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  1. I have a Sega Saturn collection I would like to list through here on it's way to parts unknown. If you have items you are looking to trade let me know. I like interesting stuff. I collect mostly for 2600, NES, and Genesis/CD/32x. Books/magazines/swag from these eras are always high in interest for me. This first group of games was picked up in an auction and at one time must have belonged to a rental place. They are disc only in a case like those common to rental stores of the time. All games show light use but are all playable copies. Loose Games: The Crow City of Angels (has center ring sticker from rental location) $15 Virtua Cop $3 Virtua Cop 2 $10 Sega Touring Car Championship $4 Defcon 5 $7 Blazing Dragons $8 Scud The Disposable Assassin $4 Congo The Movie The Lost City of Zinj $7 Virtua Fighter 2 $3 The Need for Speed $5 In the Hunt $45 Battle Arena Toshididen Remix $4 The Lost World Jurassic Park $4 Heir of Zendor $5 Croc $8 Spot Goes to Hollywood $5 Iron Storm $25 Rampage World Tour $25 Arcade's Greatest Hits Atari Collection $5 I'm happier to negotiate the more you are buying/trading. Shipping is on you.
  2. HERO: 47925 I never played this game before this week, and didn't get to play a lot, but I will come back to it. A handful of tricky bits stopped me from advancing, a little more time might have resulted in a large score increase.
  3. This week went by fast. I really hope to get a few more games in before the deadline but I haven't played much at all this time around. I'm just glad I grabbed a screen shot to share at all at this point. Commando: 3 Medals 6800 points
  4. Go HAM. Because the first measure is the number of medals, you don't have to worry about the points to beat most of the field. I'm sure there will be people that get all 8, but anyone that doesn't wont be able to top your score if you do. So score all the points you can, get all 8 medals and I'm feeling pretty good you will finish in the top 10 without having to worry about your score at all.
  5. I'm not an attorney, just interested in law. From what I understand you can sue damn near anyone for damn near anything. The judge can throw your case out as soon as you start talking, too. You pay the court costs and they'll let you make almost any civil case at least once. EDIT: Does anyone know where the case is being tried? If Billy is still in Florida I assume there, but it doesn't have to be. Never mind, he is just threatening to sue, not actually doing it yet.
  6. Oh he has the right, but there is no chance he could win. There was more than enough evidence to take his records down. He is a public figure and made himself such willingly. Meaning he has to meet and much much higher standard of proof to argue defamation, as compared to you or I (assuming none of you are secret celebs or something). I understand why Billy is doing this perfectly. He is a text-book narcissist. When one is caught cheating in the Olympics do they just take the one medal or all of them? Just seems to me that once a person is a known cheat having them around at all is a problem.
  7. I wish I had put more thought into how other people would use the machine. I certainly built it to share, playing with other people is the best part of most arcade games. Clearly labeling the buttons, especially any buttons that control MAME or the front-end, goes a long way. I'm sure MAME can be set up to work without a coin button, but people seem to really love pushing that button and hearing that machine act like they but a coin in. It must go back to everyone wishing for such a button as a kid in the arcade. Turns out we didn't just want free play, we actually wanted an actual button, too. Make the control panel as easy to remove from the machine has you can. I wish mine was easier to take off and work on. I haven't had many problems, but I do find myself wishing I could take it off at least once a year for something. If nothing else, moving it through doors with a larger than normal control panel can be trouble. Good luck with your build.
  8. Oink: 98800 I finally found a grove. This should be my last run with this game this time around, but I certainly learned to like it along the way.
  9. The scoring on this one is going to make this week interesting. I like it.
  10. I love the Sega CD. I can't speak for that price as I haven't been in the market for a long time. Seems the model 1 tends to want a replacement part or two if it is all original. For me the Sega Genesis isn't complete until you add the 32x and CD to it, and I like my consoles the size of space stations so it's model 1 for me.
