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  1. I've been honing my drag soldering technique, using super fine flat tips and a microscope. The only tips I can give is use loads of flux, I use topnik rf800, and take your time.
  2. There is nothing wrong with having a 60hz PAL Jag but to be honest a switchable one is much better. Why pay a premium price on a modded one where all they've done is remove a capacitor.
  3. Just do a continuity test between the 2 cart/riser connectors
  4. I'm sure more with favour bank swapping and going for 16mb ROM sizes.
  5. Both the oscillator chips are different between PAL and NTSC.
  6. Pretty soon the only reason to have a Jaguar CD unit is for a complete system collection. The Jaguar Game Drive will soon have CD support making the CD unit obsolete overnight.
  7. Quite a few on that list are still being actively sold by online shops. The tools are available to make them yourself, in the first post I think.
  8. Hot off the Reboot production line and soon to be posted to their lucky new owners... 1st place is the clear cart, runners up get the equally nice but non lighting up standard case.
  9. Can desolder you one from one of my Jaguar motherboards that I use for parts.
  10. The compo prizes will be on their way soon.
  11. I own all of Orion's game in their physical formats. Cart, CD and now digital download so I can play them on the Atari Jaguar GD. Even if you aleady own them it's always good to actually own a paid for .rom version.
  12. Nice one ggn. I'm hoping other people will pick up the reins and do something with it, once again many thanks!
  13. I prefer the ones with the larger drive and tracking motors
  14. If possible get a replacement that has the big motors on them, most of them are the half sized one. Replace like with like wherever possible.
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