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  1. PM sent for Tetsuo (from Akira) Zell Selphie Squall Ifrit (missing horns) Irvine
  2. Not sure how to edit the title, but I am also looking for Buster Bros. Collection for the PS1 aswell.
  3. Only looking for Monster Rancher 1 and 2 now.
  4. If they are in working condition, you have definitely got a deal!
  5. I have Monster Rancher 2 available. Feel free to make an offer. Ken Loose or Complete?
  6. Does that mean a sale is done, and we are now only waiting for the box opening vid? I am sending my payment on Saturday. I can make a video if everyone really wants to see one =P EDIT: Payment sent.
  7. Are you interested in a Sega 32X, FC3 PLUS or Sega CDX by any chance?
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