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  1. yeah, thats what i just said, with only the keyboard, the guy going bottom right and with a joystick, it is going to the bottom. i tried with Lode runner also and he is doing the same thing.
  2. thanks ok i don' have any spare resistor(75ohm) on my hand right now. Here other test i did. 1. Unplug the keyboard, plug the joystick, the guy is going straight down by itself. 2. plug the keyboard, unplug the joystick, the guy is going to the bottom right by itself. 3. remove the 558 chip and test with the keyboard only connected, still going by itself to the bottom right? then now im confused lol
  3. ok i tried that. with a joystick i have by default 127 255. they is no way to get to 127 127 holding still. i tried to adjust the joystick but it doesn't work. could it be a keyboard issue then?
  4. I have a strange issue, i tried by exemple the game Retro Fever, im not doing anything when it start and the Character move by himself to the bottom right always. I tried disconected the keyboard and tried with a joystick, it is doing the same, so im thinking it is not a keyboard issue because the keyboard what disconnected. here a video to show what i mean.
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