  11. Oink: 47860 Blueprint: 6725 Blueprint was made for people with better memory than I was built with. I can see exactly how to be very good at this game, but I just can not do it. More practice might get me there, but I have reached a point of frustration with it. I am okay with losing my hair before 40 but I don't know if I'm okay with running low on RAM before retirement age. I also have to admit I want to max those bonus points much more than I should.
  12. Pressure Cooker: 76260 Oink: 45012 I would like to improve both of these scores by a little before the end of the week but I'm not sure that is going to happen. There is more to Oink! than I would have guessed, and I just can't imagine the top scores on Pressure Cooker. Now to try to get in a good score on Blueprint.
  13. Solar Fox: 314200 Rack 18 This game is doing bad things to my heart.
  14. Solar Fox: 115300 I really like this game, but I'm terrible at it and it makes me mad. It just occurred to me that this is how a lot of people view marriage.
  15. Gorf - 36600 This seems to have been a rather unpopular game. I've enjoyed it. I'm going to start playing Solar Fox but I'm pretty sure I'm going to find myself playing for a better score on Gorf before the deadline.
  16. Gorf - 29650 I struggle hard with the mothership too, but you can use the missile as a shield. Tap the hell out of that fire button and then start moving through the falling bombs. You can get through, you just have to get the timing right. Start mashing the crap out of that fire button BEFORE you start moving, get as close to the falling bombs as you can, and then go for it with no hesitation.
  17. There is, or was, a nice searchable system. My participation is sporadic at best, so I might be remembering crazy things, but I recall being able to search by game, player, season, the works.
  18. There are a few people asking for strategies on the 2nd phase. I'm not getting monster scores right now, but I have improved on that screen, I'll share. When the 2nd phase starts the entire enemy group will move right a bit, and then the first of the enemies will start it's rush. It will do that at an angle from the laser ship, and to the right. Get in it's way and shoot it down. (It's probably a 45 degree angle, but it is surely something close to that.) As soon as you do that start moving left because the 2nd ship will do that same thing. You will have to move left again to hit the 3rd ship, and this will put you a little close to the laser, so watch out for it. For the 4th ship start moving to the right as soon as the third ship is down. Basically, the way the ships make their first rush is predictable, watch it and get in the way. You will need to get your nerve up a little as the ships will be getting very close to you. If you don't get these ships on the first rush things get more complicated. If you don't get the first rush for all the yellow ships I find less movement is more consistent. Smaller movements get you into less trouble. Fire not to hit the ships but to have the ships move sideways into your missile. If you get the laser ship the enemy group that remains will move constantly until the laser ship respawns or they are all gone. This can speed up the process of killing them off just by having them move sideways more often, and thus into your missiles more often. With the laser ship gone you also only have to dodge the one rushing ship. Do be careful to and try to predict when the laser ship will respawn as it tends to do so firing that laser. If there are still ships left in the main group when then laser respawns you will have some idea where the laser will be, right in the middle of that group like always, but if you are down to one rushing ship and a laser that will respawn soon it can be hard to know where the laser will be when it comes back. Either way, it is only gone for 20 seconds or so. I hope that helps, I don't feel like I was very clear but I'll leave it here anyway. If you have questions I'll do what I can to make myself clearer, or correct myself as needed. Game on.
  19. Gorf - 18600 There is a clear element of RNG in the hit detection on stage 4. My average is still moving up nicely, but I sure would like to get that mothership more consistently.
  20. Gorf - 12300 I don't know that I can do 50k or better like the top of the chart, but I expect I can get 25k with a few more sessions.
  21. It isn't just you. I'm not sure cheap is the right word for it. I'm pretty sure I have been saved by this goofiness at least a few times.
  22. The 2nd phase of this game tends to eat my lunch. Not sure I'll get more time in this round, but I do hope to be able to stay around for more of the season this time. I have started many and finished... none? Thanks for letting us casuals play along. Gorf: 7250
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