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  1. I don't have any spares, but these Rom Dumps should help if you have a flash cart or can burn eproms...
  2. For packet software there is the PK2 program by Steve Stuntz and Kantronics makes 3 programs for RTTY, CW and Amtor. Do you have any Ham Radio Programs for the Atari?
  3. Nope, already know about tone generation. I'm looking for the duration in ms for the countdown timers...
  4. I am making an app that uses the Pokey Countdown Timers at 1.79mhz and linking channel 1 & 2 together for a finer resolution. What is the formula to determine AUDF Delay values for 1ms, 22ms and 33ms? In Steve Stuntz's Packet Terminal, he's using $07C0 (1984) for 300 BAUD (3.33 ms), but I'm stumped on that... Thanks, Jay
  5. Thank you MrFish, seems mapping the Atari has an error. They refer to an article by Paul Swanson in Dec 1984 when it was actually Dec 1983...
  6. Two of us here on AA have successfully built these, myself included
  7. ATRTools 030a.zip Build 30 - 07/29/2021 - Fixed: Removed HWND_BROADCAST From SendMessage() in AddFontResource. Shouldn't freeze anymore on startup, ran in to this bug recently on Windows 7...
  8. ok, updated to 4.0 and it's working now
  9. I saw 2 videos on youtube also related to the problem on the new bios from @flashjazzcat Can someone verify the issue on the new bios by trying a CLOAD on their incognito 800 (even without a cassette drive attached???) Edit: Test needed in XL/XE mode...
  10. I found an oddity using Incognito and CLOAD in Basic. Set up for XL/XE with SDX and SIDE Enabled, 9 Seconds after typing "CLOAD" and Return after the beep, the screen goes black. Set up for COLLEEN or SDX and SIDE Disabled and it works as it should. Any Ideas? I'm still using Candle 0.4 version. Tested with a XC12 plugged in / unplugged with same results...
  11. Haven't found the original yet, still working on a new one. Do you have one?
  12. I do have a working chip in my build, but no way to read it...
  13. C080509 or C080609 doesn't come up on a google search. Haven't seen a JEDEC file for the PAL 'A' U12 chip. Can you take a pic of the one from Best Electronics?
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