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  1. Hi, just noticed this post. Did you ever find one? I have one. It is just one of two items still left from my collection from back in the days. The only other item I have left is a large framed collage of Atari cartridge lables from when I created it back in '99. Do you still need a picture of the Ms. Pac-Man mobile?
  2. I am still working on selling my Classic Video Game collection. I have a new list of items, about 250, which consist mostly of many 2600 Prototypes, Homebrews, Hacks, and Reproductions of Prototypes. I also have about 50 5200 prototypes which I am selling. This list has a minimum price for each item. If you are interested in any item(s) you may make an offer of anything from the minimum up. Each offer will be held 24 hours and if it remains top bid, the item will be sold. If you want a copy of the list please email me at: [email protected] Hope you find some good items for your collection in the list. I will soon start selling these items on ebay like I did my other items but wanted to give AtariAge collectors a chance at these before I do. Thanks, JerryG
  3. I have a new list of my Classic Video Game collection which I am selling. I have removed items sold and added items recently found and inventoried. Unlike previous lists, this list has a suggested price for each item. I’ve tried to determine the going market price and then reduced it to make it more affordable. Understand, however, that I am still open to offers particularly if you purchase multiple items. If you find a price that you think is out of line just let me know, I am negotiable and I may not be up-to-date with the market. If you want a copy of the list please email me at: [email protected] Hope you find some good items for your collection in the list. I will soon start selling items on ebay but wanted to give collectors a chance to get a bargain before I do. Thanks, JerryG
  4. Great to do business with, fast pay, a real joy!
  5. Recently, I posted a notice about my collection being for sale. Since then I have updated my list, inventorying almost everything (except that I must still go through the many msc. boxes in my garage attic yet!). The lists are available in Excel and in text format. I have deleted unfound or sold items and added quite a few new items. Hopefully you will find something on this list that you just can't do without. There are may strange and unuual things including Panther and a Lynx development systems, a strange VIC-64 prototype (?), an Atari 2800 prototype )?) and games such as the unreleased US games Immies and Aggies, Pizza Chef and A Mysterious Theif plus the unique Megaboy and South American 2600 Educational cart which is the largest 2600 cart issued at 64K and the only Brazilian original release. i've now included my Dreamcast collection along with many odds and ends. Some holy grails are included like the Jaguar Battlesphere Gold. If you would like a copy of the list, please contact me at my email address: [email protected] Thank you, JerryG
  6. I've decided to dispose of my collection. Basically I have a wide assortment of Atari 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar, Lynx and Pongs and Vectrex and Dreamcast. as well as a selection of NES/Famicom hardware. Some items will possibly be sold on Atari2600.com or by silent auction at the CGE Las Vegas show. Many are available to anyone wishing to make a reasonable offer including rare Atari game boxes, hardware and memorabelia. If you want a list or have questions email me at [email protected] Thanks, JerryG
  7. Thanks! I have Qb but somehow didn't recognize it when I saw this screen shot. I guess what I have is the result of some collector putting the binary of QB on a Joe Grand board. Now that this mystery is solved, I have another one. In the same lot of cartridges there was a Cosmic Ark cart with a Portland Retro Gaming Expo label with serial no. 0126 on the back. Does anyone know what the story behind this cart and label is? Thanks, JerryG
  8. Yes, that is what I assumed it to be. Any ideas of what the game is or who the programmer is? JerryG
  9. I somehow aquired a 2600 game which I can't identify. It is on a bare J. Grand board which makes me think it is probably some sort of home brew. Can anyone help me identify it or give me any info on it? Thanks, JerryG Mystery2.tiff
  10. Please add me to the list for a Halo cart. Thanks, JerryG
  11. There is Swordquest Airworld Also the box to Air Raid by Menavision. These are prabably the most sought after. there is also Space Chase monogrammed There has been a box to Air Raid found. The first Air Raid reported to me for the JerryG Classic Video Game Guide was found by a Mesa, AZ collector in the mid 90's somewhere in the Denver area. It was in a box. I can't for the life of me remember the collector's name but he also found a set of the the NES X-rated games in box at about the same time. Later he moved to Texas and I bought the NES games from him. Since then the boxed game seems to have disappeared along with the collector. JerryG
  12. Thanks to Rick and his loaned dumper the Playround Demo cart that I have has been dumped. It is attached below. I obtained this cart in the mid 90's. It was purchased at a flea market on East Division Street in Portland, OR during the time I lived in Beaverton, I got it from a regular vendor, not a vendor specializing in games. One day I was there to visit a regular game vendor who came up with good finds from time to time and saved them for me. I decided to look around the market and in doins so got into a conversation with an old-timer who had a stand. When I mentioned I was looking for video games he said he had an X-rated game. When I asked to see it I saw right away that it was something unusual because it was in a single ended case with a Playaround molded into it. I knew that there were no single ended Playaround carts found to date so I immediately wanted to buy the cart. The vendor told me that he originally had two different carts but that sum guy had come by earlier and bought the other one. For some reason the guy didn't want both carts so I lucked out. By the way, I paid $10 for the cart, not a cheap price for a flea market cart in those days! Here it is, enjoy! JerryG Playaround_Demo_Cart.bin
  13. Please add me to the list for a Premium Edition also! JerryG
  14. I'm having a problem with Stella and wonder if anyone can help. I can't get my curser out of the Stella window and reach the top menu. This has been a problem with the last three Stella version's. Any suggestions? I'm running Mac OS 10.4. Thanks, JerryG
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