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  1. Yea their server has not been updated in years, and they just need new software in general. Hopefully the new server migration with help stabilize things.
  2. That stinks, that happened to me once at a flea market. Guy bought a bunch of Coleco games in the box right in front of me.
  3. Now to find a working 5200...

  4. Now to find a working 5200...

  5. Well hello everyone! I am new here but have been collecting video games for about 5 years. Starting to pick up a few more Atari games, and snagged this lot on Craigslist. Now can anyone fill me in on the story about Meteorites? I did some research before I bought the lot (for $20) and saw that Meteorites seemed pretty hard to find. Was it a mail order game kinda like the Panesian titles on the NES? Any info would be appreciated, also are any of these other games of value? Thanks!
  6. That is one amazing Jag collection, I would love to try out that VR headset.
  7. Penguin

    Penguin's Video Game Collection

    All my video games, signs and other memorabilia. Currently being updated.
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