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  1. I bought 2 810's and the 850 Communicator package at the BX on Anderson AFB Guam in 1983. 810's were $440 back then. Antic and Analog mags were there every month...
  2. They appear to be missing the cartridge containing the program. If you look close at the left side, you see glue that held a cover plate over the cartridge port and joystick ports. The original ones covered up the promo-vision cartridge...
  3. Yep, shouldn't be more than $2 in a letter envelope with extra postage with the weight. Send me your address... Edit, same for you -DOC-
  4. I ordered the same day and mine arrived 2 days ago, so yours should be any day now...
  5. That's the one Seller found a "INFO/SOFT" OPERATING DISK and has sent that today Can't wait to see what is on it...
  6. Bought my cables on Apr 27 and shows a Estimated delivery - Thu, May 14...
  7. Even after my cataract surgery, I use 2.5x readers and a magnifying lens to see close up. I'll be 61 soon...
  8. Just bought a DreamBlaster S2 from The Brewing Academy for my 1088XLD Build
  9. Going by this pic, they should be long enough for my needs.
  10. Just ordered these (20 ea) 6 Pin Cables w/6 pin Right Angle connectors: https://www.ebay.com/itm/273522982615 Looks like I'll have 18 to send to 18 lucky people in the U.S. after I receive them for the cost of shipping.
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