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  1. Hi chregu, I just found this thread...hopefully this project is still a thing. I have fully functional 2600's. But, because of their advancing years, I'm hesitant to use them on a regular basis. It would be great to have a new drop-in motherboard to use for most of my 2600 gaming. If I may make a suggestion... Please consider adding an s-video output...so that an HDMI adapter, like the Retrotink, could be used for best video quality. Stereo output would be nice too! All the best, Stephen
  2. This may help... (30) Atari 2600 Jr AV Mod Installation - YouTube ...at 14:56 into the video.
  3. My listing... Raspberry Pi 400 Personal Computer with larger memory option - 2 Months Old! | eBay Item ID: 384101886020 Madlittlepixel's review: The Raspberry Pi 400 Is Here! My New Favorite Way To Play Retro Games On RetroPie! Unboxing & Review - YouTube ETA Prime's review: The Raspberry Pi 400 is Awesome! Review, Overclock, Emulation, Tear Down - YouTube Thanks!
  4. Scooby Doo TV Game - Jakks Pacific Toymax - Plug N' Play | eBay Thanks
  5. My listing for... Golden Tee Golf TV Game by Jakks Pacific - Perfect! 39897224145 | eBay Thanks, StephenJ
  6. Always liked the look of this Plug N' Play (especially the way the ghost joystick glowed)... Scooby Doo TV Game - Jakks Pacific Toymax - Plug N' Play | eBay Finally decided to let it go. Thanks
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383949985001 The listing ends 02/17/2021
  8. Hello, This is my listing. The package is 24"x14"x10" @ (Approx.) 10 lbs...and this is what I entered into the listing. I also chose [USPS Retail Ground - 2 to 9 business days]. The listing adjusts the shipping price per the location of the buyer. Best of health, Stephen
  9. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383947190106 The listing ends today - 02/16/2021
  10. Although this question has been asked on multiple retro forums...no one has been able to identify the game. Bummer!
  11. Had no idea this would turn out to be such a challenge. Because of that, I think I've become more intrigued than Łukasz. Hopefully your knowledge and resources will solve this mystery. 🤞 Thanks, Stephen
  12. Unfortunately Łukasz can not remember what game he was looking for when he stumbled upon the mystery image...no help there 😕
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