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  1. I have both-the one from 5-11under with dip switches and the one from Kjell Baut. Carlsson is right-there are 2 dials with 8 steps each in the cart, which makes it 64 games in total. The cartridge itself has a nice plexiglass transparent back with 2 drillholes in it, that you can choose the games and you can see the insight. The cartridge even has a drillhole for the screwdriver in it, that it did not get lost, when you dont use it-I find that very handy. Included is also a laminated sheet with all games on it (which position is which game). Its very easy to change the games-there is an arrow showing in which position you are.
  2. MVS ? Man, thats a different system here-all the main games are covered on it
  3. A german guy named Kjell (on Facebook Kjell Baut) is currently selling Arcadia 2001,Schmid Tvg 2000,Hanimex or Tele Fever Multicarts for 45€ plus shipping. On the cart are 64 games and he is using a rotary switch to chose from. A 3d printed shell is included and as well a small screwdriver, with which you can choose the games.
  4. So far so good, if you do them close to the originals-but please print your own signature on them that we see, its a repro. Thats more then fair to the collectors community who own originals...
  5. It makes absolutly sense what you write, for me okay
  6. In the german retro magazin RETURN Ausgabe 25 is a long article about the project of a technical university of building a multicart for the Interton 4000. They even wrote Flappy Bird for it...
  7. Fantastic !!!! I would definatly be interested as well...
  8. I have the german version boxed including the 2 german manuals and all chips, foils etc., looks like brandnew... make me an offer
  9. Scramble Spirits-master system Back to the future 2-master system Uncharted 4
  10. Something For the Interton vc 4000 would be really cool-on the webpage simulationsraum.de, you can find a lot of information about it
  11. I guess the Centipede TB version will not work on pal systems ?!?!?!?
  12. Its actually not dutch-there are a lot of german titles included, which all came from a german mail order company (Quelle)
  13. Or try to get a final expansion cart for your vic20. With this cart you can play and test everything
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