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  1. Found the source code here: https://sourceforge.net/p/sio2sd/code/ci/master/tree/
  2. Cool, looking good 😀 I'm sure yours will power up first time. I'm saving my Sophia for the XLD build...
  3. Hopefully things are a bit better now on both counts
  4. At the moment, I don't have a way to transfer an ATR to real hardware since my XP PC died (It has a SD Card reader built-in)...
  5. I do use accurate sector timing...
  6. imagerdd.atr Downloaded again and the problem still exists. I'm using Altirra to create a blank 720 sector DD image and formatting with LiteINIT 2.05 with the Other option. When I try formatting a DD, XF or 720k image, I'm still getting the "Bad or No LiteDOS Disk/IO-Error" message. Could you please post ATR's of MD, DD, XF, 720k, 1440 Sector and 16384 Sector images so I can duplicate those correctly Thanks, Jay
  7. @ Sijmen, could you provide some ATR's of the various sizes that LiteInit creates? I think I found a bug when choosing the [O]ther option, when I specify the Sector Count as 16384, the Total Sectors and Free Sectors saved in the VTOC reflect a Total Sector Count of 65535... Thanks, Jay
  8. Last night I started adding support for LiteDOS to ATR Tools
  9. Here ya go, just the sector containing the VNT was written to... Hardball Team Creator Disk.atr
  10. The Menu program on the Hardball Team Creator Disk is the only one I see with the VNT wiped. ATR Tools can display it ok...
  11. AtariGeezer


  12. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that one day the Incognito Lite for the 400 see's the light of day
  13. Cool, hopefully it's more than a "The Pill" or similar...
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