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  1. This of any use? BJL_loader2005.zip
  2. Would need some sort of GUI where you input text and a 160x(whatever) bmp is created with the text converted to a picture. Hmmmm..
  3. There should be some source code for Atari jaguar stuff here.. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Jaguarcoding/
  4. Quite a lot of the rom problems stem from various site using overdumps and part dumps. Brutal sports football is a prime example as that has extra bytes added to the front of the rom.
  5. Glad it arrived. I thought the red shell made it look better than the clear one.
  6. Looking for some Atari Jaguar console shells to replace my damaged ones. The original grey ones preferably, so if you've updated to the clear or white cases and you no longer have need for the grey one then get in touch.
  7. Before continuing with trying to update your Jaguar GD cart please take a time out. The above video is to show you the sequence of event that are needed to verify, validate and update your GD cart. Each firmware number is Unique to you. Do not copy the one in the video. Use the one that your GD cart will generate the first time it's plugged in and turned on.
  8. Could be a leave over from when the original reboot games were released on cd and used the memory track to save?
  9. Glad it arrived, shame it took so long to get there. Enjoy!
  10. It seems trans Atlantic post is a bit slow, give it a while longer.
  11. Seen that before, that's a bad job at chip removal. Some of the traces are damaged but it is fixable
  12. That sound more like over amplification , distortion is much like static.
  13. I think it's safe to say the compo prize 'could' be yours Kal.
  14. That's exactly what it looks like inside a Jag link.
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