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  1. Got it to work. Thanks for the help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Exactly what you describe. Telco on ti and i tried a variety of pc programs. Ill go over the cable again when i get home. Thanks for confirming the wiring for the cable. I dont have the RI and chassis ground tho. Maybe thats it.
  3. link didnt work. heres the table: DB9 - DB25 conversion DB9 DB25 Function 1 8 Data carrier detect 2 3 Receive data 3 2 Transmit data 4 20 Data terminal ready 5 7 Signal ground 6 6 Data set ready 7 4 Request to send 8 5 Clear to send 9 22 Ring indicator
  4. greg, thanks. i made a 25 to 9 cable. using the pinouts here: https://www.lammertbies.nl/comm/cable/RS-232.html scroll down to " RS232 DB25 to DB9 converter" (minus the RI) however no luck :/
  5. straight through, meaning rts on rts, cts on cts, txd on txd, rxd on rxd, cd on cd, dsr on dsr, dtr on dtr, sg on sg ? thanks
  6. Thanks for reply! Sorry havent looked at the 5200 in a while. Next time i pull it out ill check. Thanks for trying to help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. here's a pic of the board. i couldnt find a brand/model :/ i talked to Ian Mavric and he suggested adding a terminator, however that also did not help. i might need a new FDC. but for now i am OK with just running the HxC as internal drives 0 and 1. who wants to use floppy's nowadays anyway
  8. how did you mount the display of the hxc? is it glued in? thanks david
  9. thanks let me check. not sure what models they are.
  10. nice! that's actually a pretty good price if you ask me. specially for a working one and all the goodies coming with it. i think i have a similar later model with the green screen and arrow cluster. enjoy!
  11. yay i can boot trsdos of the HxC i took out the old drives for now and hooked the HxC to the internal port. i wanted to try to test the external drives by attaching them to the external port, but trsdos does not see them. in basic i can "out 244,X" ok. i assume the internal port is drives 1 and 2 (order decided by cable?) and external port is drive 3 and 4?
  12. hi all, i attached my HxC to my model4 and its acting as drive 1 and 2. now i tried hooking up the old internal ones to the external port for testing, but it's not being recognized by trsdos. in basic i can do "out 244,3" and the drive spins up. am i forgetting something? thanks david
  13. Spoke to Ian, and apparently earlier model 4s had a bug that prevented the diskette? prompt to be displayed. Inserting a floppy without closing the door does cause a diskette? prompt:) Now on to install the HxC Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. update! i got Ian's board in the mail, and narrowed the problem down to the roms in U68 and U70. rom a and rom c if i'm not mistaken. now, without the fdd board attached i get the CASS? prompts and i can go into basic. YAY! but, (of course) with the floppy controller attached, i do not get the "diskette" prompt. just a blank screen. the drive spins up tho. pressing break and reset i can go into basic again and do "out 244,1" and disk 0 spins up again. so it can access it ok it seems. i dont have a floppy to try, but i can hook up the HxC floppy emulator to see what happens. am i supposed to see the diskette promt? PS Ian did mention, and i can confirm, when in model 3 basic the cursor does not blink. so there could still be some other an issue with the ROMs thanks! david
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