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  1. Well, it turned out I still had the screws. All six of them, not four as I stated earlier. Must remember not to put things in too safe places. Thanks for the replies though.
  2. Using this old thread to ask if anyone knows the answer to the OP question, i.e. what size/type are the four screws that hold the bottom and top of the case together? Best electronics does not seem to sell any.
  3. Thanks Larry! My 800XL is indeed Taiwan made, so maybe I'll settle for the modding described in "Quick & Easy Video Upgrade". I guess you might say it's a boiled down version of the SuperVideo? The stuff that was really bad design so to speak.
  4. Thank you Rybags! That did the trick. Nice blue screen, not that bad overall really even before the mod. Will start doing the mod now that I know everything is OK. Do you think it's worth doing it by the way? Then I'll install SIO2USB using a FT232RL breakout board, then a MyIDE.
  5. Hi to all! I have an NTSC 800XL that I have started messing with. First I made a DIN5-to-SCART cable. Video is a bit blurry, not too bad, but it's green instead of blue! I also made a DIN5-to-S-video cable (as described here) and picture is sharper than the SCART cable, which I find a bit strange, but still green. My plan is to make the common SuperVideo mod, as described here. So far I have only added the chroma signal to pin 5, in order to produce the S-video output for my cable. Any idea what might cause the green video? A possible explanation I guess could be that one or several components in the video circuitry could have gone off it's original value. Should I just go ahead and make the mod first and hope for the best? I would prefer to have a somewhat correct output first before I do the rest of the SuperVideo mod.
  6. Thank you, but it seems to be out of stock. Also if I'm not mistaken they only ship within the US, not to Europe.
  7. Right, I'm in need of a E/A module for my old trusty TI-99. Got it back in 1983 when I was 11 yo and did some programming with XB. Never did try assembler though. I know I can use an emulator but nothing beats the real thing. So does anyone have a E/A module to spare?
  8. Yep, would have been better I guess. So I will.
  9. Re-using this old thread to ask if there is anyone out there willing to part with a E/A module. Cheers!
  10. Hello guys, my first post and all. Here's my contribution.
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