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  1. I bought these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/202624346925
  2. Found another 800 in the 1985 move "The Stuff". It sitting on top of a TV showing Zaxxon playing. Around 35:30...
  3. Cool, I powered up the new PAL 600xl yesterday and it works too It even came with the bottoom case.
  4. Ah, okay... Edit: to add to that, PROCEED and INTERRUPT Interrupts could be used with an 850 to signal when to go out of concurrent mode...
  5. I'm still using one from last year. Not sure of the version at the moment.
  6. Why not?, RTS uses XIO 34 and CTS is read by the STATUS query.
  7. 1. The Handler will be using a modified Rverter with the additional code to handle the PROCEED and INTERRUPT Interrupts. Similar to the Pocket Modem software. PROCEED: LDA #$01 STA SH_PROCEED ; Shadow Register PLA RTI INTERUPT: LDA #$01 STA SH_INTRPT ; Shadow Register PLA RTI For starters, I'll use AModem and modify the M/L routines to handle RTS / CTS and Carrier Detect / Ring Indicator. Later we can modify existing or create a whole new terminal program that encompasses the Zimodem API's. 2. Yep, for now it will just be a replacement for Jim Drews' WinModem interface. For the atari we have the 850, PRC, MIO, Black Box and ATR-8000 to interface to for FULL Flow Control. 3. Yes I agree. Ideally, the best SIO solution would incorporate an Intelligent Device / Modem that can process XIO Calls for setting up and Detection of the various RS-232 signals. In this case it would support ALL A8's 🙂
  8. Zimodem, it has all the code required for full handshake capabilities.
  9. Here is the preliminary schematic of my Sio2Wifi v2 using the NodeMCU ESP8266 with RTS / CTS Flow Control... This is the preliminary schematic of my Wifi Modem that I'll be building using the NodeMCU ESP8266 with FULL Handshaking... The final build will be using a single MAX3238 instead of 2 MAX3232's.
  10. Just scored a PAL 600XL mobo for $20 w/free shipping. If it works, it will be a parts donor for my first PAL 1088XLD build
  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/383086031628
  12. My idea is to use proceed for CTS and interrupt for either CD or RI. The SIO2Wifi v2 board will have a jumper to select which one and the software will have to be manually set since there isn't a spare output on the SIO port to configure that on the SIO2Wifi v2 board (unless I can configure CLOCK OUT for that). Motor Control will also be used for RTS. My 2nd NodeMCU board will be used in a Complete RS-232 WiFi Modem setup...
  13. That's why I bought these: They have RTS/CTS lines available. Lately I've been scrounging through my spare parts getting ready to build my SIO2Wifi v2 board that will use Proceed and Interrupt control lines...
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