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  1. Yes I know, but your kind act made me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy You could always ask one of the guys here on AA to sell you their unfinished board as long as it's not monkeyed up...
  2. I still have a BB, but no desk space to use it. Still looking for a Floppy Board to complete it...
  3. I never insulted him... And NO, I DIDN'T STEAL FROM HIM, as you said I did... The Ice Cream Sandwich board was offered to me freely if I shared my work, as I have done. There was no stipulation on posting my complete source code...
  4. Sure would be nice if a moderator can "un-ban" me from"#FujiNet - a WIP SIO Network Adapter for the Atari 8-bit" Thanks, Jay
  5. And I should mention That I wouldn't wish this mental problem on anyone, not even tschak909 After we get our next $timulus check, I'll buy the latest fujinet board and test my code on it, already have it ported to platform.io ... Also want to get the new Side3 cart as well...
  6. You bet! Gotta keep those positive thoughts Exactly I stopped drinking caffeinated products when the anxiety started...
  7. Thanks for the thought, but when you have extreme anxiety, it's like having all the negative thoughts of 100 minds all at once, you don't want to sit still for one second because it drives you mad/crazy. Talking, walking or going for a long ride on the motorcycle doesn't help. Being alone with all those thoughts isn't a good thing, you just want to die... Only thing that helped for a few hours was to go to a massage parlor
  8. Thanks Paul I know how much you have been going through, not good either. I've been fighting depression for far too long also... I have been taking Zinc and multi-mineral pills to help rebuild my immune system (helps skin healing too)...
  9. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you That's nice to hear Thank you Very true... Thank you Yep, I had bad anxiety attacks back in 1994 (after my divorce) when I drove a 18 wheeler, had to quit driving after I almost drove a family in a small car off the road. Thank you I'm sure my guardians will be listening...
  10. Back in January I gouged my left calf on an old ST Hard Drive Case I had sitting on a box. I applied some hydrogen peroxide to clean it up and left it to dry out. A month later I felt some pain there and when I looked at it, the skin had split open revealing some muscle tissue. So I put some Neosporin on it, covered it with gauze and used some old medical tape to keep it in place and replaced it every 2 days. I had noticed some redness under the tape so I just rotated the position of the tape (bad choice), but the redness kept repeating. Figuring the tapes adhesive went bad, I switched to cur-aid band aide tape. The redness got worse and worse until it ended up reaching a 6 inch diameter circle of infected skin. I contacted the Veterans Administration Hospital in March and was advised to go to a urgent care facility in my home town. The Nurse Practitioner said I had a cellulitis infection and prescribed some weak antibiotics which didn't do squat after 10 days. Twenty days later I went to the VA Emergency Room because the redness had spread to the whole lower leg having red bumps and the skin felt hard as leather. This time the Doctor prescribed 2 kinds of stronger antibiotics which resulted in new scab growing around one part of the original wound a week later, but that was all. I ended up going back to the ER for 3 months getting the same diagnosis and more meds... This left me feeling hopeless and I started having panic attacks thinking that if this doesn't get any better that I would loose my leg due to this skin disease that the doctors couldn't narrow down and treat properly. Those panic attacks didn't go away and resulted in severe anxiety to the point that nothing I tried would calm my mind down. Talking, trying to think of anything else or breathing exercises didn't help. I made an appointment at the VA 3 months ago at the mental health clinic, but they didn't mail the meds until a week later, witch was too late as I had a breakdown a few days before they arrived. It's going to take awhile for full recovery, but I'm using magnesium to help calm the mind during the day time and anti-anxiety meds to help in sleeping more than 2 hours at a time at night and during the daytime as needed. I just have to learn to not dwell on something like misplacing an object or a task being too complicated to do at the moment as stupid stuff like that re-ignites the anxiety. When the severe anxiety is triggered, it's really difficult to come out of without the help of the anti-anxiety meds or magnesium. I just hope I don't have to go trough this the rest of my life... Over the past 2 months, I have been going to the wound care clinic, parts of my leg are healing now, but if the worst area doesn't clear up soon, they'll start doing skin graphs... Jay
  11. Have you checked the 3 voltages (+5, +12 and -5) on your power supply?
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