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  1. The stress is on the bridge and filter capacitors in the adapter—in contact with the mains. Keeping 120V a/c humming on the bridge for years is not in the best interest of sustainability. There’s no inrush current on the microcomputer to worry abou, as these systems are operating in the millivolts (dc).
  2. Yes, they are inter-changeable. It makes no difference.
  3. Probably so, is the large RF shielded cable wrapped around the base of the unit?
  4. Best practice as others mentioned is to use a power strip and cycle the power on/off without a fuss. Or use on an outlet tied to a wall switch you can turn off easily. Leaving power supplies live is not in the best interest of their longevity.
  5. Original, stock 5200 4-port which is *not* compatible with the CX-55 is CAO18087. The universal 4-port pcb is CA020108, which was revised for compatibility out of the box—no modification required.
  6. It’s worth something, in parts alone. But I wouldn’t imagine this is a collectible. But, perhaps.
  7. Not true. Revised 4-port PCBs which isolate the cartridge ground and include the blocking diode are quite common and they aren’t stamped with an asterisk on the serial sticker. I have several in my collection. The redesigned 4-port board is quite commonplace. The “asterisk” isn’t a reliable indicator to ensure [4 port] compatibility with the CX-55. You have to get under the hood, to be sure. Note: All 2-ports are compatible, straight up as the changes migrated to the 2-port design.
  8. Probably ad-hoc pieces from late in the production (This is a Taiwan unit) so it’s probably just jumbled parts leftover in inventory near the end-run
  9. Either adapter should be fine. The unit is rated at 9V DC, center negative. Both adapters are compatible with either 5200 model. No (functional) modification would change the polarity of the plug, or the voltage requirement of the console. The unit in these pictures certainly seems to have four populated ports. Post pics of the internals when it arrives.
  10. Atari Taiwan, 43rd week of 1983–very near the end of production. Interesting, I haven’t seen a texture I’m in that strip in any unit I’ve come across. Thanks for posting!
  11. Interesting. I have t seen one quite like this before. What’s your serial number sticker look like? Please post.
  12. If it doesn’t, I’ll be happy to repair it for you [emoji2]
  13. Cool. I’ll be ordering a case and button package once they become available [emoji3]
  14. Are the kits available as a parts lit for those who can do the assembly? Would there be a discount for parts-only lots?
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