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  1. Where will we be able to buy this new BIOS? And will someone be running an installation service for those of us who are technically deficit?
  2. Looks like I just missed out hainv bought two Intellivision games from them, I can tell you that Cote Gamers make quality products.
  3. I was just going down the rabbit hole of looking for instruction scans. And arrived at the same conclusion — that they don’t exist. Is there anything that I can do to help? Is there going to be a central place to find/access these?
  4. Your package is fine. Rev prints out the labels in advance of packing. It can take time as he is a one-person operation. The result can be two weeks or so between “shipping” and shipping. But it will be shipped.
  5. Mine arrived today. Can't wait to fire up the system. And the boxes do look really really really nice.
  6. That would work. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know if Shooting Arcade ever was put on a cart? I'd love to have a version to play on a cart.
  8. I think it would be good. But given that Cote Games is in Europe and many of us (most of us) are not, it probably needs to be available in a virtual format (It could also be in physical form).
  9. Can't wait to play this game. It is in the post -- just taking its time moving through the system (which always freaks me out).
  10. Hoping that I am one of the lucky ones that get the call late this week. 8*>
  11. I ordered Party Line. I bought SMB back in the day. (I actually had a second copy and traded it for a European Videopac game -- but didn't realize Dam Busters it was just the Euro version of Blockout/Breakdown. (Of course, I only paid $1 in a Toys R Us closeout for the second copy).
  12. Ordered the ROM as well. Not sure if my request for the board made it in before they were sold out (since I used the email submission).
  13. Just wandered in by accident. Would be nice to get a board if possible. Sent a request in. I have five of David’s other boards, so I know what he can do.
  14. Got tracking for my shipment last weekend. But package never moved beyond that. Hoping to hear back from Rev soon. Ordered the three pack in late November. Strange since Rev shipped my Rick Dangerously so quickly and made me a deal on some extra carts.
  15. OK. Sounds like we have found each other. Let's do this -- though probably not until the semester ends (because I am swamped for the next two months with work).
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