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  1. Email sent. Now I need to catalog my ROMs and get some more.
  2. Rev always makes good. I know he has had problems getting some supplies, long before the pandemic hit the United States. Glad he has responded.
  3. Picked up my game at the post office. Had to sign for it. No customers charges. Outer shell box showed wear and had been broken down. But nothing like what others have posted. I look forward to playing it this weekend.
  4. You could develop and sell an updated ROM version -- with a discount for the boxed version buyers. You could have it tied to an individual's LTO Flash cart to prevent unintended distribution.
  5. Actually, the USPS tried to deliver it today. I was not there to sign for it and am out of town tomorrow. The form does not indicate that there is any customs payment due. So I will go to the post office on Friday.
  6. Mine has finally arrived in the United States and/or passed through Customs. So it should be arriving soon (fingers crossed). Interesting that LaPoste says it will require a signature.
  7. True. But at least you have a game to play. After all, you can’t play a box. 😝
  8. Admittedly, Nanochess makes a lot more sense. But you have to admit that Nachoness is a cooler name. (And believe it or not, there is no nacho emoji but there a chess emoji ♟
  9. Actually right now there is a bit of a chip shortage. And the game has been popular. When I mentioned my plight (my order of three games had Aardvark back ordered until Rev gets supplies), Nachoness thought it was funny that he caused a chip shortage.
  10. I am envious hearing everyone talk about getting their game. Mine seems to be in Customs purgatory as the tracking has not changed in a week. Well Monday is another week. I just hope it does not take as long as the book I ordered from France in mid-December. It took five weeks (though it did arrive eventually).
  11. Does this mean the supplier has come through? And it sounds like I need to start saving up a couple of hundred dollars. 8*>
  12. I think we sometimes forget that Rev has to do most of the final production and distribution work himself. He also is reliant on supplies from elsewhere, which I believe is the root cause for much of the current delays. Also, he is allowed to have a life -- at least on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and alternating Saturdays. 8*>
  13. Was the ROM ever released to club members? I never saw it in the file locker. (If there are instructions in the box -- I missed them).
  14. OK. I will breathe now. Tracking is worth its weight in Euros.
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