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  1. Atari used the same sized screws in the jaguar carts as in the console. Although they are different lengths. I'll have a look and see what I ordered from China...
  2. Drop me a pm with your address and I'll send you one.
  3. Got a power switch here if you need one
  4. Maybe treat yourself to one of these carts this Xmas. You'll be supporting the people that released it originally. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1224
  5. A jaguar cartridge with combined ROM and ram would be nice.
  6. I've never had any problem sourcing the 93c86 2k eeprom. They are readily available and about the same price if not cheaper than the 93c46 128b.
  7. Have you thought of using 2k eeproms instead of the 128b ones ?
  8. Due to postal restrictions currently running in Australia, no mail in or out. If needed I'll get the print made up over here (UK) and post out and will help with the other prizes too.
  9. I had some stuff made by the same company using the same technique and I'm more than happy with the quality of the finish.
  10. Have you got a photo (close up) of the jaguar cartridge slot. IIRC the GD uses some pins that normal Jaguar games don't. If they are bent or dirty I'm sure problems could arise from that.
  11. I was talking about the .mrq files for both the retail released carts and CD's.
  12. They are both available in the GD support section on AA
  13. Some of the cd images are for actively supported games. I'm guessing the owning parties would rather not their IP is shared, here or elsewhere.
  14. A box of goodies from Clint has arrived this morning, I'll be contacting all people who showed an interest in obtaining a copy shortly.
  15. neo_rg

    Jaguar Repair

    UK or USA based ?
  16. Thanks for this Clint, I'll be contacting people on the list when the package arrives in the UK. There are about 6 going spare. If you've not shown an interest and are in the UK or Europe get in touch quick.
  17. This sound like you got your cart from stoneagegamer. He's the only one supplying them I think. Best get a new SD card.
  18. As Clint mentioned earlier I'll be forwarding on orders for the U.K. and Europe. The cost of the CD including P&P will be kept as low as possible so everyone can get to enjoy the game without breaking the bank. If you'd like to register an interest in the CD please leave a small message here in this thread, stating your location. At the moment it's 1CD per person. Approximate costs will be about £9 or 11 euro for a CD and shipping. All payments by PayPal using the friends and family payment option. I'm trying to make sure Clint gets enough funds to covers shipping and manufacture costs plus put some towards his next release. We'll leave the pre order open for about a week to gauge interest. It'll take about a week for the CDs to arrive in the UK. You'll then be contacted with a payment link and address details for where to ship the CD. Any more question.. please ask.
  19. Makes sense when you look at this one..
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