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  1. Excellent Conversion man. Great Job Asmusr. Like Artrag said... finish this project first. I recommend to open a donation page so people interested can give some money for finishing the project. I'm interested for sure.
  2. pcefan


    I'm in too.I want to buy this gem soon as possible.
  3. Component Video mod for ColecoVision SURE I Want it. Let me In with one Kit. Thanks.
  4. I got mine yesterday. I'm very excited with this lovely hardware. Today i'll try to make some room in my garage and set my MSX (PASOPIA IQ HX-21) with buil-in F18A VDP. Thanks Matthew.
  5. I want to buy a VBXE for my lovely Atari 130XE could you please tell me how you guys got yours?
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