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  1. Thanks. I could find the record of that game -- or you telling me about that game -- anywhere. I will be sure to buy it as it becomes available.
  2. Thanks for the update. Hang in there. It should shake loose soon. If you don't mind me asking, where is it stuck? (What is the last facility listed?) And how long has it been stuck? I had that happen with an international package recently. In a week, it went from Vancouver to San Francisco to Los Angeles to Philadelphia. Then it sat in Philly for nine days. Then got to me in two. Earlier this summer, I had an item sent from the Miami area that went off-line for 11 days before it resurfaced in Memphis (for some reason). It got to me in two days after that.
  3. I remember that a month or two ago, there was a list of new Atari Age games coming out (or coming out soon). One of them was an Atari 7800 game. I remember Albert telling me it would be out in a month or two. But at this point, I cannot find that conversation or the information on those new games. So any information or insights that anyone can provide would be much appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  4. I am hoping to see mine in the next week (if not the end of this week). It always seems to take longer than it should for items to arrive from Canada. But it should be quicker than the 3-plus months it took for 3DS styluses to arrive from the UK (shipped via Deutsche Post for some reason).
  5. Looking forward to it. Will post upon receipt. Guessing a couple of weeks, just knowing how the mail generally works from the Great White North.
  6. And here I thought only the USPS was having problems. Hopefully they will arrive soon. Thanks Mike
  7. Any updates on the box printing and such?
  8. That’s what I came to check on. My games just arrived today. Will watch this space for updates on the remainder of the SS2 package.
  9. Thanks for the info. And thanks for the box package that I just ordered. Mike
  10. Anyone have any idea what is meant by “it will initially be offered as a bundle” means?
  11. Email sent. Now I need to catalog my ROMs and get some more.
  12. Rev always makes good. I know he has had problems getting some supplies, long before the pandemic hit the United States. Glad he has responded.
  13. Picked up my game at the post office. Had to sign for it. No customers charges. Outer shell box showed wear and had been broken down. But nothing like what others have posted. I look forward to playing it this weekend.
  14. You could develop and sell an updated ROM version -- with a discount for the boxed version buyers. You could have it tied to an individual's LTO Flash cart to prevent unintended distribution.
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