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  1. It already works on Windows 8 (full version) but what I meant as a (full screen) metro app so it will also run on Win8 RT. It's not restricted since I noticed Emu7800 app which has many roms included. It's a nice atari 2600/7800 emulator running full screen (and optionally with touch or xbox controllers). It should be easy to port it since C# + DirectX is supported. For Mono you need to make sure you use WinForms. Not all managed libraries are supported in Mono.
  2. Just noticed this thread while I was looking if anyone is planning to port Handy to Windows 8 app store. Anyone planning to do that? Will try to look into my vacation next week what would be involved to do that. Lucien
  3. Thanks Greg. The only thing really missing is collision detection and I was thinking to limit the amount of objects at any given time to 3 to make it simple. If I ever have some time off I'll see I can finish the engine. I've forwarded the source code to couple of developers so maybe someone else will find the time to finish it.
  4. I did notice that demo didn't have any objects. I've attached a newer version where you can pick up items and use action buttons to use them. You can only in this demo unlock doors after retrieving some items. Okay the attachment failed saying not permitted to upload this type of file. So not sure where to post it.
  5. A demo was actually released on http://ataritimes.com/article.php?showarticle=157 I haven't made many changes after that (I did add action functions so in the last demo you could open a door after you found the key). I have given the source to couple of lynx developers last week so maybe someone could finish it. Perhaps I could finish it one day but for now I definitely won't have time:-(. I do think a raytracer is definitely doable on a lynx. you can speed up the demo pressing option 1 and speed is quite acceptable.
  6. Very late reply, but no unfortunately I haven't been working on the 3D demo anymore. Just too much work (at least at this time). That said I'm sure it could turn into a real 3d FPS but it has to be mostly assembler to pull it off.
  7. Sounds good!!! Let me know when the next version is released. Can't wait to check it out. Lucien
  8. Yes these are real 2600 paddles hooked up to a Stella adaptor. An easy way to view the digital readout in windows: - Go to control panel - game controllers and choose StellaAdapter - Go to calibration and click a button (regardless if you centered) - Select 'Display Raw data'. Now you can see the digital values returned (cancel after that) I've heard that you'll always have little bit jitter so would be great if this could be adjusted in Stella. Not sure how Z26 does it but must be to ignore step changes less or equal than +-2. As I noticed that increments are always in 2 (apparently 7 bit). By the way the racing controllers work fine for me in Stella:-).
  9. Thanks. I looked at super breakout (1978) (Atari) (!).bin. The jitter is visible anywhere except outside walls. Video olympics also shows same jitter. Now it's possible that my paddles have some jitter so I'd be great to know anyone else experience. Looking at the controller digital readout on the PC I do little bit of jitter (+-1 step max). It would be great if this could be calibrated. The Z26 video modes look pretty bad on my PC.
  10. I cleaned the paddles with contact spray. I don't have a real Atari only a Flashback 2.0 & PC. On the flashback 2.0 the jitter is little bit less (none on warlords, little bit in Super breakout). I just tried Z26.exe and there the jitter is nonexistant. So is there a way in Stella to calibrate the paddles?
  11. I have quite some jitter with the paddles in Stella. Any ideas how to fix this?
  12. I actually finished batman returns without cheats years ago. Yes it's pretty insane and sometimes unfair:-(. It is possible though... (not at every try)
  13. I thought AvP didn't play well. It's hard to get any orientation moving around in the maze. I should get today my notebook so hopefully I'll find some time to pick up programming the 3d engine again. But can't make any promises. The hardware of the lynx is just really slow and it takes easily 10x as much time to get decent speed.
  14. There's some drifting in the first 3 tracks. In track 4 with the snow the track will be much more slippery and you can do much more drifting. Track 6 is again least slippery. Luc
  15. The shortcut to unlock all tracks is very fast (there are actually 2). Sprite collision on lynx is also quite a problem. For CR I used hardware collision which is very accurate but it takes 8KB. But I think you mean the sprite collision control (what happens after the collision). I liked the micro machine control and that's pretty much it's modelled after.
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