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  1. Where can i get a cart version of doom 2 on the jaguar?
  2. When you see this lets do business

  3. greencoman

    Atari jaguar

    What do you have and how much do you want?
  4. greencoman

    Atari jaguar

    I can't find a console anywhere. I would prefer one with a setup that is ready to go. If you have some games even better. I am mainly looking for wolfenstein 3d but there are a few others that i would like as well.
  5. I was just curious who had the highest score in Raiden on the Atari Jaguar.
  6. Hey guys and gals its been a while. I see alot of new people. Wonder if anyone remembers me.

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      No. I'm new(ish). But pleased to meet you.

    2. Shawn
  7. Man I wonder what you wanted for the whole lot. Is it all gone now?
  8. It is worth a try. The guy just down around the corner fixed both Gameboys with worst issues for me so I am assuming something like this would be cheap. Going rate for shipping should not cost you more that 15 both ways so tack on 30 to the 20 he offered and your at 50 right there. Thing is I was just hoping that you would keep it actually since it is a good system. I wish you well AtariDave I hope you get it repaired.
  9. Hey AtariDave. I love the Jaguar and would give it a good home if that was the case. On the other hand there is a guy down the street that fixes electronic Items maybe he could fix it cheaper than it would cost to buy a new one. I am not sure of that but it might be worth a try. My email is [email protected] I am not usually on here as of late but maybe I or someone else can help you out. Alot of guys do their own repairs so I am suprised no one has volunteered to help you.
  10. Hey Woolfman, I loved this game a lot. I am trying to think the best way to beat the last level. First you have to blow up buildings to reveal more fuel/ammo and armor. I know it sounds tedious but I think it is the only way to win. Second I do remember that certain things are stronger with radar I think the radar is at the top right or left you have to take that out early in the game. In the menu where it shows what the enemy has and how to take it out. It shows radar and it says "hidden on map" look for this radar it will make your life easier. I Believe there is some armor after you blow up the power stations and the chemical plants or those towers that surround the plants that are spewing out the green looking gas. Also do not forget to save P.O.W.s for some extra health. As for the trucks I am assuming they will not be an issue if you blow up buildings and reveal more stuff. That was kinda the fun secret strategy you had to uncover stuff while playing the game and the other latter games. The only other thing I could recommend is using a YouTube playthrough if you need to see what you actually need to do to beat the game. I know how it is though you would rather beat it yourself. I know that is the last level. Great game to this day. I still like to play it once and a while. I have to try to beat the other games, I never did yet.
  11. So is it safe to say that the Jaguar version of Raiden may be the best on home consoles considering it is the original?

  12. Thanks for friending me. You should find it enjoyable on here but since you know Ax I take it you have already been here or changed your name. Either way thanks. I love games and talking about them. So having some call crappy games is not at all bad to me. Thing is some people do not like games and I end up liking them so I try to keep an open mind for the most part.

    1. GodzillaIsMyCopilot


      Nope, I am a total n00b. :) Thanks for the welcome.

  13. Thats it I am stuck on Parasite Eve on the Ps1. It tells me to change it to disc 2. I load my save from Disc 1 and it tells me to switch to disc 1 again. Can anybody help me?

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    2. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      If your using emulation Google PARASITE EVE DISC CHANGE , I noticed several links to this question.

    3. greencoman


      Thanks Old school. It is an original copy on the Ps1. I did not think of what you said though. I will try a new save and see where I go from there, thanks.

    4. greencoman


      Old school I also looked it up. I am not using emulation.

  14. Awww what a shame. Apparently there was a shooting in one of the theaters at this early morning showing of the new Batman movie.

  15. Tonight me and my buddy are going to see the Bat-A-Thon in Regal Cinema. I am looking forward to it. Remember the Bat Korn that came with the tickets. I wonder how many people took off work and how many kids are going to see the new Batman movie tonight. I wonder what Bain will do to Batman?

    1. FastRobPlus


      I've heard that Bane fights with Batman.

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