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  1. is there a way to change my member name?

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    2. Grig


      @thanatos - YES. LOL

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      Oh. OK, sounds like maybe you need to subscribe.


      But I guess random bitching is free!

    4. OldSchoolRetroGamer
  2. Wooahoow, nice work! Congratz. Brilliant! The kind of idea i'd liked to had. Sometimes, I'am thinking about what concept could be used for a remake of ET... this is definitely a very good one!
  3. A funny game I had never played before. I love the "Jackpot" time. 20,360
  4. 18,100 Adventure screenshots : Yellow Green Red 3 dragons on the same screen (2 pics because of flicker): +
  5. 2,089 This is a very addictive game I didn't knew. Thanks!
  6. Bonus submisssion : Elliott's House from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial which I named "My sweet earthling shelter" Nothing's better when travelling outer space that "My sweet earthling shelter"... because of cold beer and D&D players around.
  7. My lasts improvements : Time Warp : 7,423 Skiing : 0:52:32 Sky Jinks : 2:19:64
  8. Hi all, Time Warp : 6,723 Sky Jinks : 2:21:81 Skiing : 0:58:52 (sorry I have no pic, my camera run out of battery)... anyway I'll improve this... I hope.
  9. Congratulations! I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to improve my highscore... in vain, no regrets.
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