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  2. The biggest difference is how you submit the score. When you submit a MAME score they have extra steps to help ensure you aren't cheating. When you play on the arcade you only have to record the screen. It would be really easy to make the game play itself perfectly, for example, and then record the screen playing it. This would produce a result that would look like you played the perfect game on an arcade cab. When you submit from MAME they require a locked file type that excludes the ability to save scum or something like that.
  3. If Billy was playing a character in KoK, he plays it every time the camera is on him. Over the years we've seen him in all kinds of videos and he is always the same douche. I'm sure they are looking to cash in on all this, so a show wouldn't shock me. Maybe they'll get Roy Shildt in on this one. I bet that dude is having one hell of a good time with all this stuff.
  4. I don't know for sure, but I feel like he did the Pac Man game live at least once. The problem is, when you catch the player doping you don't just take one record, you have to assume a cheater is cheating every chance he gets. He mentions in KoK that he hadn't played DK in a long time, and I can see that being true. No one had challenged his old score so he didn't keep playing. When someone beat that score he might not have had the skills polished and ready to go. The issue is, instead of polishing up, or being happy for the next guy, "The Gamer of the Century" had to have what he wanted and cheated to get it. I can't say that I trust the people that were at that Life magazine thing that started all this to be honest about him scoring that first score, maybe he never had that record either. He could be another Todd Rogers.... When first I saw him in KoK he somehow looked like a snake in the grass, as grandma would say. Something about him seemed greasy and just wrong. I know a lot of people that said things like that after seeing the KoK for the first time. Even his parents seemed to suggest this in their small interview in the movie. Maybe we all knew by some intuition that he wasn't an honest person then.
  5. I would be ok with wrapped consoles if it meant we could have a local game shop at all .
  6. When Rogers was booted I thought it was a good time to get into playing the TG game, as there are a few games I can play at a near world record level. Now I'm wondering if there is ever going to be any point. Who didn't think it would be awesome to have a world record as a kid? I know I have always thought it would be pretty cool. TG has damaged itself beyond anything that looks like trust to me at this point. Now that TG has had to send notice to GWR twice in a few months I'm thinking GWR will probably start agreeing with me soon. TLDR: I'm all for killing the entire score board and starting over, else I can see no way to trust anything on it. Very unfair to people that actually earned their record, but I just can't see another way to regain lost trust.
  7. imstarryeyed picked up some Saturn games from me. He communicated well, asked questions before completing the deal, and was more than reasonable about the entire process. I'd be happy to make more deals with him anytime.
  8. Shipping is the one that has killed me lately. The title for the auction says "FAST SHIPPING" but the seller takes the full 3 business days and then ships with a cheaper, and slower, method than listed in the auction. . I have just stopped buying CD based games on eBay for the most part. I used to frequent a bunch of local live auctions, I have seen the condition some things show up in, and the kind of people that buy them are usually much less than reputable. That might not be the case everywhere, but it has certainly been the case often enough that I changed my purchasing habits. Sometimes it is just someone that doesn't know better, they make whatever living they can buying at those auctions and reselling. A lot of the time they don't care if they rip you off. If I buy online I want to know I'm dealing the with either a game shop, or a collector.
  9. I'm still narrowing down my collection to the things I really want to own. I just can't help but pick up things in the wild. Everything has a price, but I'm happy to negotiate. I like to trade, so if you have a trade list, or a few pictures of stuff you would like to trade I'd like to look. I do have somethings listed in my signature, but that is just what comes to mind as I'm looking at that page. Like most of us, I don't always know what I want until I see it . I'm always interested in those "How to Win at" books, video game magazines, Codemaster books, and the like from the SNES/Genesis era back. If you would like to see more images, or have questions please don't hesitate to ask. Everything here is tested and working as it should. Images are below the wall of text, more to come as I get to test to confirm everything is working. Next Up: Intellivision. Prices do not include shipping. Colecovision Console: $50.00 (1 controller works great, the other has a iffy fire button, original power supply, no video cable included) Expansion Module 1: $15 Cosmic Avenger: $13 Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom: $5 Zaxxon: $4 Centipede: $7 (no end label) Donkey Kong Jr: $6 Donkey Kong: $6 Venture: $4 War Room: $4 Mr. Do: $6 Time Pilot: $7 Lady Bug: $5 Destructor: $8 Popeye: $6 Sega Saturn Doom: $20 (disk only) WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game: $16 (disk only) Alien Trilogy: $15 (disk only) Mortal Kombat II: $17 (disk only) Daytona USA Championship Edition: $13 (disk only) Guardian Heroes NTSC-J: $40 Pocket Fighter NTSC-J: $30 King of Fighters 95 NTSC-J: $10 (missing back art) Space Invaders NTSC-J: $8 After Burner II NTSC-J: $10 Fighting Vipers NTSC-J: $10 Sega Rally Championship 1995 NTSC-J: $15 Japan Super Bass Classic 96 NTSC-J: $5 Virtua Fighter 2 NTSC-J: $7 Find Love NTSC-J: $15 Fighters Megamix NTSC-J: $5 NES Top Gun Second Mission: $4 Skate of Die: $4 The Legend of Zelda Gold Cart: $15 (see image, color fading?) The Adventure of Link Gold Cart: $10 (see image, color fading?) Ninja Giaden: $10 Q Bert: $9 Bubble Bobble: $18 SNES Super Mario World: $9 (see image, ink on front, light name on back) The Lord of the Rings: $10 Sim City: $7 Populous: $4 Gradious III: $25 (in box, no instructions, some other paperwork) N64 Mortal Kombat Trilogy: $30 (in box with instructions) NFL Quarterback Club 98: $6 (in box with instructions, and Extreme-G poster) Cruisn' USA: $16 (in box, no instructions, sticker on back of cart) [/url]
  10. HatefulGravey


  11. New Bucket List Item: Get sued by Silly Bitchel.

  12. Bonus: 11,835 This game is a lot more fun, and a ton more challenging in this difficulty.
  13. HatefulGravey


  14. Bonus Game: 7465 I'd like to get another shot at this but I'm not sure I will. I only got to try this a few times, would like to get at least 10 attempts in, I think I can get over 10k without much more effort if I can get the time to try.
  15. I thought I was going to get to play with my supercharger for a little while there, but I can't put my hands on Stella's New Brain right now, and Rabbit Transit is one of 2 (I think) supercharger games I never did get. I don't know that I have ever played anything on this list, so this should be a fun one.
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