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  2. Never played on the 2600, but love playing it on CV. Regarding the comment about difficulty on the CV, choose a higher level than 1.
  3. Those were the days. $.25 games, and extra tokens for grades at the local Putt-Putt Golf and Games. Haven't been to an arcade in a few years, but if I remember correctly you can't touch a game for less than $1 these days. And the new games suck. What would. $.25 in '85 be today with inflation?
  4. Exactly what I was thinking! Generally a little cleaning of the contacts and they're ready to go. I have managed to tear a rubber pad once while cleaning, but just fixed with superglue.
  5. One of my son's stupid PS3 wrestling games seems to take at least a couple of minutes to load.
  6. All of my H6 controllers are built like that. They're very heavy duty compared to the newer light sixer versions. I like the smooth feel, but the button and stick throw is a bit wide for my liking.
  7. Simply put, I think it's when you've crossed the threshold from buying to play, to buying just to have it. Some members here have so much collection, but they never actually play anything. The stuff they own is displayed right next to the 8x10 family photos. They have nice, unopened CIB games and consoles. Stuff that will remain tucked away in boxes, hidden from view, and will likely never see the light of day ... because UV is damaging. I'm more a gamer, and when I have the time I play. I can't really call myself a collector.
  8. I was wondering g when Ax was going to chime in. Glad he did.
  9. I think a well-maintained original console is the most valuable. I've also seen some WTF paints and cuts that in my opinion removed almost all value from the console. On the other hand, I've seen some really nice mods, like a Mario cut into a NES console. It was obvious time and planning had been involved and the case was very nice looking. I modded a 2600 Heavy Sixer by stripping the wood grain and bezel paint, and it is now all black and beautiful. Something I wouldn't have done, except the wood grain was badly faded and scratched, and in that type of case, I don't think there's any way to restore wood grain. In that instance, I think I actually increased it's value. My summation, if you're going to cosmetically mod, have a good reason, or at least a good artistic idea, plan appropriately, and take the time to do it right. Don't just toss a can of spray paint at it and expect it to be called it a masterpiece.
  10. I think I'm ok with flipping. It does perhaps raise the cost of items, but as other said, will likely automatically regulate as people will not buy if asking too much. What about when someone finds a particular game in a lot. They will buy the lot for that game, but intend to flip the rest of the lot? Possible loophole?
  11. Looks like a surplus dump. Most likely all junk, having been picked through over 15 years. Still wouldn't mind rummaging through it for little treasures.
  12. I decided that, of the 6 cars, I am interested in getting the PONG and 2600 cars. Will probably open them and display them at work. I know some of you might think it sacrilege to say something so crass. The 2600 GMC camper is about the right timeframe. The PONG doesn't look too far off, either. The others, just meh. I'm out of town visiting family this week. I stopped at a Walmart and a ToysRUs, neither of them hinted of having any special cars. As we go through the week, I'll look other places, and hopefully get lucky.
  13. Unknown to me, and probably not actually an Atari component. Can you see which of the DB9 pins go to which contacts on the jack end?
  14. Nope. That's a light. The heavy has rounded corners on the front, rather than the angled "V" shape.
  15. Wood panelling in rooms and cars = awesome! I'm not so much into seeing new devices with a wood grain, as I feel it could detract from the effect of the originals, and may also look cheap.
  16. Cool find! Honestly, I don't find a particular connection between the car models they chose, vs. the games they painted to them ... EXCEPT for the 2600 wood grain motor home. That one is actually very cool, and I may see if I can pick it up. Would have been much cooler if they'd, for instance, used a car that actually looks like a centipede for the game Centipede, rather than some random model that's probably been recycled with 5 other paint jobs over the last 10 years.
  17. Good job. When I, if I ever, get the time to get back to my console rebuilds, I'm thinking of painting one of my CVs a nice dark charcoal grey.
  18. I live just west of you, so I'd definitely visit your museum if it gets off the ground. How would you make it interactive? My main concern would be the longevity of the publicly accessible hardware (mainly controllers). Would you also be allowing visitors to swap games in the consoles? What about the cost involved in the replacement of parts when they get broken by rough players and ne'er-do-wells, or just plain worn out?
  19. Settling in with my son to watch A Christmas Story. Happy Holidays!

    1. CGQuarterly


      I am watching that right ow as well. On Blu-Ray, no less! I don't have cable...

  20. CopyIIPC was my friend. Sort of a souped-up diskcopy on DOS. I honestly can't think of ANYONE who didn't have at least a couple of illegitimate games/apps in their disk holder. I eventually went back and actually purchased a lot of games I played most.
  21. I dunno. Make to order, maybe? I would personally prefer to have table ornaments, whereas someone else may prefer tree ornaments. Your friend would want to make sure he doesn't break any copyright.
  22. I imagine this is a typo? $3 each, $2.50 each for 2 (2 for $5), then it jumps up to $3.33 each (3 for $10) again?
  23. Always much easier to sell if you have prices and pics for everything posted. Even if you're just interested in offers, maybe at least post a "looking for" price, and allow haggling from there. Pics show the condition of the items.
  24. Hand blown glass is always very nice. Being this is a video game forum, I bet he might make a killing here if he could theme up a few pieces, like FF78 hinted.
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