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  1. Here's a link to the prize package on Desertbus.org: http://desertbus.org/giveaway/174 It's tentatively supposed to go up on 11/20. Check http://www.desertbus.org for more information.
  2. FYI. The DB2600 prize package is up at desertbus.org. It goes up on 11/20. http://desertbus.org/giveaway/174
  3. No. You'd crash on the side of the road. You need to drive the 20+ hours. You just don't need to do it without a break.
  4. No. You'd crash on the side of the road. You need to drive the 20+ hours. You just don't need to do it without a break.
  5. It doesn't have a pause, but we didn't really have space to do anything if you just walk away from it.
  6. Our beta tester played it for the 20+ hours or so it takes to complete a round trip. As for anyone else, no one who has bought the game has reported back or contacted us.
  7. The title is no lie folks. We've been really busy (new job, new kid, new everything else) for a while now but we've put together a sweet prize package for this year's Desert Bus for Hope charity drive. So go on up there and donate the crap out of your wallet, the drive starts Friday. You could end up with this sweet DB2600 prize pack!!!! (shown below) Which contains the following: 1) A sealed boxed copy of Desert Bus 2600 2) A limited DB 2600 2XL shirt 3) An autographed cart of DB2600 signed by Penn & Teller in the flesh 4) A copy of the manual to thumb through (not shown) http://desertbus.org
  8. Troy, Thanks for the callout on this and sorry for being MIA. I didn't completely forget and truth be told I had some shipping issues with my international orders and I wanted to sort them out to and give people more time in order to get numbers in. Also, I've been pretty busy trying to line up our followup release and get my home ready for a new child coming in August. I'll get my magic number picker to pick a number next week and announce a winner and get to the shipping. Cheers, -M
  9. Ok well everyone except those few international pre-orders should have gotten a PM from me with your tracking info. If for some reason you didn't you should contact me immediately
  10. Off to the races everyone! The Bus has shipped! (Domestically) I still have a few International copies to ship by this weekend. (customs forms are my nemesis) That being said, I'll be PM'ing you individually with your tracking info throughout the day. If you have any questions, issues, etc feel free to PM me directly. I once again want to thank everyone for their patience as our first release was a bit difficult.
  11. I haven't updated the list graphic in a while because I'm having issues with my spreadsheet software. I'll update it soon.
  12. Guys and Gals, These are shipping tomorrow afternoon. After that I'll be doling out tracking info via PM. Get me you guesses as I'll be picking a winner next week. Thanks again for all the patience, -M
  13. True, but you're talking about a crowd who are waiting for a game where you drive in real time from 8-9 hours to score a point. If anything, patience is definitely a virtue of these people.
  14. Just as a heads up and to reassure you we're shipping soon.
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