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  1. You should be playtesting and not just playing games....
  2. Don't want to brag or anything but it'll be an honour and great privilege to beta/play test this amazing bit of kit. Many thanks!
  3. It could be a case of PAl v NTSC. Did you test the game on a PAL system?
  4. Also the fast doors and lifts so not work in jag doom. The shield and health pickups are worth 2 instead of 1. Allowing them to have less items in the maps and on screen.
  5. It's true, the traps where you'd walk into an area and monsters would teleport in doesn't work properly. I didn't manage to track it down exactly but the sound tubes you are supposed to use to trigger monster activity don't work as they should.
  6. I'd say that's the real thing.
  7. Work continues on it.. periodically tho, as other things I'm working on have a shorter development timeframe and I want them out of the door asap.
  8. Sometimes it depends on what game you are trying to flash to the skunkboard. Not all games will work.
  9. I did the 12,000 mile round trip from the U.K to Portland via LAX last year. So flying the distance you need to go should be easily doable if you want to spend the whole weekend there.
  10. It has trouble running Doom levels.. lol
  11. Some of the older original ones may get slightly more, but for the collectors only.
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