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  1. ... wow, yes i also want one! When and where can i preorder?
  2. just a heads up: Kitsch-Bent (www.kitsch-bent.com) has some Mega Drive/ Genesis Flash carts available... ordered mine, looking forward to some nice Sega fun...
  3. panamajoe

    SCART 7800

    I bought mine some time ago on the french ebay. They turn up quite often and shouldn`t be more expensive than the UK machines...
  4. i`d recommend: - Thrust - Ladybug - Strat-O-Gems - Juno First - Conquest of Mars - Oystron simply fantastic games!
  5. at least we now know "ET go come" is from China...
  6. trying to get some sleep

  7. trying to get some sleep

  8. I´d like to buy a Sio2SD already fitted into a case and including the SIO-cable... Where can a find one? Thanks for any kind of help!
  9. I`m late to the party and don`t have much more to add than: WOW
  10. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 160412159509
  11. great idea and really kind! I`d like to be part of the raffle Thanks!
  12. 208 in 1 cart, very rare: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 160402566942 Eprom Cart eBay Auction -- Item Number: 160402566312 feel free to ask questions
  13. not only does it look awesome - it IS awesome! highly recomended game!
  14. the Harmony Cart is what every Atari enthusiast was waiting for for the last 30years! Thank you for that great piece of hardware!
  15. OK, my 25 favourites for today: - Defender II (Atari 2600) - Juno First (Atari 2600) - Frogger (Atari 2600) - Lady Bug (Colecovision) - Super Mario Bros III (NES) - Super Mario World (SNES) - Yoshi`s Island (SNES) - Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube) - Wario Ware (Gamecube) - Time Splitters 2 (Gamecube) - Zelda Phantom Hourglass (Nintendo DS) - Zelda Spirit Tracks (Nintendo DS) - Montezuma`s Revenge (Atari XL/ XE) - Tempest 2000 (Atari Jaguar) - Bonk`s Adventure (PC Engine) - Wonder Boy IV (Sega Mega Drive) - Thrust (Vectrex) - Food Fight (Atari 7800) - Advance Wars (Gba) - Wario Ware Twisted (Gba) - Tetris (GB) - Samba de Amigo (Dreamcast) - Halo (Xbox) - Age of Empires II (PC) - Burnout (PSP)
  16. guess he just needs money and this is the easiest and fastest way to get some...
  17. carts i own: Alien vs. Predator Atari Karts Brutal Sports Football Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tails CyberMorph Doom Fever Pitch Soccer HoverStrike Iron Soldier Kasumi Ninja Missile Command 3D Pinball Fantasies Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure Protector Rayman Ruiner Pinball Sensible Soccer Super Burnout Tempest 2000 Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy Ultra Vortek White Men Can't Jump Wolfenstein 3D Zool 2
  18. because: a) they are cheap b) they know that most Nederlanders speak a very good english
  19. Make sure you get one of the great VECTREX multicarts: http://vectrex.playntradeonline.com/ simply amazing!
  20. wow, i still can`t believe the coincidence that the O`Shea stuff ended up in the hands of someone who is willing to save at least parts of it... great!
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