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  1. bump for first time in a long time! I would love to clear out most of this stuff between now and the New Year! I have tried to price things accordingly, but feel free to make offers, create your own bundles, etc. Thanks for looking!
  2. bump - I am trying to clear out what's left here...please hit me up via PM if you have interest in anything.
  3. So I have managed to sell the vast majority of things I put up a month or two ago, but am very anxious to sell the rest before the semester gets rolling here in September. So, I have put together a bunch of excellent bundle deals for anyone who may be looking for that too-hard-to-pass-up deal. Be sure to check out the revised OP!
  4. My apologies for a delay on shipping things this go 'round - I had some unexpected time sucks the past week or so. I do plan to mail another batch of things on Thursday and/or Friday, so if you are interested in anything here please let me know ASAP!
  5. bump for updated list! Help me clear these games out - feel free to propose a deal!
  6. updated! 2600 games listed now. Here are pics of some things that were requested: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/?
  7. I posted pics of the 2600 stuff a few posts up (not sure why the one user couldn't see them). There are links to pics of the 7800 stuff in the OP. I will try to grab a screenshot of the IV an O2 stuff soon. EDIT: apparently Photobucket now charges for image hosting to third party sites, so you will have to open the images in a new tab, most likely...
  8. I shipped a lot of stuff this afternoon, so the list is updated/current. If you bought something and want a tracking #, just shoot me a reminder PM!
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