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  1. Thanks Stargunner i finally got it to work using what you said my typing was off, curse you case and space sensitive basic
  2. wow nice thanks alot got it to work now, i lost the program but hey my friend and ill just do it again. This time ill just use the basic programing cart and save to the disk after i finish it.
  3. Thanks alot everyone actually i do have a floppy drive my tape drive has stopped working . do i need to have the floppy drive plugged into any particular port? i seem to get error 130 every time am i doing something wrong. also how do "create or know what the program name is sorry im so new to basic)
  4. holy crap its been too long everythings changed

  5. Hey everyone been a long time since i last posted. I have a question my friend and i were messing around on his 800 xl and made a clock program. The problem is we dont know how to save it to a disk. Is there a way to do it or is it lost forever, can it possibly be saved to a tape, my friend and i are both new to the 800xl so any help would be appericated thanks.
  6. atari 5200 goodness!!!

  7. I just got a atari 5200 4-port CIB for $30 on craigslist, but what are some good games that use the atari 5200 controller well?
  8. WHO STOLE MY BIKE!!!!!!!!

    1. Austin
    2. disjaukifa


      Shatner stricks again!

  9. tis' a sad day indeed

  10. hmm I was trying to make it is close as I could to the real thing.. could I still add a 5 1/4'' floppy drive?
  11. He's only mostly dead

    1. atari2600land


      This has Steve written all over it.

  12. I was just thinking of transforming my emachines t1440 (with windows xp) and turing it into a computer that only runs ms dos (6.2) any ideas or suggestions.
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