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  1. If I had 10, I would surely sell you 10. I have one.
  2. I'll sell my preorder if someone wants it. $125. I have my confirmation email & order number.
  3. I think people have written it off at this point. This topic used to cause internet fistfights at the slightest provocation, but it seems like there's barely any interest at this point. I doubt Vendel has the ability or the inclination to refund everyone who ordered. I don't expect to ever play this thing, but I would like something for my money. I'd take a non-working shell with packaging as a memento of this ridiculous experience. I assume he has those things or he's a bigger fraud than I think he is.
  4. Sure, but that's not how this was sold. It was advertised as a product that was shipping on or around November 30, 2010. It just hasn't been A+ work.
  5. We're five and half years past the original ship date. The XM could be released tomorrow and the doubters would still have been right in my book. And again, that's nothing against the new members of the team. As for informing new users, I get what you're saying, but I don't know if that's necessary. I don't think Curt is taking XM pre-orders anymore. Isn't his whole store front empty? Regardless, the slightest bit of research would reveal the whole story.
  6. That really makes no sense. If those people had that foresight they should be happy to have been proven right. There's no reason for them to continue carping on the same points when they have nothing at stake. Yeah, I'm on pins and needles waiting to see if my $100 "wager" from five and half years ago pays off. I hope this project comes to fruition because it'd be a great triumph for the new guys on the team and a nice finale to this ridiculous saga. It would also make for a great addition to my collection of Atari oddities, complete with a funny story of its long development. But in terms of using it for gameplay? At least for me, the sun has already set. The Concerto or a similar product will probably be released before any version of the XM ships and that will have the features that most of us were looking for from the XM. Financial obligations excepted, the XM is pretty moot at this point. So why do I still regularly check in on this forum? Good question. I really have no idea.
  7. Yeah, yeah, we've all heard that line before too. Look, I wasn't kidding when I said I've been critical of the way this project was run. So much so that on another forum I was once accused of being... you! But I think the new people on the case actually know what they're doing and I don't see the harm in giving them a chance. Regardless, you didn't order an XM, so I don't know why you're interested either way.
  8. I've been critical of this project for years, but you're just being a dick here. Obviously the original team couldn't get it done, but new people are working on this now and they deserve a chance to finish this up right. This project's troubled history isn't their fault.
  9. I bought into this project at the beginning and I still hope it gets released, but the doubters were proven right years ago. That's nothing against the new people on board, though. It's great that they're willing to jump in on this thing and I think they're going to get it done.
  10. Hardly your fault. There is just a lot of frustration around this project. Your update was a big improvement over the false promises and peevish attitude we usually get.
  11. The joke goes that 3D printing is the tech of the future... and it will always remain so. I've heard of a lot of experiences like yours. It seems like there's an easier way to get a bunch of globs of goo. Hopefully Amazon will come through for you on the return. Just be glad you weren't invested in 3D printing stocks (DDD, SYSS, others) this past year. Ouch!
  12. There's no point in making yet another shipping date. I'm just glad that Curt occasionally chimes in and it appears that the project is really being worked on.
  13. Haha! Now this sounds like an Atari game! So random. I love it!
  14. Look out, old Mack is back!
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