2600! BTW...What is "eab"?
  3. Hello, Forgive the newbie question, but I have never owned an Amiga computer. I may be purchasing the A500 mini...if it gets good reviews from early adopters. Question is...are most of the games limited to one-button...like the C64? Thanks
  4. Relisted: The winner of the previous auction would not pay...😠
  5. I know there's no way in hell this would happen, but I'd like to see [email protected] release an Atari Flashback that: accepts 2600 cartridges is FULLY compatible with all cartridges designed to work on the 2600 (including all 2600 titles sold here on AA) works with all controllers and peripherals has HD and Composite outputs Our original hardware isn't getting any younger. Speaking for myself, the previous Flashbacks and the Retron77 just don't cut it for me. I don't need fancy menus, Save-States, a Rewind-function, etc.. Thanks for asking 1980gamer
  6. Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP AGS 101 Handheld with ROM Cart, Case, Grip, more... 610098951483 | eBay Listing ID: 384704948163 Includes the following: - Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP AGS 101 Handheld - Nintendo GBA SP Power Supply - Nintendo GBA SP Headphone adapter - EZ-Flash IV ROM cartridge with micro-SD card - Yobo Dual Grip - Game Boy Advance SP Carry Case Thanks, Stephen
  7. Nintendo Game Boy Advance with: Backlit Screen - Shell, Lense and Buttons - Custom Engraved Display Stand | eBay Listing ID: 384680168996 Thanks, Stephen
  8. Sikor, A bit off-topic but... The other day I got a little Antsy and decided to re-purpose a cracked Atari 2600 cartridge. I decided to turn it into a dust-cap for the cartridge slot. - I cut down the length of the cartridge, just above the damage. The remaining length was still long enough to provide finger pulls...when fully seated. - I had to cut out all plastic supports, on the interior, to allow the cartridge to seat completely into the slot. - Then I stuck-on a glossy label. Who knows...there might be some interest in this kind of thing. It would certainly be easy for you to make. For what it's worth. All the best, Stephen
  9. I want to get the physical copy of this game as well...but I'm waiting for a no-box option in the AA store.
  10. I tried posting this in the Programming section, but didn't get any takers...so I thought I'd give it a try here. Back in 2017 Nukey Shay (R.I.P. Brother) did a controller-hack of the 2600's Backgammon so that it could be used on the Atari Flashback hand-held (i.e. could be played with a joystick as opposed to a paddle). Ever since I found out about it, I always play that hacked version. Although I like the game, and play it allot, there is just one thing missing that I wish could be added...that would be some kind of fanfare when you win/lose. Ideally, maybe something like the sound effect when you win at Adventure, along with some flashing colors....and when you loose, maybe just some descending tones. Heck, I'd be happy with just "You Won!" or "You Lost" in large letters that appear in the center of the screen. I attached Nukey's hacked file if anyone is interested in making the suggested update. Thanks and all the best, Stephen Backgammon Nack (Jystck).bin
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