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  1. I'll have to go to old schools wiki page now, and add my 50 meter swimming medal I got 35 years ago.
  2. He destroyed his own channel, deleting your channel kills all the videos, subs, comments.. you name it, it's gone.
  3. He has either shut down his YouTube account, or YouTube has done it for him because of copyright strikes. I'm guessing the latter.
  4. At the rate he's hiding videos they will all be gone soon. But hiding them won't stop the copyright strikes.
  5. Not to mention him using his wife's Amazon account to give each and every one of his books a 5* review. That's low...
  6. If you are UK or Europe based I could help you out.
  7. Maybe also look at the power switch, they are pretty cheap to replace and it will take that out of the equation when tracking down the problem.
  8. About 9 or 10 consoles in various configurations, 4 Jag cd players ,one mint in box unopened.
  9. Screen grab showing the 'correct' checksums of working Atari Jaguar ROMs.
  10. The working Doom rom when testing the jagGD cart had a crc32 checksum of 5e2cdbc0.
  11. I've know about this for ages from playing it on the Atari ST, while the game itself doesn't actually say the whole phrase you can make it swear by pressing pause at the right time. I say keep the game and don't let him play it for another 8 years. He'll be old enough then.
  12. Stuff like this doesn't encourage them to do another run. I feel sorry for the people actually buying the shit copies.
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