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  1. Thanks for this Clint, I'll be contacting people on the list when the package arrives in the UK. There are about 6 going spare. If you've not shown an interest and are in the UK or Europe get in touch quick.
  2. This sound like you got your cart from stoneagegamer. He's the only one supplying them I think. Best get a new SD card.
  3. As Clint mentioned earlier I'll be forwarding on orders for the U.K. and Europe. The cost of the CD including P&P will be kept as low as possible so everyone can get to enjoy the game without breaking the bank. If you'd like to register an interest in the CD please leave a small message here in this thread, stating your location. At the moment it's 1CD per person. Approximate costs will be about £9 or 11 euro for a CD and shipping. All payments by PayPal using the friends and family payment option. I'm trying to make sure Clint gets enough funds to covers shipping and manufacture costs plus put some towards his next release. We'll leave the pre order open for about a week to gauge interest. It'll take about a week for the CDs to arrive in the UK. You'll then be contacted with a payment link and address details for where to ship the CD. Any more question.. please ask.
  4. Makes sense when you look at this one..
  5. I'd be up for 5 of them... i have a nice rotating glass cabinet they would good in.
  6. Did those back up there ..
  7. Can you check the continuity between these 2 points. Bottom pad next to the mod1 printing. And the 19 pin on the bottom row. Counting left from the keyway.
  8. We have a version running from cartridge albeit with no cd quality music and no cut scenes. The picture is me playing the game on my android phone. On the Irata Jaguar emulator.
  9. I went by the wiki entries. I may do a complete set at some point in the future as I've noticed some of the interim ones people have done have incorrect or incomplete information.
  10. If you paid money for it you were robbed.
  11. I would clean the cart slot and maybe the cartridge edge connector just to make sure you are getting 100% contact on all pins. Reading the GD section SainT recommends doing this if you get the 'memory card unreadable' message.
  12. How much would you take as an offer ?
  13. I've been honing my drag soldering technique, using super fine flat tips and a microscope. The only tips I can give is use loads of flux, I use topnik rf800, and take your time.
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