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  1. I've know about this for ages from playing it on the Atari ST, while the game itself doesn't actually say the whole phrase you can make it swear by pressing pause at the right time. I say keep the game and don't let him play it for another 8 years. He'll be old enough then.
  2. Stuff like this doesn't encourage them to do another run. I feel sorry for the people actually buying the shit copies.
  3. Family and health first. Everything else can wait, I'm just glad you are looking at other supply options and not just packing it all in.
  4. Gutted.... Thought you were gonna call the game skid marks..
  5. I'll test mine out in a few minutes... Not working here, can't say why so I'll wait until Saint chimes in.
  6. Those are memory save eeproms. You don't need to do anything to them, just desolder/resolder them.
  7. At the moment CD's are not supported. During testing a special proprietary disc format was used and the tools to make it are unavailable for now.
  8. Although CD support hasn't been announced or confirmed I've made some marquee files for the 13 original Atari Jaguar CD retail games. A bit of artistic license has been taken with the pack-in game Vid Grid. I used graphics from the cover project as the original game came in a small CD case and not a box. Fingers crossed for CD support. Atari Jaguar Retail CD's (13).zip
  9. While testing different game roms we did end up using CRC32 checksums so we were all using the same known working roms. Games were playtested on K and M series PAL/NTSC consoles. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement but I can post up the CRC32 list.
  10. To get the ball rolling with the Marquee files here are some I've made for the original 50 games as mentioned in the Atari Jaguar Wikipedia pages. There are Alternate mrq files for Aircars and Power Drive Rally. One showing the original Aircars in a white inner and the (alt) in an aftermarket box. Power Drive Rally has both the European and American box designs, one of them is the (alt) mrq file. To use the mrq files copy them to the SD card either in the same folder or root directory as the roms. Make sure the rom files have the same name as the .mrq file or it won't pick them up. for instance Aircars.jag Aircars.mrq There is also .mrq files for Cybermorph (1mb) and (2mb) versions. Edit (SainT) The MRQ tool (with brief usage instructions included) is now available as well. https://new.retrohq.co.uk/product/jagsd/png2mrq.zip mrq files.zip
  11. During testing we used a variety of SD card makes and sizes. All worked flawlessly , any should work long as you format them FAT16 or FAT32, the biggest one I tested was 32GB.
  12. Because I've already got a play test version I didn't order one so someone else got a chance to get one. It's not to say I won't get another one.. I will but at a much later date. To the people that have managed to snag one, you're gonna have fun!!
  13. You have sticky tape on your monitor... Do I win a prize ?
  14. You should be playtesting and not just playing games....
  15. Don't want to brag or anything but it'll be an honour and great privilege to beta/play test this amazing bit of kit. Many thanks!
  16. It could be a case of PAl v NTSC. Did you test the game on a PAL system?
  17. Also the fast doors and lifts so not work in jag doom. The shield and health pickups are worth 2 instead of 1. Allowing them to have less items in the maps and on screen.
  18. It's true, the traps where you'd walk into an area and monsters would teleport in doesn't work properly. I didn't manage to track it down exactly but the sound tubes you are supposed to use to trigger monster activity don't work as they should.
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