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  1. I missed my chance for the adapters for my Mega SG yesterday! I noticed the email announcing their release 4 hours after it was sent to me. But when I signed on to make the purchase they had already sold out. What the heck! I've got both the Mega SG and Super NT and I love them. I was also excited about purchasing the Pocket when it comes out. But I hesitate now to purchase it unless I can somehow reserve the Atari Lynx adapter at the same time. I'm super frustrated at the lack of availability, I was really looking forward to the Game Gear adapter. Did they only produce 25 of them or what?
  2. Enduro H.E.R.O. Jawbreaker Mario Bros. Megamania Radar Lock Robot Tank Solar Fox Spider Fighter Stellar Track
  3. If it's not too late to chime in, and if there is a possibility that the anniversary multicart #1 is re-issued, I would definitely be interested!
  4. Our only local retailer, Fred Meyer, had 12 SNES Classics to sell this year. I guess that's better than last year when they had 7 NES Classics. I was number 14 in line last year and number 20 this year. I don't know why I even tried again. After last year's experience I've boycotted Nintendo. I haven't purchased anything of theirs including the Switch (and I've purchased every one of their systems upon release ever beginning with the orginal NES in 1986). Over the last year I've resisted and walked right past the Switch and it's games on the shelf many times. Instead I buy Sony and Microsoft products. I can't believe it's the case that Nintendo can't produce enough classic systems to keep up with demand. I'm pretty sure the endless shortage is some sort of a marketing plan on Nintendo's part and for that reason I will now refrain from purchasing anything Nintendo.
  5. There are games that are garbage out there, E.T. is not one.... I actually kind of like E.T. and even find I prefer it over the similarly movie based game of the time, Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  6. Stellar Track has always been one of my favorites! Whenever I plug in my 2600, it's one of the first carts I play. I don't play it as often, but Human Canonball is another game I've always enjoyed.
  7. I'd be interested in a re-run of cart #1 too, even if Choplifter doesn't work on many 7800s. Please add me to the list if there is one.
  8. Looks like I'm too late too. But if another becomes available, I would definitely like to purchase one!
  9. I hate to say it, but I'm kind of glad you can turn off the music and leave the sound effects on. When the carts become available, I would definitely like to buy an NTSC one.
  10. Have to echo Mr. Do! Even better would be Do! Run Run or Mr. Do's Wild Ride. I miss those games at the arcades.
  11. Zippy and Star Castle Arcade are at the top of my wish list. I'll probably put Black Ops III under the tree for my kid.
  12. I'd like to order a cartridge if one is sill available. It looks awesome!
  13. As long as it's not too late, pleas count me in for a combo cartridge and label. That label looks great!
  14. I always felt like I was totally missing something with Spiderman. I've sat down many times over the years and tried to put some time into it, usually after reading about how great it is. No matter what I always get frustrated after a few games and move on to something else. I'm not the most coordinated guy and I probably just lack the skills to control it properly, but I just don't get it.
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