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  1. Haven't found the original yet, still working on a new one. Do you have one?
  2. I do have a working chip in my build, but no way to read it...
  3. C080509 or C080609 doesn't come up on a google search. Haven't seen a JEDEC file for the PAL 'A' U12 chip. Can you take a pic of the one from Best Electronics?
  4. I'm crossing my fingers and toes for the Macrotronics RM400 software package for the RM 1000 Radio Modem in Cartridge or Disk format...
  5. The MBX has a Mail Box for incoming mail... Don't know if mine just needs updated firmware and a memory board add-on or what to upgrade it...
  6. Yep, the thing I like about the PK-232 is that it has multi modes and yes all of those LED's are nice too PK-9? are you thinking of the PK-900 or PK-96? There is a new model of the PK-232 that has USB ports now. My PK-232 is a Plain Jane... You should get a PK-232 MBX at minimum. For TNC's with Packet I have the PK-232 and today the MFJ-1270B arrives. I also have a few PK-64's, one I plan on modding for the A8 Other TNC's are the Kantronics The Interface (3) and The Interface II (2), plus a Kantronics UTU. Might have something else boxed up that I've forgotten about Have you bought any yet?
  7. Received mine today thanks @mozzwald and @tschak909 So far it works good, haven't tried flashing yet....
  8. I bought another TNC on ebay similar to the one that @MoJoe is using. It has a smaller footprint than the PK-232 has. The PK-232 is about the size of a ATR-8000...
  9. Please post a list what you do have, there are still quite a few that have not been dumped yet... All of the Carts from Atari Corp have been dumped though... I am still looking for Ham Radio related carts...
  10. If you search BBS https://docs.dev-docs.org/htm/search.php?find=bbs , you also get: Fnordadel BBS ('C' source code) ST Keep BBS software (GFABASIC source code included)
  11. @manterola Don't you have one already, or are you going to donate it to someone who doesn't have one yet? I have one, so that's why I didn't enter this time...
  12. Yes, it's public posted in a couple of forums here. You'd have to search to download what we have gathered so far. But from my list we have: ----A8---- ADCM BBS AIE BBS AMIS BBS Antic BBCS AT Keep ATARDIS BBS AtariLink BBS BBS Express! Carina 2.6 and 2.7 FoReM 26m and 7.4 ForemXL 2-2 Corvus Ver 1 FoReM XE Pro 4.8 and 5.4 ForeSight-BBS Hutch BBS OASIS BBS Bob Puff's BBS ----ST---- Express BBS ST! FoReM ST Mitchtron 1.0 @Tillek could chime in and see if there is more...
  13. Could you make a copy of the disks and upload them? We only have version 1 in our (BBS Collectors) archives. Thanks, Jay
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