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  1. I forgot to add that -- maybe that's why I got an "Invalid Response" message.
  2. The USPS has faced a lot of challenges lately here as well (in the United States). I am sure in about two weeks or so, I will be playing Fantasy Puzzle. Looking forward to it. PS -- In some ways, life was easier before tracking. Things were shipped. Things arrived. And we didn't fret where they were (so much). Merci. J'aime votre travail sur les jeux videos. C'est formidale!
  3. I am looking forward to the game. I hope not issues arise along the way. Plus, since COVID, I have been working at home. So if a signature is required, I will be here. Just out of curiosity, any idea why the tracking does not seem to be working properly?
  4. My tracking worked last year. So it may just be the way that things are being shipped. Not going to worry about it (Going to try not to worry about it). Looking forward to the game's arrival.
  5. OK. I don't feel so bad that my tracking number didn't immediately pop. Last February it took about a dozen days, including three days clearing customs and one day for me to go to the post office and sign for the package. In December, it took 16 days for the latest Elektronite game to arrive from Thailand. So I am hoping 2-3 weeks.
  6. Just got my shipping confirmation. My reaction -- "YESYESYESYESYESYESYES!!!" while shaking my fists in joy.
  7. I too realize that there is a 99.999% chance that everything will be OK. But I have always had an anxious streak. It showed up playing Little League when it was my turn to hit. It showed up when I was single, trying to ask women out. It shows up when I am awaiting for an order to ship or to arrive. But somehow, despite this I played baseball until I was 16 (and ran out of talent) I have been married for 21 years. I have about 4,000 games (and associated software) on about 30 systems. And saying all this, I will feel "better" when all of my awaited orders (from Cote Gamers, Kai Magazine, Intellivision Revolution, Atari Age, Limited Run, Pack Rat VG) are in my hands. Of course "better" is relative since by that point, I will have undoubtedly ordered something from some where else (or from the same place). Mike PS -- I listed all the vendors to show that this is a general malady -- not something at a particular company.
  8. Hoping the second half of the orders get posted soon. Getting anxious. (But then again, I am always anxious).
  9. Hit me with that PM when you have the chance. (Also need to add a pair of Fubar overlays ($5) as a registered owner. Michael Hayes messaged you on that). Thanks
  10. Of course this happens when I am tapped out. I will have to wait for the next batch/release/type.
  11. Looks like won't be sending for a while. Store which last month was 97 cents for super common carts -- now has them for $4.37. Hopefully they will be back to the previous price after the holidays. But I will check before I buy to see if more are still needed. (They had some for each price last time I stopped in -- but it was crowded and I had my wife and groceries in the car. It appears I gave the store the chance to finish price changes.)
  12. I am not sure that I said it before, but I am good to buy a copy when it becomes available (which I figure will be later -- though its not on the Coming Soon list on the store page).
  13. Will see if I can pick up a few more carts to get to 20. Do the labels need to be in tact?
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