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  1. I don't even dare ask how much that is going for on Ebay.
  2. Wait..... Imagic had a demon Attack II planned. Do you have a link to the catalog? This is the first I have ever heard of a Demon Attack II.
  3. That pretty much explains it. I guess there are "official" bundles and the "I want to survive" bundles. Thanks Lloyd
  4. Analog magazines are sold. Many more lots of magazines coming soon. I am doing some serious cleaning.
  5. My cleaning has begun. This is a lot of 18 Atari St START Computer magazines. Various years. Various condition. $22.50 shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Paypal only. US shipping only. Priced to sell. Please see pictures.
  6. Let's have a little sale on newly listed boxed games. I also have a large assortment of 99 cent games. It's a great chance to fill in your collection on some common games. eBay Store: retrogamingdepot Link to boxed games - http://stores.ebay.com/retrogamingdepot/Atari-2600-Boxed-Games-/_i.html?_fsub=6752262018&_sid=117720548&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 Just want to clear them out. Will be listing more today @ 2.99 and 5.99.
  7. I really wish some of the homebrew developers would "finish" games like these. Too bad we scared off Dan Oliver. I really wanted him to do Demon Attack 2.
  8. Thanks Tempest. Now I need to get a good atari computer emulator for the mac. Anyone know the best one? Thanks, Lloyd
  9. I never knew that Air-Sea Battle was sold in a bundle. I just noticed that I have a boxed game that says "free with purchase of Street Racer and Bowling". What other games are like this? Thanks, Lloyd
  10. Is there any proto of this out there? Thanks in advance.
  11. Do you have any info on that? Alt seems to be on a roll lately.
  12. Wow. One of those that got bought was mine.
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