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  1. I can't wait. I am counting the pellets.
  2. Any idea when the PRGE games -- and catalog -- will go live (for sale) at the Intellivision Revolution site?
  3. I will have to check to see if my 9 Gold has the SD card slot as well.
  4. How does this compare to the lineup the last couple of years? Anything new on the Atari Flashback X? Usually I pick these up when they bottom out at around $30.
  5. Is there a deadline for boarding this train? I am thinking about boarding it. And how much is a ticket? (In other words, when do you need to know and how much does it cost?)
  6. 2PMs sent. Because I am stupid and didnt ask for a GoatNom ROM to be included (with additional payment) in my order in the first message. Somehow I thought the ROM would not email.
  7. Please add me to the list for the diagnostic cart. Any number is fine - between 11 and 125 that is. If 111 is available, that would be great. Thanks Mike
  8. My tracking information came on Christmas Eve as well. Now I can't wait to see updated information on the items in transit. (Of course it could be worse. I ordered a Running Man Beanie for Christmas on the 17th. It didn't ship til the 20th via DHL from Charlotte, NC. And for some reason, it appears stuck in Ohio -- which is strange since I live in West Virginia).
  9. Not worried at all. It usually takes a couple of weeks for stuff to make its way south. It is so funny how tracking and Amazon has made us all so impatient people. Happy Holidays!
  10. I hope to see the Tracking information soon. My guess is sometime tomorrow. I ordered like the first hour after I received the announcement about the trio of games.
  11. Guessing since I was a latter order that this mail-out included mine. Can't wait to get them. Sounds like they are really well done.
  12. mdoerty

    Rikki & Vikki

    There is looking really good. And hopefully I will have Christmas cash on time. Hopefully there will be enough for everyone.
  13. I just stumbled across this. Does anyone know how much this for?
  14. Talk about being late to the party. I just learned of this cart’s existence. If any are available or can be made or can be made available, I would be interested - in a version that can be played on regular hardware. Thanks in advance. Mike
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