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  1. Well no, but for like 20-30 bucks more I could just get a separate atari 2600 and not deal with the hassle of popping the colevision atari adapter on and off all the time.
  2. http://rover.ebay.co...&mtid=824&kw=lg I bought one just to have it as part of the collection, but I don't use it. If you like to switch back and forth between Coleco and Atari games, you might find it gets inconvenient to use because you have to disconnect the expansion from the CV before you can play CV games again. That is, unless you mod it (I don't remember where the link is for that). Also, if you use the CV controllers, you have to unplug them too. Almost better to just get a 2600. As a caveat to what I just said, I have also heard of people modding the Expansion #1 to be completely independent of the CV. It apparently makes for a nicely compact 2600 console. Hmm yea good point. It looks as if the atari expansion module costs nearly as much as a 2600 too. Maybe I should just get a 2600 separately then.
  3. Wow that is pretty awesome. I dont have a 2600 yet either, so it makes the colecovision sound like a great option for me.
  4. Oh yea, I just remembered again that you can buy something on the Colecovision to play atari 2600 games. Is there any way to use atari 2600 controllers on the colecovision with the 2600 games though?
  5. I too want a colevosion. After playing the arcade machine of the game Frenzy and loving it and it's challenging gameplay I wanted to find if there were any console ports. Turns out its only the colecovision. Now I really want a collecovision heh. I didn't realize that they are sort of pricey though. What is a good price? Seems like 70 or 80 bucks for a used one seems like the norm?
  6. I want to play PixelJunk shooter. I enjoyed the first 3 pixeljunk games.
  7. http://www.replacementdocs.com/download.php I was going to suggest this site to you as they have lots of scans of manuals for other consoles, but they dont have any vectrex manuals. You could try making a post to request some in their forum.
  8. Just started playing Unreal Tournament 3 recently. Has a very fun bot multiplayer and online mode.
  9. You have a cool youtube channel. I have been watching your videos for awhile.

  10. Someone should send Mark from Classic Game Room on youtube a hard copy of this game that he could play on the 2600. He is always joking about having modern games released on the 2600 and vectrex. I think he would love this and maybe he would make a review of it. http://www.youtube.c...r/InecomCompany That is the youtube channel.
  11. This game was one of my first PS2 games. I enjoyed it a lot back then since I was Simpsons fan, but the load times are so ridiculously bad it drove me crazy. I do not know if the load times would be any better on gc or xbox, but they are extremely bad on the PS2 version.
  12. is addicted to Demon's Souls on PS3.

  13. is addicted to Demon's Souls on PS3.

  14. @DeLorean also @ #3 I think a lot of us disliked the video because of the misleading title. We expected a NES toploader vs. Toaster review, but we did not even get any mention of any of that until 3 minutes in. If you wanted to make a video about how NES reminded you guys of summer then you could have told us that in the title or something so we would expect it. The video wasn't horrible. I was just not expecting to see a photo montage for 3 minutes before the actual NES talk started.
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